Accounting Firms and Accountants in Nigeria (69 Found)

Nigeria has a thriving accounting business sector, with many accounting firms and companies operating across the country. Here are some key things to know about accounting business and companies in Nigeria:

  1. Accounting Standards: In Nigeria, the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are used for financial reporting by public companies, while small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use the Nigerian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (NGAAP).
  2. Accounting Firms: There are many accounting firms in Nigeria, both large and small. Some of the largest accounting firms in Nigeria include PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst & Young.
  3. Regulatory Body: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) is the regulatory body for accounting professionals in Nigeria. ICAN is responsible for setting standards for the accounting profession, as well as regulating the education, training, and certification of accountants.
  4. Taxation: In Nigeria, taxation is a major part of the accounting business. The Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) is the agency responsible for collecting taxes in Nigeria, and many accounting firms offer tax consulting and preparation services to both individuals and businesses.
  5. Industry Specialization: Many accounting firms in Nigeria specialize in particular industries, such as oil and gas, banking and finance, telecommunications, and manufacturing.

Overall, the accounting business and companies in Nigeria are a vital part of the country’s economy, providing important services to individuals and businesses alike.

nr Company name Business 
1 Koboaccountant Accountant
2 Taiwo Adeniji & Co Chartered Accountants Accountant
3 Onifade Titilope Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
4 Matthew OGAGAVWORIA & Company Accountant
5 AC Peter & Co. – Chartered Accountants Accountant
6 MYBIZ ACCOUNTANTS Accounting firm
7 Lawal K K & Co (Chartered Accountants and Chartered Tax Practitioners) Accounting firm
8 Ololade Rafiu & Co (chartered accountants) Accounting firm
9 Oak Chartered Accountants Accountant
10 Virtual Accountant NG Accountant
11 Olatundun Aderibigbe and Co Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
12 ADELOWO JOSHUA & CO (Chartered Accountants) Accounting firm
13 Victor Osolake & Co. (Chartered Accountants) Accountant
14 Okoro Chioma&Associate(Chartered Accountants) Accounting firm
15 Babajide Babs Daramola &Co. (Chartered Accountant and Tax Practitioner) Accounting firm
16 AG Fadairo (chartered accountants) & Co. Accounting firm
17 Femi Adeoye & Co. (Chartered Accountants) Accountant
18 Adesanya & Partners (Chartered Accountants) Accounting firm
19 Adegbite Adeyemo & Co (Chartered Accountants) Accounting firm
20 Boye Oyelami & CO Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
21 Debmus Associates Accountant
22 MictunzLizzy Konsult Accountant
24 Tegsol Consulting Accounting firm
25 Onifade Titilope Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
27 Philip Aderinto & co. Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
28 Joseph Ajulo & Co Accounting firm
29 Kayode Ojo & Co Accounting firm
30 Oni Mobolaji Johnson & Co Accounting firm
31 Ladlas Prince Accountant
32 Lafenwa Osiberu & Co. Accounting firm
33 Index Managers Accounting firm
34 Lafenwa Osiberu & Co. Accounting firm
35 Gbemi Shorunke & Co, Chartered Accountants Accountant
36 JameSundayAremu & Co. Accounting firm
37 Rigtsource Accounting firm
38 Anjous Uku Eweka & Co. Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
39 Ogiemudia Dave & Co Accounting firm
40 Accounting and business Solutions Accountant
41 Idris & Leke Company (Chartered Accountants) Accountant
42 Abdulmalik Ahmed and Company Chartered Accountant Accounting firm
43 Haruna Yahaya & Co. (Chartered Accountants & Tax Practitioners) Accounting firm
44 Kunle Egbeleke And Company Accountant
46 OAK Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
47 Charity O. Onyega & Co. Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
48 Raywhite Folorunsho (Chartered Accountants) Accountant
50 My Debra K Ventures Ltd Accountant
51 Chartered Institute Of Cost And Management Accountants Accountant
52 David Asogun & co Chartered accountants Accounting firm
53 Olaoluwa & Co (Chartered Accountants) Accounting firm
54 Dada Obademi & Co Accountant
55 Dan-Sheshi & Co Accounting firm
56 Daniel Onunkwo and Co. Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
57 Saidu B. Samaila & Co. Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
58 Francis Okereke & Co (Chartered Accountants) Accounting firm
59 Family Video Accountant
60 M.J. NABABA Accountant
61 Accounts Section Accountant
62 Eagle Pattern Professional Services (Chartered Accountants) Accounting firm
63 HLB Z.O. Ososanya & Co. Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
64 Professional System Accountants Consulting Services Accounting firm
65 Adeniyi Osoba & Co. Chartered Accountants Accounting firm
66 Yushua Na-Abba & Co. Accounting firm
67 sanni mohammed & co Accounting firm
68 Sulaimon & Co. Accounting firm
69 sanni mohammed & co Accounting firm

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