List of 400+ Governmental Companies & Organizations in Kenya, by Turnover

NR Company name Business Type Revenue
1 Kenya Revenue Authority Federal, Government $2.2B
2 National AIDS Control Council Federal, Government $346.7M
3 Ministry of Defence – Kenya Organizations, Religious Organizations $232M
4 The EACC Government $158.2M
5 The National Treasury Government $136.6M
6 United Nations Office at Nairobi Federal, Government $120.2M
7 Kenya Red Cross Society Organizations $117.7M
8 Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission Flowers, Gifts & Specialty Stores, Retail $113M
9 Teachers Service Commission Membership Organizations, Organizations $70.9M
10 Government of Kenya Federal, Government $70.2M
11 The Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation Business Services $67.6M
12 Embu County Government $67M
13 Kenya Water Towers Agency Energy, Utilities & Waste, Waste Treatment, Environmental Services & Recycling $65.3M
14 Tourism Fund Government $62.9M
15 Attorney General’s Office Law Firms & Legal Services $61.3M
16 Kenya National Bureau of Statistics Federal, Government, Government $60.9M
17 Ministry of Agriculture Government $58.1M
18 Housing Finance Real Estate $57.2M
19 Kenya Broadcasting Federal, Government $56.1M
20 Independent Electoral Commission Government $50.6M
21 National Cereals & Produce Board Government $47M
22 10th WTO Ministerial Conference Federal, Government $44.2M
23 Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federal, Government $43.3M
24 Regent Automobile Valuers Government $41.7M
25 United Nations Information Center Nairobi Federal, Government $41.1M
26 Prisons Government $40.6M
27 Independent Policing Oversight Authority Government $38.5M
28 African Telecommunications Union Government, Government $38.4M
29 Kapenguria Municipality Government $37.6M
30 Agriculture And Food Authority Government $36.8M
31 National Cohesion and Integration Commission Government $35.2M
32 Christian Health Association of Kenya Membership Organizations, Organizations $33.2M
33 Kwale County Government $30.8M
34 Salaries and Remuneration Commission Government $29.5M
35 Commission on Revenue Allocation Government $29.4M
36 CIC Kenya Membership Organizations, Organizations $29.3M
37 Kenya Bureau Of Standards Federal, Government $28.3M
38 Office of The Registrar of Political Parties Membership Organizations, Organizations $28.2M
39 Ghana High Commission Federal, Government $28M
40 National Council For Population and Development Government $27.8M
41 SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority Government $27.4M
42 Tarda Government $27.2M
43 County Government of Siaya Government $26.3M
44 Parliament of Kenya Government $25.4M
45 Kenya Police Service Government $25.1M
46 The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions Government $25M
47 Baringo County Government Government $24.7M
48 Nairobi City County Government Government $24.3M
49 Machakos County Government $24.2M
50 The Council of Governors Government $23.8M
51 National Potato Council of Kenya Government $23.7M
52 COMESA Competition Commission Government $22.6M
53 West Pokot Government $21.6M
54 The Invisible Cities Government $21.2M
55 Laikipia Government $21M
56 The Taita Taveta County Government Government $19.8M
57 Kenya National Highways Authority Local, Government $19.7M
58 Ombudsman Government $19.3M
59 Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific Federal, Government $18.1M
60 Competition Authority of Kenya Government $17.6M
61 National Public Health Laboratory Government $17.2M
62 Kenya Medical Laboratory Technicians & Technologists Board Federal, Government $17.2M
63 Kenya National Committee of Large Dams Government $17.1M
64 National Construction Authority Government $16.7M
65 County Government of Mombasa Government $16.5M
66 Council of Legal Education Government $16.1M
67 Transparency International, Kenya Government $15.9M
68 Clinical Officers Council Government $15.8M
69 Halliday Finch Government $15.3M
70 National Disaster Management Unit Federal, Government $15M
71 National Council for Population and Development Research & Development, Business Services $14.9M
72 Kenya Markets Trust Government $14.3M
73 African union of the blind Federal, Government $14M
74 Centre For Social Responsibility and Accountability Kenya Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations $13.7M
75 National Council for Persons with Disabilities Government $13.6M
76 Pact Kenya Federal, Government $13.1M
77 Privatization Commission Government $13.1M
78 Judiciary Law Firms & Legal Services $12.8M
79 National Police Service Healthcare Services $12.7M
80 Office of the Deputy President Government $12.3M
81 Kenya School Of Revenue Administration (Kesra Organizations $12M
82 Judicial Service Commission Government $11.9M
83 Bungoma Government, Local $11.7M
84 British High Commission Government $11.4M
85 Energy Regulatory Commission Government $11.4M
86 Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Africa Government $11.3M
87 Kenya Water Towers Agency Energy, Utilities & Waste $11.1M
88 The National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation Government $10.8M
89 Ghana High Commission Government, Government $10.7M
90 Food For Education Government $10.5M
91 United Nations iLibrary Federal, Government $10.4M
92 Tanzania Forest Conservation Group Government $10.2M
93 CABE Africa Government $10M
94 Regional centre on small arms Federal, Government $9.9M
95 UNKLESA New Federal, Government $9.8M
96 Agricultural Market Development Trust Agriculture $9.7M
97 Famous Nakuru Government $9.3M
98 Kenya Human Rights Commission Government $9.1M
99 Safety Smart Government $9.1M
100 Access Leo Burnett Advertising & Marketing, Business Services $9M
101 Probation Institutions Government $9M
102 Alternative Waste Technologies Electricity, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities & Waste $8.9M
103 Abcic Business Services, Research & Development $8.9M
104 Safety Surveyors Government $8.9M
105 Usalama Forum Business Services $8.7M
106 Kenya Law Reform Commission Government $8.5M
107 Centre for Citizens’ Participation on the African Union Federal, Government $8.5M
108 Children’s Mission Africa Federal, Government $8.5M
109 Refugee Affairs Federal, Government $8.4M
110 Open County Government $8.3M
111 Tourism Regulatory Authority-TRA Government $8.3M
112 EANECE Secretariat Government $8M
113 Cyber Defence Club (CyDC Membership Organizations, Organizations $7.8M
114 Konza Technopolis Government $7.8M
115 Harvest Choice Agriculture $7.7M
116 Commission of Revenue Allocation Government $7.7M
117 Center for Public Health and Development Government $7.7M
118 Social View Kenya Business Services, Research & Development $7.5M
119 Music Copyright Society of Kenya Energy, Utilities & Waste $7.5M
120 Public Service Commission of Kenya HR & Staffing, Business Services $7.3M
121 Kenya National Union of Nurses Government $7.3M
122 Organic Technology Extension and Promotion of Initiative Centre Government $7.3M
123 Trans Nzoia County Government $7.2M
124 SPACES Data Explorer Government $7.1M
125 Lusaka Agreement Task Force Organizations $7.1M
126 National Police Service Commission Government $7.1M
127 Housing and Urban Government $7M
128 Diaspora Interlink Federal, Government $7M
129 Kuumba Education Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations $6.9M
130 Nyandarua Government $6.7M
131 Betin State, Government $6.6M
132 Fun & Education Global Network Education, Training $6.6M
133 Nema E_waste Project Energy, Utilities & Waste, Waste Treatment, Environmental Services & Recycling $6.5M
134 Planning Government $6.4M
135 The African Executive Federal, Government $6.2M
136 Pulsar Fire & Safety Government, Government $6.2M
137 Lake Victoria Basin Commission Government $6.2M
138 PeaceNet-Kenya Federal, Government $6.2M
139 Ecofinder Kenya Government $6.1M
140 Homa-Bay Government $5.9M
141 Oryx East Africa Federal, Government $5.9M
142 Forensic Conferences for Africa (FCA Government $5.8M
143 Nyayo Tea Zones Development Federal, Government $5.7M
144 MedicScan Engineer Program Government $5.7M
145 African Union Federal, Government $5.6M
146 WorkSafe Capabilities Government $5.6M
147 BIP – Bordados Industriais de Portugal Government $5.6M
148 Inua Village to Global Foundation Government $5.6M
149 Kyeop Organizations $5.6M
150 Action for Protection of Animals Africa APAA Software $5.6M
151 President’S Delivery Unit Federal, Government $5.6M
152 Childline Kenya Government $5.6M
153 Anti-Counterfeit Authority Government $5.5M
154 African Leadership Network Federal, Government $5.5M
155 Kenya National Fire Brigade Association Government $5.4M
156 Arklinn Offices Government $5.4M
157 Kiambu County Government Government $5.3M
158 Nakuru Government $5.3M
159 County Government of Uasin Gishu Government $5.3M
160 Morison Engineering Government $5.2M
161 TenderSoko Government $5.2M
162 HCK-Kisumu Federal, Government $5.2M
163 Nairobi Great Commission School Extension Program Government $5.2M
164 Sunfire & Safety Supplies Government $5.1M
165 Chareth General Agencies Federal, Government $5.1M
166 Logistics Board (LoB Fitness & Dance Facilities, Hospitality $5.1M
167 Development Frontiers Federal, Government $5.1M
168 Tax Justice Network Africa Government $5.1M
169 African Abilities Organizations $5.1M
170 Alpha Ecological Pest Control Services in Nairobi Government $5M
171 Agema Analysts Federal, Government $5M
172 The Nakuru County Government $5M
173 Child Protection & Welfare CBO Membership Organizations, Organizations $4.9M
174 Sarit Centre Government $4.9M
175 International Relations Society of Kenya Federal, Government $4.9M
176 Kilifi Government $4.9M
177 Esperance For Children in Prison Africa- ECPA Law Firms & Legal Services $4.9M
178 Wazo Africa Government $4.8M
179 National Government Constituencies Development Fund Government $4.7M
180 Consumer Grassroots Association Consumer Services $4.7M
181 Mint Hub Government $4.7M
182 Kenya National Commission for UNESCO Federal, Government $4.7M
183 PPPU Kenya Government $4.7M
184 Maiamassagem- Massagem desportiva e de recuperação Government $4.7M
185 HSE – East Africa Government $4.7M
186 Kmpdc Government $4.6M
187 County Assembly of Turkana Government $4.6M
188 AkiliAfrica Government $4.6M
189 National Biosafety Authority Government $4.6M
190 ToffeeTribe Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $4.5M
191 High Commission Federal, Government $4.5M
192 Fireline Safety Kenya Business Services, Security Products & Services $4.5M
193 Murang’a County Government Government $4.5M
194 Kenya Copyright Board Government $4.5M
195 Hortinews Kenya Government $4.5M
196 Kiseb Education $4.5M
197 Global Land Tool Network Software $4.5M
198 Bearings & Reliability Systems Limited (BRS Government $4.4M
199 National Social Protection Secretariat Government $4.4M
200 Newport Africa Business Services $4.4M
201 Nairobi City County Assembly Government $4.4M
202 Office of the Auditor-General, Kenya Organizations $4.4M
203 Kisii Government $4.4M
204 Kenya Meteorological Department Government $4.4M
205 Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program Organizations $4.3M
206 Alpha Safety Services Government $4.3M
207 TSC Kenya- Teachers service Commission – Kenya Government $4.3M
208 Genius Executives Government $4.3M
209 The Kijiji Business Services $4.3M
210 Reliance Fire Safety EA Government $4.3M
211 National Crime Research Centre Research & Development, Business Services $4.2M
212 Village Ventures International Government $4.2M
213 Flare Healthcare Services $4.2M
214 Hrmpeb Government $4.2M
215 Immigration Services Federal, Government $4.2M
216 MobiTrends Kenya Government $4.2M
217 Interior Law Firms & Legal Services $4.2M
218 PAKenya Government $4.1M
219 Safepro Government $4.1M
220 Victoria Courts Kenya Government $4.1M
221 Knowledge Resource Centre Government $4.1M
222 Firetec International Government $4.1M
223 Lamu Government $4M
224 Urbuntu Agriculture Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $4M
225 ACRE Africa Grocery Retail, Retail $4M
226 Kilimanjaro Jamia Government $4M
227 BCE Systems Federal, Government $4M
228 Xtinguish Government $3.9M
229 Network of African National Human Rights Institutions Federal, Government $3.9M
230 Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency Local, Government $3.9M
231 County Government of Kisumu Agriculture $3.8M
232 Innovative Office Suites Government $3.8M
233 The Lyceum Business Services $3.8M
234 SaharaCluster Broadcasting, Media & Internet $3.8M
235 Embassy of Serbia Federal, Government $3.7M
236 Synovia Education Government $3.7M
237 Quantic Solutions Government $3.7M
238 British Peace Support Team (EA Federal, Government $3.7M
239 Kenya Urban Roads Authority Government $3.7M
240 Safesol Government $3.6M
241 ICT Fire & Rescue Government $3.6M
242 Prosup Banking, Finance $3.6M
243 Lukenya Housing Co-operative Society Government $3.6M
244 Wildland Fire Jobs Business Services, HR & Staffing $3.6M
245 IDEAL Public Health & Development Consultancy Government $3.6M
246 Public Procurement Regulatory Authority Law Firms & Legal Services $3.6M
247 Tatu Local, Government $3.6M
248 Park Place Business Center Government $3.6M
249 Perigrinus Fire & Engineering Government $3.6M
250 Isiolo Government $3.5M
251 Mlinzi Government $3.5M
252 Nyamira Government $3.5M
253 Deal City Government $3.5M
254 Special Economic Zone Kenya Government $3.5M
255 Mt Kenya Hub Government $3.4M
256 Revenue Stadia Government $3.4M
257 Iicep Federal, Government $3.4M
258 Ammodump Federal, Government $3.4M
259 Upendo Village Government $3.3M
260 Lake Basin Development Authority Government $3.3M
261 Cdf Board Business Services, Management Consulting $3.3M
262 Kenya Institute of Business Training Government $3.3M
263 East African Agri-News Government $3.3M
264 Barksdale Government $3.3M
265 Midrift Hurinet Federal, Government $3.3M
266 The Business Node Federal, Government $3.2M
267 National Land Commission Government $3.2M
268 Sump Guard Center Government $3.2M
269 Kushiriki Government $3.1M
270 Kenya Industry and Entrepreneurship Project Organizations $3.1M
271 Redeemed Integrated Development Agency Organizations $3.1M
272 Kazini at Oval – Office Spaces Real Estate $3.1M
273 Health NGOs Network Hospitals & Physicians Clinics $3.1M
274 Kenya Nuclear Regulatory Authority ( KNRA Government $3M
275 AgCK Government $3M
276 Falcon Asset Protection Government $3M
277 Virtual East Africa Federal, Government $3M
278 Canny Virtual Assistants Government $3M
279 County Government Of Nyeri Government $2.9M
280 Geca Fire Engineering Government, Government $2.9M
281 County Government Of Elgeyo Marakwet Government $2.9M
282 Seven Court Kenya Government $2.9M
283 OSH Impact Government $2.9M
284 County Government of Kakamega Government $2.9M
285 Visa Oshwal Community Centre Government $2.9M
286 Ahansa Business Centre Government $2.9M
287 Tanzanian Affairs Airlines, Airports & Air Services, Transportation $2.9M
288 Quista Housing Agency Government $2.8M
289 African Fund for Endangered Wildlife( Giraffe Centre Government, Local $2.8M
290 Benita EA Government $2.8M
291 Fedan Fire Solutions Government $2.8M
292 Kenya School of Security Management Government $2.8M
293 County Government Of Bomet Government $2.8M
294 dgMarket Government $2.8M
295 Procmura Organizations $2.8M
296 Socatt Kenya Government $2.7M
297 Agriculture Government $2.7M
298 Organizations $2.7M
299 Horizons Office Business Services, Management Consulting $2.7M
300 Safeguard Government $2.7M
301 Wow Mom Kenya Government $2.7M
302 Ccpau Federal, Government $2.7M
303 Nachu Government $2.7M
304 Remote Executive Support Services Federal, Government $2.7M
305 Advocates Complaints Commission Government $2.7M
306 Trojan Government $2.6M
307 Concentric Training Africa Government $2.6M
308 Intel Fire Group of Companies Government $2.6M
309 Tkiw Federal, Government $2.6M
310 Kaileys Consortium Membership Organizations, Organizations $2.6M
311 Bloom Centre Government $2.5M
312 Alex Sugar Admin Business Services $2.5M
313 French Mission Torréfacteurs Business Services, Facilities Management & Commercial Cleaning $2.5M
314 Lake Region Economic Bloc Organizations $2.5M
315 Letiloi Group Government $2.5M
316 Utawazi Dev-& Branding Government $2.4M
317 Logike Suíte de Cálculos Business Intelligence (BI) Software, Software, Software $2.4M
318 Standard Digital Entertainment Law Firms & Legal Services $2.4M
319 Kua Ventures Federal, Government $2.4M
320 Institute of Chartered Mediators & Conciliators Government $2.4M
321 Eboni Pest Control Government, Government $2.4M
322 Protection Masters Kenya Government $2.4M
323 County Governance Watch Federal, Government $2.3M
324 KeRRA Government $2.3M
325 Public Works Government $2.3M
326 The BrickHouse Counsel Organizations $2.3M
327 Racida Federal, Government $2.3M
328 ADS North Rift Federal, Government $2.3M
329 Twakei Design Government $2.3M
330 Nairobi Safety Shop Government $2.3M
331 Likoni Community Development Programme Government $2.3M
332 Top Notch K-9 Capability Government, State, Government $2.3M
333 Deftech Federal, Government $2.3M
334 Boda Boda Safety Association of Kenya Government $2.2M
335 ORBIT valuers & Assessors Kenya Government $2.2M
336 Department of Agricultural Economics, UoN Government $2.2M
337 Regional Centre on Groundwater Resources Education Training and Research (RCGW Government $2.2M
338 Wasini Island Federal, Government $2.2M
339 Uasin Gishu County Assembly Government $2.2M
340 Kenya Dairy Board Government $2.2M
341 Federal, Government $2.2M
342 Natfire Government $2.2M
343 African World Heritage Hospitality, Zoos & National Parks $2.2M
344 Crowdmap Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $2.1M
345 Housing Finance Official BlogSpot Government $2.1M
346 Safety Hub Enterprises Government, Government $2.1M
347 Kenya County Development Advertising & Marketing, Business Services $2.1M
348 Kenya Hospitality, Travel Agencies & Services $2.1M
349 SymbioCity Kenya Federal, Government $2.1M
350 Foremost Research & Consulting Government $2M
351 East African Model United Nations Federal, Government $2M
352 Integrity Support Services Government $2M
353 Christ Embassy Federal, Government $2M
354 eCitizen Federal, Government $1.9M
355 The Drylands Natural Resources Centre Agriculture $1.9M
356 Workify Africa Real Estate $1.9M
357 Kenya Council of Imams and Ulamaa Federal, Government $1.9M
358 Acepis Federal, Government $1.9M
359 Assistant High Commission of India Federal, Government $1.9M
360 Meru County Microfinance Government $1.8M
361 DALC Education Government $1.8M
362 Alatpres Government $1.8M
363 Kongowea Village Real Estate $1.8M
364 African Jesuits AIDS Network Federal, Government $1.8M
365 Economic Strategic Growth And Development Initiative of Africa Government $1.7M
366 Kingsland Court Government $1.7M
367 ReArch Consultancy Government $1.7M
368 Tout Le Monde Ventures Hospitality, Travel Agencies & Services $1.7M
369 Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA Organizations $1.6M
370 Public Sector Accounting Standards Board (psasb) Kenya Finance $1.6M
371 Mintvilla Housing Real Estate $1.6M
372 Soil Merchants Government $1.6M
373 Nepal Consulate Kenya Federal, Government $1.6M
374 The Institute of Public Finance Kenya Business Services, Research & Development $1.6M
375 Collaboration of Women In Development -CWID Federal, Government $1.6M
376 Youth Policy Cafe Government $1.5M
377 The Twig Government $1.5M
378 Davis Court Nyeri Hospitality, Lodging & Resorts $1.5M
379 Workstyle Government $1.5M
380 FEP Sacco Society Federal, Government $1.4M
381 Kiambu Organizations $1.4M
382 Terrorism Federal, Government $1.4M
383 Kenya Space Agency Organizations $1.4M
384 Burnex FIRE Protection Business Services $1.3M
385 Jojutech Services Government $1.3M
386 The Lily Review Consumer Services, Repair Services $1.3M
387 Health and Safety Solutions Business Services, Management Consulting $1.3M
388 Karen Village Government $1.3M
389 Infinite Safety Solutions Government $1.3M
390 Firetech Engineering Government $1.3M
391 Billow Kerrow’s Gallery Government $1.3M
392 Fine Work Kenya Government $1.2M
393 Volunteer International Community Development Africa Government $1.2M
394 Safety Max Solutions Law Firms & Legal Services $1.2M
395 National Defence University-Kenya Federal, Government $1.1M
396 Fresh Agriculture Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $1.1M
397 Kenya Climate Smart Agriculture Project Organizations $1M
398 Vihiga County Government $989,000
399 Blue Kite Holdings Group Federal, Government $982,000
400 TSC Kenya – Teachers service Commission – Kenya Education, Training $977,000
401 NimbusFire Africa Government $975,000
402 Lattice Community Federal, Government $974,000
403 Kenya Engineering Technology Registration Board Government, Government $970,000
404 City Spy Detectives Kenya Business Services, Security Products & Services $961,000
405 Kerio Valley Development Authority Business Services, Management Consulting $953,000
406 Alpha Ecological Pest Control Services in Nairobi Government, Government $948,000
407 Divinus Divitiae Federal, Government $945,000
408 KNCCI Uasin Gishu County Chapter Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations $941,000
409 Water Resources Authority Government $941,000
410 Four Points by Sheraton Prishtina City Hospitality $940,000
411 Piranha Automobile Valuers & Assessors Government $939,000
412 African Research & Economic Development Consultants Government $937,000
413 AAA Aspire Education Services Education $931,000
414 United States of Africa Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations $928,000
415 RevSol (Revenue Solutions East Africa Hospitality $919,000
416 AfterWork Telecommunications, Telecommunications $869,000
417 Conservation Alliance of Kenya Energy, Utilities & Waste, Waste Treatment, Environmental Services & Recycling $864,000
418 Protocol Federal, Government $833,000
419 Frontier Counties Development Council Government $813,000
420 Ikigai Government $787,000
421 Royal Life Springs Federal, Government $742,000
422 UNYA Kenya Federal, Government $609,000
423 Safe Speaks Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations $535,000
424 LATH Sheila Commercial & Residential Construction, Construction $499,000
425 Plan International Organizations $406,000
426 Bomas Government $394,000
427 The BinBan Federal, Government $390,000
428 Asher Immigration Federal, Government $378,000
429 FIRESOL Enterprises Government $204,000
430 The iGrowers InfoHub Government $202,000
431 Keton Government $202,000
432 County Assembly Government $200,000
433 Duo-tech Fire Services Government $199,000
434 The Crews Business Services $198,000
435 SMEclub Government $198,000
436 Kenya Fire Appliances Government $197,000
437 Penaph Government $197,000
438 Tosheka Products Consumer Services $187,000

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