450 Accredited Crops Farming Companies in China: Expert List

Nr Company name Business Type Revenue
1 Dabeinong Group Crops, Agriculture $4.8B
2 CP Pokphand Crops, Agriculture, Agriculture $4.4B
3 Shenzhen Noposion International Investment Co., Ltd. Crops, Agriculture $1.9B
4 Jiangsu Nongken Agricultural Development Crops, Agriculture $1.7B
5 Daodaoquan Grain and Oil Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $1B
6 Zhengbang Food & Beverage, Manufacturing, Manufacturing $949.3M
7 Yasheng Group Crops, Agriculture $938.9M
8 CAC Chemical Group Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $641.1M
9 Huakang Magnesium Sulphate Group Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $484.2M
10 Jiangxi FEIYU Bamboo products Crops, Agriculture $382.4M
11 Xinxiang FUMIN Seeds Service dept Crops, Agriculture $297.5M
12 Henan Xixia TIANDIRENJUNYE Crops, Agriculture $258.7M
13 Jiangsu Fengshan Group Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $243.5M
14 上海梅花信息股份有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $240.1M
15 Henan XINNONG Seeds Agriculture, Crops $195.3M
16 Chung Yi Enterprise Crop Crops, Agriculture $164.9M
17 Gansu Dunhuang Seed Group Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $156.8M
18 WIT Crops, Agriculture $144.7M
19 Gansu Farms Agribusiness Group Agriculture, Crops $142.8M
20 Luca Agriculture, Crops $126.3M
21 Qingyuan SIDA Edible mushroom Crops, Agriculture $119.8M
22 Guangdong Heyuan LONGCHUAN Winter lettuce Supplying Agriculture, Crops $119.1M
23 GBW Chinese Crops, Agriculture $105.3M
24 Jinxiang TIANYI Fruit and vegetable product Grocery Retail, Retail $96.7M
25 Xuzhou Godgiven Imp & Exp Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $93.2M
26 Lianyungang Agricultural Development Group Agriculture, Crops $89.7M
27 Xi’an Taima Biological Engineering Co.,Ltd Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $88.7M
28 Sichuan Qingshen XINSANXING Zoology Farm Crops, Agriculture $79.4M
29 Sample Farm HAITIAN Group Crops, Agriculture $77.3M
30 Taixing Smelting Plant Building Materials, Manufacturing $75.8M
31 Emperyland Software $75.2M
32 China Agrotime Greenhouse Agriculture, Crops $72.1M
33 Foshan Jinhongeh Agro Food Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $72M
34 China-Africa Cotton Development Crops, Agriculture $69.6M
35 Weifang JinMeng Greenhouse Engineering Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $68.3M
36 SANLONG Futures broker Crops, Agriculture $64.4M
37 Huizhou SIJI LUNONG Products Crops, Agriculture $61.2M
38 Zhengzhou Goldengrain Equipment Engineering Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $60M
39 Chengde Senyuan Green Food Grocery Retail, Retail $59.7M
40 DONGJIN Planting & herding HUIDONG Crops, Agriculture $58.9M
41 Shandong Shouguang SHIJINZHONG Agriculture Technology Service Crops, Agriculture $58.2M
42 Onecn Tea Agriculture, Crops $58.1M
43 Yunnan NONGKEN Group MILE DONGFENG Farm Crops, Agriculture $56.9M
44 Hunan Dongting Citric Acid Chemicals Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $56.2M
45 Guangxi State Farms Tea Group Crops, Agriculture $54.7M
46 Le Gaga Holdings Agriculture, Crops $52.8M
47 Hefei DAOYUN Plant nursery Crops, Agriculture $52.3M
48 Nanyang Rose Base Crops, Agriculture $49.8M
49 Quxiu.com Agriculture, Crops $49.8M
50 Guangzhou NANSHA District FENGLIAN Zoology Farm Crops, Agriculture $49.4M
51 China Hebei ENNONG Agriculture Planting Farm Crops, Agriculture $47.2M
52 CamefTech Seaweed Fertilizer Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $47.1M
53 Guangzhou QIAOHE Sprayer Factory Crops, Agriculture $46.2M
54 Nxin Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $45.1M
55 盛康互动传媒 Crops, Agriculture $42.8M
56 Yanglin Soybean Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $42.1M
57 Shandong Jinhua Greenhouse Parts Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $40.5M
58 Aluminum alloy sprinkler Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $40.5M
59 Wanxiang Doneed Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $39.8M
60 Hunan Green House Aluminium Industry Minerals & Mining $39.3M
61 Little Donkey Farm Agriculture, Crops $39M
62 Beijing XinTianBi Agricultural Facilities Engineering Technology Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $33.6M
63 Shenzhen UWOO Technology Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $33.5M
64 Shandong MIAOBAO Seeds Agriculture, Crops $32.9M
65 Green Tomato Business Services, Business Services $32.7M
66 Hubei Qichun State BALIHU Farm Crops, Agriculture $32.7M
67 TalentCloud Agriculture, Crops $32M
68 YIDU City GAOBAZHOU Zoology Farm Crops, Agriculture $31.3M
69 Tianjin TAISITE Instrument Test & Measurement Equipment, Manufacturing $31.3M
70 Beijing Orchard Farmer Agriculture, Crops $30.6M
71 Dye-ol Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $30.1M
72 Taizhou MINGGEN Farming machinery Crops, Agriculture $30M
73 Qingdao MINGYUE Seaweed Group – Technology Center Agriculture, Crops $29.6M
74 Boaifeng Biological Products Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $29.1M
75 Zhongnong Puhui Agriculture, Crops $29M
76 Oiwas Agriculture, Crops $29M
77 farmmi88.com Agriculture, Crops $28.9M
78 Hunan HUIDUOLI Farming supplies Crops, Agriculture $28M
79 Qingyuan JIANGYUAN GUPIN Crops, Agriculture $27M
80 Hebei Sanyuanjiuqi Fertilizer Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $26.7M
81 HUADA Sprayer Crops, Agriculture $26.2M
82 TienyeeFacade Agriculture, Crops $26.1M
83 Rainbow Star Agriculture, Crops $26.1M
84 Driscoll Agriculture, Crops $25.8M
85 Chengdu Tianjianjun Agricultural Technology Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $25.8M
86 Shijiazhuang GUANGWEI Planting & herding Crops, Agriculture $25.3M
87 Suzhou Agricultural Development Group Agriculture, Crops $25.3M
88 Blue Farm Crops, Agriculture $25M
89 Foidn Technology Group Agriculture, Crops $24.9M
90 Fvmcs Cgg Office Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $24.9M
91 RealNames Real Estate $24.7M
92 Shandong Imperial Garden Biological Technology Business Services, Research & Development $23.7M
93 Kunming DAIXIANG Orchard Drink Crops, Agriculture $22.8M
94 Arezzo Veterinary Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $22.5M
95 Jinjian Cereals Industry Crops, Agriculture $22.4M
96 Xingtai LUZHOU Agricultural fertilizer Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $22M
97 Xiamen Wellgain Greenhouse Engineering Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $21.6M
98 Shenzhen ZHIXINJIA Mesh belt Packing wares Crops, Agriculture $20.8M
99 Yunnan DABAO Wild mushroom Crops, Agriculture $20.6M
100 Dahui Aquaculture Systems Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $20.5M
101 Xinhua ZHONGXING Metalwork Commercial & Residential Construction, Construction $20.5M
102 Henan Winworld Livestock Machinery Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $20.5M
103 Qingdao HUAHAI Packing wares Crops, Agriculture $20.3M
104 Guiyang QINGFENG Agricultural seed Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $20.1M
105 Pukou Nanjing District Yun Feng Nursery Crops, Agriculture $20M
106 XINHENG YUANWU Metalworking YI Products factory Crops, Agriculture $20M
107 International Seed Trade Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $19.4M
108 China Edible Mushroom Business Net Banking, Finance $19.3M
109 Asia Energy Logistics Agriculture, Agriculture $19.1M
110 Yamada Green Resources Agriculture, Crops $19.1M
111 Feng Xian Nongshu Farm & Sideline Products Crops, Agriculture $19M
112 CRMTO Semiconductor Plastic, Packaging & Containers, Manufacturing $19M
113 Ifourni Technology Crops, Agriculture $18.9M
114 Wujiang Dongwu Agricultural Chemicals Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $18.8M
115 Gago Agriculture, Crops $18.7M
116 Baoqing Zhongqing Agricultural & Sideline Products Agriculture, Crops $18.3M
117 RealNames Real Estate $18.3M
118 Zhengzhou ZHONGXUN Electronic Technology Software $18.3M
119 Yancheng Xinmingyue Machinery Manufacture Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $18M
120 Summit Ingredients Agriculture, Crops $18M
121 Hunan Mayang Orange Green Industry Farm Crops, Agriculture $17.6M
122 Jiangsu FANGQIANG Farm ERFEN Unit Crops, Agriculture $17.2M
123 CHANGYUN Edible mushroom Crops, Agriculture $17.1M
124 WorldTradeAA Agriculture, Crops $17M
125 Heshan Farm Seeds Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $16.9M
126 TOMS Works ID Crops, Agriculture $16.4M
127 Shanghai Trueland Crops, Agriculture $16.4M
128 Xinjiang Brocade cotton Seeds Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $16.3M
129 内蒙古利诚实业有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $16.1M
130 Hunter Gatherer Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $16.1M
131 Zhejiang Haiyan Sulphur bug Hoggery Farm Crops, Agriculture $15.7M
132 Foshan NANHAI YONGHUA Telecommunications equipment Factory Crops, Agriculture $15.7M
133 Joyance Tech Agriculture, Crops $15.7M
134 BioFarm organic farms Crops, Agriculture $15.5M
135 Asian Citrus Holdings Ltd. Agriculture, Agriculture $15.3M
136 Hangzhou Freshes Agriculture, Crops $15.2M
137 AllWin Greenhouse Manufacture Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $15.1M
138 Jiatian Mushroom Grocery Retail, Retail $14.9M
139 Shenzhen Riez Tech Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $14.9M
140 Zhengzhou Satrise Industry Manufacturing $14.9M
141 Wing Flying Tech Aerospace & Defense, Manufacturing $14.9M
142 Seed Advisory Partners Business Services, Management Consulting $14.6M
143 Inner Mongolia Rejuve Biotech Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $14.6M
144 Hangjinhouq Dashuan Commercial and Trade Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $14.5M
145 Haian HUIMIN Greenhouse Shelf Factory Crops, Agriculture $14.5M
146 Kiwi Fruit Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $14.3M
147 Microdust Agriculture, Crops $14.2M
148 Jinjiang Zhongxing Farming and stockbreeding machinery Crops, Agriculture $14.1M
149 Hexie Farming Machines Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $14.1M
150 Haian Zhongxing Greenhouse shed Manufactory Crops, Agriculture $14M
151 Funing HUANCHANG SHENSUO Wind pipe Factory Crops, Agriculture $13.5M
152 Opticlimate Farm Crops, Agriculture $13.4M
153 AladdinGrass Landscape Services, Consumer Services $13.3M
154 Super Garden Industrial Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $13.3M
155 Hunan Changsha Embroider Farm Crops, Agriculture $13.3M
156 SANFENG YINONG Greenhouse Engineering Limited GONGTONG Manufacturing $13.3M
157 Topper Farm Supplies Manufacturer Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $12.8M
158 Curdo Vape Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $12.7M
159 Taizhou Juyi Plastic Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $12.7M
160 Ming Feng Yuyao City Freshwater Farms Crops, Agriculture $12.7M
161 2345.com ICPB2-20120099 Broadcasting, Media & Internet $12.2M
162 Anyang General International Agriculture, Crops $11.9M
163 Sav.com Agriculture, Crops $11.9M
164 Livin Farms – EdTech Education $11.8M
165 Roll Crops, Agriculture $11.6M
166 Ccobato Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $11.4M
167 Ningbo GreenYard Sprayers Manufacturing $11.4M
168 Dyacare Agriculture, Crops $11.3M
169 Hebei Zhongyou Electromechanical Equipment-Agricultural Seeder Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $11M
170 Tom chen Retail $10.9M
171 GELGOOG Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing $10.9M
172 Kc Green Inte Crops, Agriculture $10M
173 SPM Biosciences Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals $9.9M
174 Ever Better Packing Enterprises Crops, Agriculture $9.8M
175 Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation Agriculture, Crops $9.7M
176 Weifang Everfresh Agriculture Agriculture, Crops $9.5M
177 China Tobacco Hubei Industrial Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $9.5M
178 Growgreen Agriculture, Crops $9.4M
179 Rizhao DEZU Orchard Institute Crops, Agriculture $9.3M
180 dDoc Hospitality, Travel Agencies & Services $9.3M
181 HONGKONGEEK.COM LC Trading Agriculture, Crops $9.2M
182 FOG SPRAYING & PURIFICATION SYSTEM Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $9.1M
183 greenhouse China Business Services, Management Consulting $9.1M
184 Guangzhou Union Packing Crops, Agriculture $8.9M
185 Open Sesame Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $8.6M
186 Qihe Biotechnology Agriculture, Crops $8.5M
187 CM Agriculture Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $8.5M
188 RedFarm LED Grow Light Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $8.4M
189 Locovapes Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $8.3M
190 Silicontek Crops, Agriculture $8.1M
191 Hunan Longhui MEI Orchard Honeysuckle Crops, Agriculture $8M
192 Silver Heights Vineyard Grocery Retail, Retail $7.7M
193 Tam Group Agriculture, Crops $7.6M
194 Kebai Science and Technology Agriculture, Crops $7.6M
195 湖南联创控股集团有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $7.4M
196 Guangzhou MEIZHONG Steels Trading Grocery Retail, Retail $7.4M
197 Inner Mongolia Xuanda Food Grocery Retail, Retail $7.4M
198 Pingdu Inguishing feature Agricultural products Agriculture, Crops $7.4M
199 Cargill China Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $7.3M
200 Nanchong JINDI Seeds Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $7.3M
201 Dalian GENGZE Agricultural Equipment Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $7.3M
202 Shenzhen Eagle Brother UAV Innovation Agriculture, Crops $7.1M
203 Ninhua Group Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $7.1M
204 Masarang International Non-Profit & Charitable Organizations, Organizations $6.9M
205 Bob Crops, Agriculture $6.9M
206 HUANGHE Edible mushroom Crops, Agriculture $6.9M
207 Greentech HumorganicTechnology Agriculture, Crops $6.9M
208 Climatelink Crops, Agriculture $6.9M
209 Hunan Xinning Agricultural products Trading Grocery Retail, Retail $6.9M
210 V-Chem Trading Grocery Retail, Retail $6.9M
211 Harvest-Code Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $6.9M
212 Shanghai CHUNYIN Seeds Research & Development, Business Services $6.9M
213 Guileen International Enterprise Commercial Printing, Business Services $6.9M
214 Allen Xie Agriculture, Crops $6.8M
215 Ruzhou SANLU Orchard Crops, Agriculture $6.7M
216 RealNames Real Estate $6.7M
217 Shandong Linshu YUELIANGWAN Farm Crops, Agriculture $6.7M
218 KAIERDAN Shoes Textiles & Apparel, Manufacturing $6.7M
219 Shandong BUENO Machinery Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing $6.7M
220 佛山市新基德电子厂有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $6.7M
221 Idolsvape Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $6.7M
222 Shandong Premier Fresh Agricultrue Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $6.7M
223 Anhui Green Agriculture Zoology Agricultural products Planting Base Government $6.6M
224 Suzhou TIANHENG Packing material Crops, Agriculture $6.6M
225 郑州恒邦农业科技有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $6.6M
226 Daye CHULIN Test Forest farm Crops, Agriculture $6.6M
227 AOZ garden supply Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $6.6M
228 Changzhi Suburbs CHANGBAI Wild Crops, Agriculture $6.5M
229 AGU Lawn & Garden Agriculture, Crops $6.5M
230 Qingdao Choho Industrial Advertising & Marketing, Business Services $6.5M
231 Neue Apparel & Accessories Retail, Retail $6.5M
232 Moguyun Agriculture, Crops $6.4M
233 Shanghai Forever Chemical Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $6.4M
234 JUNHUA Herding Seeds farm Crops, Agriculture $6.4M
235 Zhejiang Jiaxin JIAYUAN Trading Agriculture, Crops $6.4M
236 Hebei Xingtai Forest park CHANGXIN NONGFA  Crops, Agriculture $6.4M
237 XRender Farm Business Services, Business Services $6.4M
238 RealNames Real Estate $6.4M
239 Jiangsu Wuxi HOUZHAI TIANXIANG Farm Crops, Agriculture $6.4M
240 Suizhou HUANTAN Orchard Plant nursery Unit Crops, Agriculture $6.3M
241 Anhui M&B Manufacturer and Trade Crops, Agriculture $6.3M
242 Yunnan Qujing Inguishing feature Agricultural  Crops, Agriculture $6.2M
243 Healy Group Agriculture, Crops $6.2M
244 Kikvape Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $6.2M
245 Kingtai Chemicals Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $6M
246 Shijiazhuang Lvhe fertilizer technologies Agriculture, Crops $6M
247 盘锦鹏瀚石油化工科技有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $6M
248 RealNames Real Estate $6M
249 The Green Olive Agriculture, Crops $6M
250 Terra Nova Group Commercial & Residential Construction, Construction $6M
251 Chifeng ZHONGZHENG Feedstuff Crops, Agriculture $5.9M
252 Jinfeng Agricultural Products Trade Grocery Retail, Retail $5.9M
253 Longyun Foods Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $5.9M
254 Beijing Kingpeng International Hi-Tech Agriculture, Agriculture $5.9M
255 ETW International Landscape Services, Consumer Services $5.8M
256 Trinog-xs Greenhouse Agriculture, Crops $5.8M
257 WOHUA Potted landscape Farm Crops, Agriculture $5.8M
258 Manyoubang.com Crops, Agriculture $5.8M
259 RealNames Real Estate $5.8M
260 Nanjing FUFENG Seeds Agriculture, Crops $5.8M
261 Little Creatures Restaurants, Hospitality $5.8M
262 Qingdao Qingzhu Farm Products Agriculture, Crops $5.8M
263 Smart Moisture Monitor Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $5.8M
264 Wooden Bridge Agriculture Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $5.8M
265 Taiyuan Meitexiang Technology Crops, Agriculture $5.8M
266 Big Tree Peony Retail $5.8M
267 Wuyi XIN Generation Packing material Crops, Agriculture $5.7M
268 Changzhou Jialv Artificial Turf Agriculture, Crops $5.6M
269 V Farm Agriculture, Crops $5.6M
270 Wuhan Golden Wing Industry & Trade Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $5.6M
271 KingAgroot Agriculture, Crops $5.6M
272 Guangzhou Lian Guan Agriculture, Crops $5.6M
273 Yingjuval Nursery Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $5.6M
274 Cloudnifier Finance $5.6M
275 Luoyang Zhongsen Refractory Glass & Clay, Manufacturing $5.6M
276 Nantong NBC Juan Win Far Chemical Agriculture, Crops $5.5M
277 Jiashan HONGJIATAN Grape Industry Farm Crops, Agriculture $5.5M
278 Icp Agriculture, Crops $5.5M
279 Land Education Foundation Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $5.5M
280 MSB International Banking, Finance $5.5M
281 福建省华成医药有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $5.5M
282 Lingshou WUFENG Planting Crops, Agriculture $5.4M
283 Beijing Heronsbill Food Material Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $5.4M
284 Qingdao Fenso Machinery Crops, Agriculture $5.4M
285 Shaoxing County KEYAN SHUANGYOU Farm Crops, Agriculture $5.4M
286 Xiamen Huamerica Reliance Foods Grocery Retail, Retail $5.4M
287 Henan Richi Machinery Pet Products, Manufacturing $5.4M
288 Hong Kong Xu Star International Crops, Agriculture $5.4M
289 Orchid Energy Crops, Agriculture $5.3M
290 Shanghai Huihe Seed Agriculture, Agriculture $5.3M
291 Aylsham Show Crops, Agriculture $5.3M
292 Rough Brothers Crops, Agriculture $5.2M
293 Amorberry Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $5.2M
294 Sufarm Biochemical Agriculture, Crops $5.1M
295 DigitalFoto Solution Electronics, Manufacturing $5.1M
296 DX Hydro Agriculture, Crops $5.1M
297 Jiangsu Shuyang CHUNSHENG Crops, Agriculture $5.1M
298 Templestay Crops, Agriculture $5.1M
299 Hangzhou ZHENXING Doors Crops, Agriculture $5.1M
300 Graham Earnshaw Crops, Agriculture $5M
301 Geshandi CFC Agriculture, Crops $5M
302 Startex (China) technology Architecture, Engineering & Design, Construction $4.9M
303 Anhui Jianghuai Horticulture Seeds Agriculture, Crops $4.9M
304 Silver Heights Vineyard Agriculture, Crops $4.9M
305 Tiantianxuenong Agriculture, Crops $4.9M
306 Qingdao Fengfanda Agriculture, Crops $4.9M
307 深圳市网通电子商务有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $4.8M
308 Jewelry Seeds Jewelry & Watch Retail, Retail $4.8M
309 Shandong LIJIA ZHAIDA Crops, Agriculture $4.8M
310 Jiangxi Bailin Industry Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.8M
311 Yusun Food Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.7M
312 QIQI Crops, Agriculture $4.7M
313 Green Farm Group Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $4.7M
314 Coolpack Commercial Printing, Business Services $4.7M
315 Netwise Agriculture, Crops $4.7M
316 CTC Agricultural Products Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $4.7M
317 Sichuan Bozong Greenhouse Agriculture, Crops $4.6M
318 Chengdu Shanxing Agricultural Products Business Services, Research & Development $4.6M
319 Zhejiang Senhe Seed Agriculture, Crops $4.6M
320 Weifang BAILANGHE Food Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.5M
321 Boolan Agriculture, Crops $4.5M
322 LightningAsic Crops, Agriculture $4.5M
323 Green Granulation Agriculture, Crops $4.5M
324 ZHONGDE Group Manufacturing $4.5M
325 Beijing Mantian Seeds Research & Development, Business Services $4.5M
326 Hebei Zhongchang Fertilizer Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $4.5M
327 PIZHOU City China Gingko Exhibition Farm Crops, Agriculture $4.4M
328 Jiangsu Dablood Pharmaceutical Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing $4.4M
329 Beijing Fenglong Greenhouse Technology Crops, Agriculture $4.4M
330 Xiamen LONGYU Native  Organizations $4.4M
331 Nanrong Industrial and Trading Crops, Agriculture $4.4M
332 Peddlers Gin Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.4M
333 Wuhan Hanyan Seeds Sci Tech Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $4.4M
334 Lianyungang Zhongze International Trade Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $4.4M
335 上海纽崔特饲料科技有限公司 Agriculture, Crops $4.4M
336 PLD Lab Crops, Agriculture $4.4M
337 Tidelion Business Services, Research & Development $4.3M
338 Anxin Agri-Chems Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $4.3M
339 Hebei Suguo International Trade Agriculture, Crops $4.3M
340 Beijing Doneed Seeds Home Improvement & Hardware Retail, Retail $4.3M
341 JTC Spraying&Purification Technology Agriculture, Crops $4.3M
342 Noonty Greenhouse Agriculture, Crops $4.3M
343 Wusen Group Banking, Finance $4.3M
344 Shenzhen MEIGUAN Advertise Crops, Agriculture $4.3M
345 Sangreen Crops, Agriculture $4.3M
346 Sino Organic Farm Crops, Agriculture $4.2M
347 Qingdao Blue Sky Greenhouse Crops, Agriculture $4.2M
348 Jilin JINLING Silage Feedstuff corn Seeds Grocery Retail, Retail $4.2M
349 Koray Opto-electronic Agriculture, Crops $4.2M
350 Hebei Tangxian CHENGNONG Vegetable seeds Grocery Retail, Retail $4.2M
351 Chongqing Banghao Seed Industry Crops, Agriculture $4.2M
352 JC Fruits International Grocery Retail, Retail $4.1M
353 Qingdao Blue Treasure Seaweed Biotech.co Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $4.1M
354 Rainbow Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $4.1M
355 Hubei HUANGGAIHU Farm Crops, Agriculture $4.1M
356 Freshco Industry Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.1M
357 Ningxia DAXINONG Seeds Agriculture, Crops $4.1M
358 CellPhoneMIC.com Software $4.1M
359 Wulian DONGSHAN Forest farm Crops, Agriculture $4.1M
360 Best Goldlines Orchid Industrial Business Services, Multimedia & Graphic Design $4.1M
361 Organic Farms Crops, Agriculture $4.1M
362 Huatu Business Services, Custom Software & IT Services $4.1M
363 Jining Blue Sky Packing Crops, Agriculture $4M
364 Shtbag Crops, Agriculture $4M
365 Hebei Helida Grain Selecting Machinery Technology Agriculture, Crops $4M
366 普康迪(北京)æ•°ç ç§‘æ Crops, Agriculture $4M
367 Foshan YINGTUJIANZHU SHINEI SHEJI Crops, Agriculture $4M
368 TONGYI Enterprise Company / YANGLI Crops, Agriculture $4M
369 Dongtai Watermelon JIANGGANG Crops, Agriculture $4M
370 Star Farm Icp09028593-1 Crops, Agriculture $4M
371 Icp12042183 Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $4M
372 Mianyang LIPU TUOZHAN Outdoors movement Crops, Agriculture $4M
373 Shanxi Hejin HEPING Farm Crops, Agriculture $4M
374 Kama Agrarian Agriculture, Crops $3.9M
375 Mczn Fitness & Dance Facilities, Hospitality $3.9M
376 Yantaisijienetworkstechnologyco Crops, Agriculture $3.9M
377 China International Agri-Aviation Show Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.9M
378 Astelum Crops, Agriculture $3.9M
379 Yixing ZHOUTIE Town FENSHUI Forest farm Crops, Agriculture $3.9M
380 Jilin Fuel Ethanol Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $3.9M
381 EHANGCOM Retail, Sporting & Recreational Equipment Retail $3.9M
382 cacc21.com Crops, Agriculture $3.9M
383 Shaoxing Lvli None-Glue Cotton Crops, Agriculture $3.9M
384 HUHE QUN Sole Proprietorships Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
385 Export Agriculture, Crops $3.8M
386 Shenzhen Agricultural Products Amusement Parks, Arcades & Attractions, Hospitality $3.8M
387 无锡到群软件科技有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
388 Sinospices.com icp14010554 Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $3.8M
389 Farm66 Agriculture, Agriculture $3.8M
390 AKApumkin Agriculture, Crops $3.8M
391 GZITECH Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
392 Landon Seed-trays Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.8M
393 Jiangmen CHUANGXIN Cotton Factory Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
394 Wenzhou Xinghai Fishing Tackle Agriculture, Crops $3.8M
395 佛坪熊猫谷旅游有限公司 Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
396 Marc Standing Agriculture, Crops $3.8M
397 Haining Xinnan Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
398 Goldfish Agriculture, Crops $3.8M
399 Anhui Reiz Greenhouse Tech.Co Agriculture, Crops $3.8M
400 Jianzhu1.com Civil Engineering Construction, Construction $3.8M
401 USDA China Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
402 Icp12077654 Agriculture, Crops $3.8M
403 Pecce Crops, Agriculture $3.7M
404 Shijiazhuang Julite Machinery Agriculture, Crops $3.7M
405 Guardiglucan Hospitality, Restaurants $3.7M
406 Fenghua CHUNWANG DADI Tree & flower farm Crops, Agriculture $3.7M
407 Hefei YINSHAN Cotton & flax Crops, Agriculture $3.6M
408 Paintshield China Organizations, Religious Organizations $3.6M
409 Huayuqh Agriculture, Crops $3.6M
410 Tai’an Luster Horticulture Factory Crops, Agriculture $3.6M
411 Wuhan KUAILE Farm Horticulture Crops, Agriculture $3.6M
412 Sichuan chuanye food Hospitality $3.6M
413 Wenzhou Ju Lin Packing Crops, Agriculture $3.5M
414 Grape People Grocery Retail, Retail $3.5M
415 Seebyleegee Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $3.5M
416 Drf888 Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.5M
417 RealNames Real Estate $3.5M
418 Xingping WUYISI Farming machinery Factory Crops, Agriculture $3.5M
419 Alan Paul Agriculture, Crops $3.5M
420 JIN AKANISHI Agriculture, Crops $3.5M
421 Qingdao Dongdi Crops, Agriculture $3.4M
422 Wenjiang RONGXING Palm Farm Crops, Agriculture $3.4M
423 Xiamen Sino Orchard Industry Crops, Agriculture $3.4M
424 Hefei Meishi Gardening Agriculture, Crops $3.3M
425 GreenPrice Crops, Agriculture $3.3M
426 Imisk Marine Shipping & Transportation, Transportation $3.3M
427 Billy Liew Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $3.2M
428 Anhui Kelihua Chemical Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $3.2M
429 Beijing Origin Seed Technology Crops, Agriculture $3.2M
430 Medwell Crops, Agriculture $3.1M
431 Guangzhou Jinhai Lvyi Agricultural Development Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $3.1M
432 Soil Agriculture, Crops $3.1M
433 辽宁台安金å Crops, Agriculture $3.1M
434 E-Farm Agriculture, Crops $3.1M
435 EnjoyStudy Agriculture, Crops $3M
436 ERWj Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $3M
437 CHENGJIANCAI Mushroom seeds Crops, Agriculture $3M
438 Zouping Runzi Chemical Industry Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3M
439 Bink Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $3M
440 Rainwater Harvesting System Crops, Agriculture $3M
441 Yeslab Crops, Agriculture $3M
442 徐州博泰矿山安å Crops, Agriculture $2.9M
443 ä¸œèŽžå¸‚å»ºä¸šå·¥ç¨‹é€ ä»·å’¨è¯ Crops, Agriculture $2.9M
444 Sincerebest Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $2.9M
445 Agrochemical Pesticides Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $2.9M
446 Ecoland Club Farm (Schrebergarden 20 Crops, Agriculture $2.9M
447 The Piggy Bank Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $2.9M
448 BESSEL ENERGIA Founded Crops, Agriculture $2.9M
449 Snrcorp Agriculture, Crops $2.9M
450 Xixia Fusen Kong Foods Agriculture, Crops $2.8M

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