List of 400 Biggest Insurance companies in Kenya

nr Company name Business Type Revenue
1 Jubilee Insurance Insurance $2.8B
2 Kenindia Assurance Insurance $280.4M
3 CIC Insurance Group Insurance $169.6M
5 Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Insurance $111.7M
6 Canopy Insurance Brokers Insurance $93.6M
7 Resolution Insurance Insurance $81.7M
8 Pan Africa Insurance Holdings Insurance $69.4M
9 The Heritage Insurance Co Kenya Insurance $68.2M
10 Heritage Insurance Co. Kenya Insurance $64.6M
11 Mayfair Insurance Insurance $62.7M
12 Fidelity Insurance Insurance $61.8M
13 Britam Holdings Insurance $60.9M
15 AAR Holdings Insurance $55.1M
16 Zamara Insurance $42.4M
17 Kenya Orient Insurance Insurance $42.2M
18 APA Insurance Insurance $38.8M
19 Mayfair Insurance Insurance $38.8M
20 Metropolitan Cannon Insurance $35M
21 PACIS Insurance Insurance $34.7M
22 UAP Life Assurance Insurance $34.3M
23 Kenya Power Pension Fund Insurance $34.2M
24 Mercantile Insurance Insurance $31.3M
25 Aar Insurance $30.4M
26 Intra Africa Assurance Co Ltd (IAA Insurance $29.5M
27 Octagon Africa Insurance $29.2M
28 Cannon Assurance Insurance $28.6M
29 Africa Merchant Assurance Insurance $26.8M
30 Geminia Insurance Co Ltd Insurance $26.3M
31 Corporate Insurance Insurance $26.1M
35 The Kenyan Alliance Insurance Insurance $24.9M
36 Occidental Insurance Insurance $24.6M
37 Pioneer Assurance Ltd Insurance $24.5M
38 Starlit Insurance Brokers Insurance $21.2M
39 Geminia Insurance Insurance $19.8M
40 Liberty Holdings Kenya Insurance $19.7M
41 Phoenix of EA Assurance Insurance $19.6M
42 GA Insurance Insurance $19.1M
43 Zep-re Insurance $18.7M
44 Turnkey Africa Insurance $17.6M
45 Ilam Fahari Insurance $16.4M
46 Xplico Insurance Insurance $16.3M
47 First Assurance Insurance $16M
48 Lapfund Insurance $16M
50 Kenbright Insurance $12.3M
51 British-American insurance Insurance $11.4M
52 Insurance Regulatory Authority Insurance $11M
54 Population Services Kenya Insurance $9.9M
56 Directline Assurance Insurance $9.5M
57 Takaful Insurance of Africa Insurance $9.5M
58 Kaplikon Insurance Agency Insurance $9.4M
59 Earnest Insurance Agency Insurance $9.3M
60 Capacity Insurance Agency CIA Insurance $9.3M
61 TelPosta Pension Scheme Insurance $9.2M
63 Kenya Deposit Insurance Insurance $8.8M
64 Superlink Insurance Brokers Insurance $8.8M
65 JW Seagon Insurance $8.7M
66 Clarkson Insurance Brokers Insurance $8.3M
67 The National Social Security Fund Insurance $8.2M
68 Kenya Medical Association SACCO Insurance $8.2M
69 Kenya Deposit Insurance Insurance $8.1M
70 Britam Insurance Company (Uganda Insurance $7.9M
71 ECS Insurance $7.8M
72 Landbank Real Estate Investment Trust Insurance $7.8M
73 Eagle Africa Insurance Brokers Insurance $7.8M
74 BTB Insurance Brokers Insurance $7.8M
75 Association of Kenya Insurers Insurance $7.6M
76 Pan Africa Insurance Insurance $7.5M
77 Masumali Meghji Insurance Brokers Insurance $7.4M
78 Armchair Insurance Brokers Insurance $7.3M
79 Africa REIT Insurance $7.2M
80 Consolidated Insurance Brokers Insurance $7.2M
81 Mayfair Insurance Company Zambia Insurance $7.1M
82 Llards Insurance Agency Insurance $7M
83 East Africa Reinsurance Insurance $6.9M
84 Bluenet Insurance Agency Insurance $6.9M
85 Teevee Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.9M
86 Tadeo Insurance $6.8M
87 Plessis Insurance Agency Insurance $6.8M
88 PesaBazaar Insurance $6.8M
89 HP Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.8M
90 Majani Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.7M
91 AIG Kenya Insurance Company Insurance $6.6M
92 Skylark Africa Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.6M
93 Nyadwe Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.5M
94 Kelon Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.5M
95 Kisima Medical & General Insurance Agency Insurance $6.5M
96 Plan & Place Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.4M
97 Systech Insurance $6.3M
98 Crescent Takaful Sacco Insurance $6.3M
99 Britam Insurance $6.3M
100 Underwriting Africa Insurance $6.3M
101 Aristocrats Insurance Brokers Insurance $6.3M
103 Endelea Plan Insurance $6.2M
104 CoverApp Insurance $6.2M
105 Sinbad Insurance Insurance $6.2M
106 Policyholders Compensation Fund Insurance $6.1M
107 Kroner Insurance agencies Insurance $6M
108 Invesco Assurance Insurance $6M
109 Four M Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.9M
110 Beacon Hill Insurance Agency Insurance $5.9M
111 Rock Solid Insurance Agency Insurance $5.9M
112 NEXT Insurance Insurance $5.9M
113 ETANA Insurance Agency Insurance $5.9M
114 Sarchi Insurance Agencies Insurance $5.9M
115 Allianz insurance kenya Insurance $5.9M
116 Channel Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.8M
117 Complete Solutions Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.8M
118 Apollo Life Assurance Insurance $5.8M
119 Mega Health Insurance Services Insurance $5.8M
121 Entreplat Insurance $5.7M
122 Goldmark Insurance Agency Insurance $5.7M
123 Nairobi Reinsurance Brokers Insurance $5.7M
124 Agillient Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.7M
125 BimaNet Insurance $5.6M
126 Walton Insurance Insurance $5.6M
127 Naveah Capital Insuarance Agency Insurance $5.6M
128 Klapton Insurance Insurance $5.6M
129 Firstline Insurance Agency Insurance $5.6M
130 Andphil Insurance Agency Insurance $5.6M
131 Genicome Insurance Agencies Insurance $5.5M
132 First accord Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.5M
133 Aviva Insurance Solutions Insurance $5.5M
134 Fred Black Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.5M
135 Africus Risk & Insurance Insurance $5.5M
136 Actuarial Services Insurance $5.4M
137 Acentria Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.4M
138 Laser Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.4M
139 Soin Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.3M
140 Canei Insurance Agency Insurance $5.3M
141 General Adjusters Kenya Insurance $5.3M
142 Pacific Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.3M
143 Fast Target Insurance Agency Insurance $5.3M
144 FenHouse Insurance Agency Insurance $5.3M
145 BIZSURE Insurance Agency Insurance $5.3M
146 Unicorn Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.3M
147 RAA Insurance Agency Insurance $5.3M
148 Maj Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.3M
149 Global Risk Management & Insurance Surveyors Insurance $5.3M
150 Hifadhi Africa Insurance Agency Insurance $5.3M
151 Rone Insurance Agency Insurance $5.3M
152 Statefarm Insurance Agency Insurance $5.2M
153 Global Fortify Financial Planning and Insurance Agency Insurance $5.2M
154 The Nairobi Declaration on Sustainable Insurance Insurance $5.2M
155 Chase Assurance Agencies Insurance $5.2M
156 MIC Global Risks Insurance $5.2M
157 Prime Mover Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.2M
158 ASAP Insurance Agency Insurance $5.2M
159 Heritest Insurance $5.2M
160 Willow Insurance Agency Insurance $5.1M
161 Covernet Insurance Agency Insurance $5.1M
162 Pelican Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.1M
163 Medistar Insurance Insurance $5.1M
164 Pesacom Insurance $5.1M
165 Trident Insurance Insurance $5.1M
166 Enwealth Financial Services Insurance $5.1M
167 Cactus Insurance Agency Insurance $5.1M
168 Porim Insurance Brokers Insurance $5.1M
169 Taslimu Capital Insurance $5.1M
170 Axis Direct Insurance Agency Insurance $5.1M
171 Brooks Insurance Agencies Insurance $5.1M
172 Afriq Insurance Brokers Insurance $5M
173 Associated Insurance Brokers Insurance $5M
174 Busam Insurance Brokers Insurance $5M
175 Renshield Insurance $5M
176 Sobhag Insurance Brokers Insurance $5M
177 Charter Insurance Agency Insurance $5M
178 Optimus Insurance Agency Insurance $5M
179 Waumini Insurance Brokers Insurance $4.9M
180 Cemes Insurance Agency Insurance $4.8M
181 Agencify Insurance $4.8M
182 CFC Life Assurance Insurance $4.7M
183 WIN Pamoja Insurance $4.7M
184 Cactus Insurance Agency Insurance $4.6M
185 Definition Insurance Insurance $4.6M
186 Oakentrust Insurance Agencies Insurance $4.6M
187 Kenyan Alliance Insurance Insurance $4.5M
189 Aibk Insurance $4.5M
190 Swiftlife Insurance Agency Insurance $4.5M
191 Goldfield Insurance Brokers Insurance $4.5M
192 JamboSure Insurance $4.5M
193 Bridges Insurance Agency Insurance $4.5M
194 Capex Life Assurance Insurance $4.5M
195 Health Options for Young Men on HIV/AIDs & STIs Insurance $4.4M
196 Crystalline Properties Insurance $4.4M
197 AAR Insurance – Kenya Insurance $4.4M
198 Pyrock Insurance Agency Insurance $4.4M
199 Reica Insurance Brokers Insurance $4.4M
200 Keysons Insurance Agency Insurance $4.3M
201 Alpha-Levits Insurance Brokers Insurance $4.3M
202 Blue Cover Insurance Brokers Insurance $4.2M
203 Sky Eagle Agencies Insurance $4.2M
204 HoslinkCare Insurance $4.2M
205 Institute of Pension Management Insurance $4.2M
206 PrimeLink Insurance Agency Insurance $4.2M
207 Karen Direct Insurance Brokers Insurance $4.2M
208 Williams Insurance Agency Insurance $4.2M
209 Pistis Insurance Brokers Insurance $4.2M
210 Apollo Asset Management Insurance $4.2M
211 The Monarch Insurance Insurance $4.1M
212 KCB Insurance Agency Insurance $4.1M
213 Aptak Insurance $4.1M
214 Penplan Services Insurance $4M
215 Amana Insurance Brokers Insurance $4M
216 Insight Health Advisors Insurance $4M
217 Adonai Insurance Agencies Insurance $4M
218 Maisha Sure Insurance Agency Insurance $4M
219 Carmed Insurance Insurance $4M
221 Centaur Insurance Brokers Insurance $3.9M
222 AAIB Insurance $3.9M
223 Bag Capital Insurance $3.9M
224 Healthline Solutions Insurance $3.8M
225 KUSCCO Mutual Assurance Insurance $3.8M
226 Uliza Links Insurance $3.8M
227 Am-ssurity Insurance Insurance $3.8M
228 Fairsure Insurance Brokers Insurance $3.7M
229 Sprout Insurance $3.7M
230 Imana Insurance Insurance $3.7M
231 Arton Agency Insurance $3.7M
232 Le’Risque Africa Insurance $3.7M
233 MAKhan Insurance Brokers Insurance $3.6M
234 Royal Oilfield Logistic Services & Supplies Insurance $3.6M
235 NCK Insurance Brokers Insurance $3.6M
236 Mosfin Capital Insurance Agency Insurance $3.5M
237 Insurance Advisors Insurance $3.5M
238 Uwazi Insurance $3.4M
239 Akpia Insurance $3.4M
240 ICEA Lion Group Insurance $3.4M
241 InsureAfrika Insurance $3.4M
242 Lami Technologies Insurance $3.4M
243 The Actuarial Society of Kenya Insurance $3.4M
244 Tausi Assurance Insurance $3.4M
245 RenSoft Insurance $3.3M
246 Bluewave Insurance Agency Insurance $3.3M
247 AAR Insurance Insurance $3.3M
248 Bapa Insurance $3.3M
249 Unitouch Agencies Insurance $3.3M
251 Denkim Insurance $3.3M
252 Firemedica Marshals Insurance $3.2M
254 Laptrust Insurance $3M
255 Starzed Msure Insurance $3M
256 Malta Insurance Agency Insurance $3M
257 Melech Reinsurance Broker Insurance $3M
258 Corporate Insurance Insurance $3M
259 Bismart Insurance Insurance $2.9M
260 Sedgwick Kenya Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.9M
264 The Cradle Of Life Insurance $2.9M
265 Dawit Insurance Agency Insurance $2.8M
266 Insurance Institute of East Africa Insurance $2.8M
267 The Digified Agency Insurance $2.8M
268 Medilink Insurance $2.8M
269 Four Stars Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.8M
270 Emeralds Insurance Agency Insurance $2.7M
271 Kakbima Insurance $2.7M
272 Al – Rasul Insurance Agency Insurance $2.7M
273 Ivari Africa Insurance Agency Insurance $2.7M
274 Online Advisors Insurance Agency Insurance $2.7M
275 Tads Insurance Agency Insurance $2.7M
276 QuantaInsure Insurance $2.7M
277 Starled Group Insurance Agency Insurance $2.7M
278 Onepay Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.6M
279 Miran Isurance Brokers Insurance $2.6M
280 Ams Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.6M
281 Shelton Insurance Agency Insurance $2.6M
282 Agency Aktiva Insurance $2.6M
283 Integrated Risk Services Insurance $2.6M
284 Adgab Agencies Insurance $2.6M
285 Chama Insurance Agency Insurance $2.6M
286 MNS Risk & Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.6M
287 Macly Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.6M
289 Utmost Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.5M
290 Toris Insurance Agency Insurance $2.5M
291 Nile Capital Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.5M
292 D&G Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.5M
293 Golden Globe Insurance Agency Insurance $2.4M
294 Sunstar Insurance Agency Insurance $2.4M
295 Mrinsurance_ke Insurance $2.4M
296 Insurance Institute of Kenya Insurance $2.4M
297 Chartwell Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.4M
298 Acuity Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.4M
299 Keensell Insurance Agency Insurance $2.4M
300 Artlink Agency Insurance $2.4M
301 Texters Realm Insurance $2.4M
302 Gachichio Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.4M
303 Genemed Insurance Agencies Insurance $2.3M
304 Millenium Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.3M
305 Unitas Insurance Kenya Insurance $2.3M
306 Brooks & Associates Global Insurance Agency Insurance $2.3M
307 Farelane Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.3M
308 Sema Bima Insurance $2.3M
310 Change A Life Initiative Insurance $2.3M
311 Fourways Insurance Insurance $2.2M
312 Nadia Insurance $2.2M
313 Proximate Adjusters Insurance $2.2M
315 Blue Shield Securicor Insurance $2.2M
316 Hillspan Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.2M
317 First Reinsurance Brokers Insurance $2.1M
318 Blossom Insurance Brokers Insurance $2.1M
319 Icon Insurance $2.1M
320 Insurance $2.1M
321 GA Insurance Insurance $2.1M
322 Hartlerz Agency Insurance $2.1M
323 Aryuv Agencies Insurance $2M
324 Tarajii Insurance Agency Insurance $2M
325 JT Insurance Agency Insurance $2M
326 Bima Claims Management Services Insurance $2M
327 Auric Advisors Insurance $1.9M
328 AfyaPoa Insurance Agency Insurance $1.9M
329 ADT Insurance Insurance $1.9M
330 Nyati Housing Insurance $1.9M
331 Capital Gain Insurance Agency (CGIA Insurance $1.9M
332 Vaaji Life Insurance $1.8M
333 Msurance Insurance Agency & Claims Settling Agents Insurance $1.8M
334 Marki Insurance Agency Insurance $1.8M
335 Awesum Insurance Agency Insurance $1.8M
336 Alpine Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.8M
337 Allstate Insurance Insurance $1.7M
338 Package Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.7M
341 Orizal Insurance $1.7M
342 Roberts Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.7M
343 Hawk Bay Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.7M
344 Agency for Inclusive Innovations & Development (AIID Insurance $1.7M
345 Formax Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.7M
346 Amro Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.7M
347 Assurelink Insurance Agency Insurance $1.6M
348 Retirement Benefits Authority Insurance $1.6M
349 Ensemble Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.6M
350 Madavi Agency Insurance $1.6M
351 Custom Insurance Solutions Insurance $1.6M
352 Mfarusi Insurance Agency Insurance $1.6M
353 Fullbloom Insurance Agency Insurance $1.6M
354 Sunland Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.6M
355 Daryl Insurance Agency Insurance $1.6M
356 SPW Insurance Insurance $1.6M
357 Extra MIles Insurance Agency Insurance $1.6M
358 Samnel Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.6M
359 Risk Solutions Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.6M
360 Al’amin Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.6M
361 Noble Strides Insurance Agency Insurance $1.6M
362 Midline Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.6M
363 MTN Insurance Agencies Insurance $1.6M
364 Arena Africa Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.6M
365 Hill-Stone Insurance Broker Insurance $1.5M
366 Convenor Insurance Agency Insurance $1.5M
367 Globalprotect Consultants & Insurance Agency Insurance $1.5M
368 Ace Care Insurance Agency Insurance $1.5M
369 Victoria Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.5M
370 Armada Insurance Services Insurance $1.4M
371 Jazapay Insurance Agency Insurance $1.4M
372 Getrio Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.4M
373 VIVA 365 Insurance $1.4M
374 Font Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.4M
375 OAKMONT Insurance Services Insurance $1.4M
376 DigiAssurance Insurance $1.4M
377 Kingvale Insurance Agency Insurance $1.4M
378 Riann Insurance Insurance $1.4M
379 Rryte Insurance Agency Insurance $1.4M
380 Levi Insurance Agency Insurance $1.4M
381 Sivana Insurance Agency Insurance $1.4M
382 Nawiri Insurance Agency Insurance $1.3M
383 Ekomark Insurance Insurance $1.3M
384 Russet Insurance Agency Insurance $1.3M
385 Disney Insurance Brokers Insurance $1.3M
386 Ashanti Insurance Agency Insurance $1.3M
387 Tenacite Agencies Insurance $1.3M
389 Bima App Insurance $1.2M
394 Dovenest Insurance Brokers Insurance $504,000
395 Vefis Insurance Brokers Insurance $501,000
396 Lets Talk Insurance Insurance $378,000
397 Paelina Insurance Agency Insurance $257,000
398 Universal Marketing Insurance Agencies Insurance $256,000
401 Reval Insurance Brokers Insurance $253,000
402 Rosen Insurance Insurance $250,000
403 Great Insurance $202,000
404 Medican Services Insurance $201,000

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