227 Electronic Parts Suppliers in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a renowned center for electronic component manufacturing and distribution. The city is home to a wide range of electronic parts suppliers, both local and international, that cater to a diverse array of industries. These suppliers offer a wide range of electronic components, including semiconductors, passive components, interconnect products, and more. These suppliers are known for their high-quality products, competitive prices and excellent customer service.

In addition to these leading suppliers, there are many other electronic parts suppliers in Hong Kong. This includes a variety of companies that specialize in different types of electronic components, such as capacitors, resistors, diodes, transistors, and more. Hong Kong’s location as a major hub for electronic component trading and sourcing makes it an ideal destination for companies looking to purchase electronic parts from a wide variety of suppliers. This, in turn, ensures a competitive market for buyers, leading to favorable prices and high-quality products.

nr   Location
1 System Industrie Electronic Limited Google map
2 Electronic Components (HK) Ltd Google map
3 WIN SOURCE ELECTRONICS – Hong Kong Google map
4 Fuji Microelectronics Inc. Google map
5 HK PCBElectronics Google map
6 Toro Electronics Google map
7 ZHIQI Electronics Google map
8 Lepton Electronics Company Google map
9 Rosy Electronics Co Google map
10 RS Components Ltd Google map
11 Bitfoic Electronics Google map
12 ETrade Supply International Limited Google map
13 Tronic Technology Global Limited Google map
14 STMicroelectronics Google map
15 Edal Electronics Company Limited Google map
16 和興無線電行 (灣仔店) / Wo Hing Radio Co., Ltd. (Wanchai Shop) #VALUE!
17 Aiketon Electronics Ltd. Google map
18 I-Components Google map
19 Farnell Components (HK) Ltd Google map
20 System Industrie Electronic Limited Google map
21 Fagor Electronics Asia Company Limited Google map
22 ENW Electronics Limited Google map
23 IBS Electronics, Inc. – Hong Kong Google map
24 ElectroPeak Google map
25 Weltronics Component Ltd Google map
26 Antex Electronic Systems Co Ltd Google map
27 Kingtech PCB Limited Google map
28 ARCbase Electronics HK Co., Limited Google map
29 Adroit Electronics Co Ltd Google map
30 Lup Fung Electronic Component Company Limited Google map
31 Qtech Hong Kong Limited Google map
32 Europa Technology Company Google map
33 Yukuto Electronic Components Company Limited Google map
34 Circuit Engineering Co.,Ltd Google map
35 ICPARTS Google map
36 Shunlongwei Co. Ltd Google map
37 Future Electronics Google map
38 Perceptive IC Electronic Component Google map
39 Tell How Technology Arduino Google map
41 Mouser Electronics Google map
42 華輝無綫電行有限公司 ─ 門市 Welfare Electronic Component Ltd. – Retail Shop #VALUE!
43 Whitways Enterprises Limited Google map
45 China Ontrade (HK) Limited Google map
46 Wo Hing Radio Co. Google map
47 Mitsumi Electric Co Ltd HK Branch Google map
48 H.N.C. Co., Ltd. Google map
49 Fu-Sun Electronics (HK) Co Ltd Google map
50 NEX Instrument Inc Google map
51 Micon Solid-State Company Limited Google map
52 esaler Google map
53 Mega Rich Google map
54 Avt International Ltd Google map
55 Dong Rong Electronics Co Ltd Google map
56 D&K Technologies Limited Google map
57 Matsushima Electric (HK) Co Limited Google map
58 FWParts Global Limited Google map
59 Sumitomo Electric Asia Ltd Google map
60 Ventron HK Limited Google map
61 Kinstech Limited Google map
62 fu lee electronics Google map
63 Macnica Cytech Limited (Warehouse) Google map
64 Ocean Components Ltd Google map
65 KYORITSU DENGYO (HK) CO., LTD. Google map
66 Japan Electronics Co., Ltd. Google map
67 Kan Tsang Industrial Google map
68 Fortech Electronic Co Google map
69 和興無線電行 (辦公室) #VALUE!
70 Jotrin Electronics Limited Google map
71 Converge Google map
72 Great Solution Asia Google map
73 SemiRim Ltd Google map
74 Sourceability Google map
75 Golden Gate Electronics Limited Google map
76 SMK Electronics (HK) Ltd Google map
77 DRex Electronics Google map
78 順發電訊 Google map
79 Coba Enterprise Hong Kong Ltd Google map
80 Toyo LED Electronics Limited Google map
81 MMC ELECTRONICS (HK) Ltd. Google map
82 Milliard Devices Limited Google map
83 Shenzhen Fengyu Electronics Co.,Ltd Google map
84 Suffice Industrial Technology Ltd Google map
85 Sunetec International Company Google map
86 Yick Tai Radio (HK) Company Limited Google map
88 光洋國際科技(香港)有限公司 #VALUE!
89 Supreme Factory Limited Google map
90 Zenitron (HK) Limited Google map
91 神榮耀出口有限公司 #VALUE!
92 Abletec Ltd. Google map
93 Openwise Industrial Limited Google map
94 Richtop Optic Electronics (HK) Limited Google map
95 日電電工器材有限公司 #VALUE!
96 Apex Ace Holding Limited Google map
97 Avnet Technology Hong Kong Limited Google map
98 埃爾華企業有限公司 #VALUE!
99 Linpo Technology Ltd Google map
100 Cyber World Creations (HK) Ltd Google map
101 Supply Consultants Ltd Google map
102 HJW Electronics Google map
103 Daily Lighting Google map
104 Fionson (HK) Limited Google map
105 Standard Printed Circuit Board Ltd. SPCB Google map
106 Cheap Phone Accessories & Electronic Gadgets China Wholesale, Factory, Supplier #VALUE!
107 Daishinku (HK) Limited Google map
108 Displaytech | SEACOMP Google map
109 Kyosha Hong Kong Co Ltd Google map
110 Wex International Limited Google map
111 Caltron Devices Limited Google map
112 Silicon Application Co Ltd Google map
113 Turnigy Google map
114 Sumida Electric (HK) Co Ltd Google map
115 2000Fun & AAIT Gaming PC & Gaming Gear(灣仔) #VALUE!
116 AVX / Kyocera Asia Ltd Google map
117 Kotan Limited Google map
118 Geroma Electronic Ltd Google map
119 Asia Electronics Enterprise Company Google map
120 華輝電機有限公司 #VALUE!
121 168 Digital Technology Google map
122 Yuk Shing Circuits Company Limited Google map
123 HK STEM CLUB Google map
124 安捷數碼 Google map
125 嘉晟(香港)企業有限公司 #VALUE!
126 易事達行 Google map
127 協立電業(香港) 有限公司 #VALUE!
128 Mayloon Electronic Company Limited Google map
129 Easy Techs Limited Google map
130 Matronic Limited Google map
131 安富利 Google map
132 Futuretech Components limited Google map
133 能率電子科技(香港)有限公司 Noritz Electronics (HK) Technology Co., Ltd. #VALUE!
134 IBS Technology Int’l HK Limited Google map
135 聯合科技有限公司 #VALUE!
136 Reliance Technology Development Ltd. – 恒毅科技發展有限公司 #VALUE!
137 Ebai Korea 充電池 流動電源 Iphone 差電 手機尿袋 #VALUE!
138 Rubycon Corporation (HK) Branch Google map
139 Averonix Group Limited Google map
140 Smart Team Development (HK) Limited Google map
141 28Mart Google map
142 Generalplus Technology Inc Google map
143 Sunon International Group Ltd Google map
144 Chi Fung Electronics (HK) Co Ltd Google map
145 Robot Gear Google map
146 Best Electronics Holdings Ltd Google map
147 旺角電子(香港)有限公司 #VALUE!
149 Alps Electronics Hong Kong Ltd Google map
150 亞訊電子有限公司 #VALUE!
151 華新電工器材行 Google map
152 先進數碼電子有限公司 #VALUE!
153 富達電訊 Google map
154 Ndics Hong Kong Limited Google map
155 Honsung Universal Technology Co.,LTD Google map
156 百達配件城 Google map
157 Microtech (Hong Kong) Ltd Google map
158 Keyence (HK) Co Ltd Google map
159 和興無線電行有限公司 (旺角店) / Wo Hing Radio Co., Ltd (Mongkok Shop) #VALUE!
160 Mikuni International Co Ltd Google map
161 Nichicon (Hong Kong) Limited Google map
162 Foresoon Computer Accessories Google map
163 A.N.G. Technology 友誠行國際有限公司 #VALUE!
164 Hong Kong Satori Co Ltd Google map
165 Solarbrite Electronics Ltd. Google map
166 Super-Components Ltd Google map
167 Brightly Electronic Manufacturing Co Google map
168 Range Enterprise (Hong Kong) Co Limited Google map
169 RSL Microelectronics Co Ltd Google map
170 Xerafy Google map
171 The Best International Ltd Google map
172 Ideal Digital HK Google map
173 T D Bharwaney And Co Google map
174 Smith Hong Kong Google map
175 Hirose Electric Co Ltd Google map
176 華輝電子零件 Google map
177 富士通電子零件香港有限公司 #VALUE!
178 Friwo Far East Ltd Google map
179 UNICOM 環宇通訊公司 Google map
180 Anlysun Electronic R&D Co Limited Google map
181 Shanghai Fudan Microelectronics (HK) Ltd Google map
182 華輝代理 WECL Distribution Google map
183 華星國際(集團)有限公司 #VALUE!
184 美國澳普科技有限公司 #VALUE!
185 加豐電單車行 Google map
186 Ever-Tech Precision Technology Development Limited Google map
187 Fischer Connectors Asia Google map
188 Newbelle Sales Ltd Google map
189 Depend Electronics Limited Google map
190 Well Long Electronic Components Limited Google map
192 Protech Components Limited Google map
193 博尼電子(香港)有限公司 #VALUE!
194 Chun Kai Electronic Switches Co Ltd Google map
195 Johnson Electric Google map
196 Dragon City Industries Ltd Google map
197 普耀集團有限公司 #VALUE!
198 途歌科技有限公司 #VALUE!
199 TDK Electronics Hong Kong Limited Google map
200 Niche-Tech Semiconductor Materials Limited Google map
201 Namco Trading Company Google map
202 Dynatech Co Ltd Google map
203 Niche-Tech Kaiser International Inc. Google map
204 駿碼科技集團 Google map
205 Mechatronics Industrial Company Limited Google map
206 jb Capacitors Company Google map
207 金柏科技有限公司 #VALUE!
208 Delfi Tech Manufacturing Limited Google map
209 Yoto Electronics Ltd Google map
210 Kato Corporation Google map
211 Almar Enterprises Co Ltd Google map
212 Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials Asia Ltd. Google map
213 Kentech Electronic (HK) Co Ltd Google map
214 Elecom (Hong Kong) Limited Google map
215 Fuji Terminal (HK) Co Ltd Google map
216 Teco Electric Company Limited Google map
217 Suntan Technology Co Ltd Google map
218 Tecoserv Google map
219 Nova Hong Kong Limited Google map
220 409Shop Limited 對講機專門店 #VALUE!
221 Hakuto Enterprises Ltd. 伯東企業有限公司 #VALUE!
222 Raising Sun Magnetic Limited Google map
223 Forward Industrial Co Google map
224 NLC Technology Company Google map
225 iTRADE手機王國(手機零售批發) #VALUE!
226 香港專業遊戲機維修站 360station.com #VALUE!
227 Tech City – Letech 山狗雲台 投影機 專門店 #VALUE!

One of the leading electronic parts suppliers in Hong Kong is WPG Holdings. The company is one of the largest electronic components distributors in Asia and offers a wide range of electronic components such as semiconductors, passive components, interconnect products, and more. They have a global presence with branches in Asia, North America, and Europe.

Another leading supplier in Hong Kong is Catcher Technology. This company is a leading manufacturer of precision metal components and assemblies for the electronics industry. Their products include casing and components for smartphones, laptops, and other consumer electronics.

Unitech Printed Circuit Board is also one of the major electronic parts suppliers in Hong Kong. The company is a leading manufacturer of high-quality printed circuit boards. They offer a wide range of PCB products, including single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer boards, as well as PCB design and assembly services.

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