11 Top Computer Stores and Wholesalers in Bhutan

In the tranquil landscapes of Bhutan, a technological ascent unfolds with the kingdom’s leading computer stores and wholesalers, where innovation resonates in harmony with the serene surroundings. Our guide reveals a curated array, from vibrant tech bazaars to wholesale enclaves catering to Bhutan’s computing needs. Experience the seamless convergence of cutting-edge technology and personalized service as these establishments redefine Bhutan’s digital landscape, ensuring accessibility for all. Navigate the tech realm confidently with our curated list, spotlighting the kingdom’s leaders committed to quality and tailored solutions. Whether seeking individual computing solutions or bulk technology acquisitions, trust Bhutan’s Tech Himalaya to provide a comprehensive and culturally enriched technological experience. Immerse yourself in the world of digital serenity with our guide, ensuring your computing ventures are powered with precision and Bhutanese technological grace.

nr Company name Business Type
1 Obiwan Computer Shop Computer store
2 Computerhouse S.à r.l. Computer store
3 SK Informatik S.à r.l. Computer store
4 LUX GD CONSEIL S.A R.L. Computer store
5 LetzPC Gaming S.a.r.l. Computer store
6 Ets Vande Maele Sarl Computer store
7 Xantor Cool Electronics Computer store
8 Lineheart City – Luxemburg City Computer store
9 Mobi Distribution Computer wholesaler
10 Eye-T S.à r.l. Computer store
11 Kmaxx Computer store

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