Daewoo Electronics Middle East Fze

Daewoo Electronics Middle East Fze
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Business Name: Daewoo Electronics Middle East Fze
Business: Electronics Wholesale
Business Website Address: http://www.daewoo-elec.com/english/
Business Contact Email: webmaster@dwe.co.kr
Business Phone Number: +82-62-950-8114
Short Business Description: Daewoo Electronics is providing customer-optimized products utilizing its innovative technology and unique products, and with the help of sustainable R&D investment and the robust global network it has. The company will do its best to help customers enjoy more comfortable and relaxed life with its own future-oriented technology, not to mention providing them with economics through efficient supply of products.
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An X600-series side-by-side refrigerator by Daewoo Electronics has adopted a Turbo-X cooling system, and increased its cooling speed by 30% compared to the existing products. To maximize convenience of users, it has a Multi Plus Zone that is spared for cosmetics and medical products to be separately stored, while a Magic Cool Zone, an independent cooling space is provided to store vegetables and fruits in long-term periods.
A combination-typed refrigerator by Daewoo Electronics is a product of Bottom Freezer, which a refrigerating section is on the upper part as opposed to a freezer on the bottom part of it. Its Prefect No-frost system which is not allowing frosts but maintains food freshness for the long-term periods is appraised in the markets. Additionally, it is a green product with high efficiency that is designed to dramatically reduce power consumption and noises with controlling functions adjustable to food storage and external environments made by coupling technologies of high-efficiency compressors as well as vacuum insulation with electronic control algorism.