460 Food Service Companies in China: Expert List by Revenue

Nr Company name Business Type Revenue
1 SF Express Freight & Logistics Services, Transportation $35.8B
2 Fung Group Hospitality $13.6B
3 Haidilao Restaurants, Hospitality $4.8B
4 Maxim’s Caterers Food Service, Business Services $1.4B
5 Jiangsu Liangfeng Food Group Business Services, Food Service $1.1B
6 Wangjiahuan Business Services, Food Service $581.8M
7 Fujian Kitchener Food Group Food Service, Business Services $419.7M
8 Guangdong Yantang Dairy Business Services, Food Service $263.7M
9 Shanghai Darton Toys Manufacturing Retail, Retail $207.4M
10 Ningbo Jiebao Group Food Service, Business Services $188.4M
11 Beijing Ubox Technology & Trade Business Services, Food Service $150.4M
12 Peonyx Indsutrial Retail $140.4M
13 CP Foods Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $126.6M
14 H2looking International Group Retail $103M
15 Hunan Hualian China Industry Retail $97.2M
16 AFen Business Services, Food Service $82.9M
17 MGK “Pantheon Retail $69.8M
18 Kungfu International Hardware Retail, Retail $67.8M
19 HB Trading&Services Food Service, Business Services $60.6M
20 D&K (Asia Retail $58.9M
21 Cathay Pacific Catering Services Restaurants, Hospitality $58.1M
22 Ningbo General International Trading Retail, Retail $57.3M
23 Guangzhou Longly Retail $57M
24 Sugoo Retail $55.3M
25 Retevis Kids Retail $54.7M
26 Urumqi XINPING Automation Sales dept Food Service, Business Services $52.8M
27 Dongguan GENGCHENG Meals Management Food Service, Business Services $50.8M
28 Shicuiying Food Development Business Services, Food Service $50.2M
29 Rollin Porcelain Retail $47.8M
30 Zoom-high Technology Co.,Limited Retail $47.6M
31 连云港杰瑞自动化有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $47.4M
32 Petaholic Hong Kong Retail $47M
33 Sino Bright Exceed(zhengzhou) Intelligent Tech Food Service, Business Services $46.2M
34 Jiaxing MAXEA Hardware Manufacturer Retail $45.7M
35 Guangdong Light Houseware Retail $45.6M
36 Fittop Beauty and Health Retail $42.1M
37 Xiyun International Business Services, Food Service $39.9M
38 Qingdao UTECH Tires Retail, Retail $39.3M
39 Haway Tralier Parts Retail, Retail $38.6M
40 Shanghai YPT Catering Management Business Services, Food Service $37.7M
41 Qingdao Rising Rubber Retail $34.4M
42 JIA Group Holdings Business Services, Food Service $34.4M
43 Dongguan Hongda Spraying Electromechancal Retail $33.1M
44 Cloudtop Agriculture Far East Retail $32.7M
45 Pioneer Seals Retail $32.7M
46 Shu San Guo Catering Group Hospitality, Restaurants $32.5M
47 Silicone Products Manufacturer | Advansilicone Retail $31.1M
48 KuaiXing Business Services, Food Service $31M
49 Zhejiang Yosemite Lumber Retail $30M
50 Shenzhen Ioranges Automation Food Service, Business Services $29M
51 Panlos Brick Retail, Retail $28.6M
52 HaiChen Industry Retail $27.8M
53 天津亮剑科技有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $26.5M
54 Sanya Gold tripod caldron Century XINGQUAN Automatic mahjong table Food Service, Business Services $25.4M
55 Reliable Automation (Hong Kong Manufacturing, Manufacturing $25M
56 Feng E Zu Shi Food Service, Business Services $24.5M
57 BangMart Business Services, Food Service $24M
58 Suzhou LUOPU SIJIN Aluminum Food Service, Business Services $23.2M
59 Shanghai CEDL Fabric Retail, Retail $22.9M
60 Borui Fragrances Group Retail, Retail $22.7M
61 BINA Factory Gas Cylinder Retail $22.3M
62 Joyflor Flooring Systems Retail $21.6M
63 Kingsoon Industrial Retail $21.4M
64 Macbook accessories phone accessories Retail $20.9M
65 Fuzhou Center Optoelectronics Tech Retail $20.5M
66 Tianjin Yan-Catering Corporate Food Service Grocery Retail, Retail $19.6M
67 Fill the Container – America Retail, Retail $19.2M
68 Hangzhou Yile Vending Manufacturing Food Service, Business Services $19.1M
69 Mingvape Technology Retail $19.1M
70 Yiwu Safe Trade Retail, Retail $19.1M
71 Shenzhen Scendor Trading Retail, Retail $18.6M
72 Foshan Wanico Technology Electronics, Manufacturing $18.3M
73 Guangzhou Light Industry Elec Electronics, Manufacturing $18.2M
74 NomNom Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $18.2M
75 Hebei Sinta FRP Retail $18.1M
76 Omitac® Technology Retail $17.9M
77 Shenzhen Huahao Electronic Communication Retail $17.8M
78 Lotus Dining Hospitality, Restaurants $17.7M
79 You Coffee Business Services, Food Service $17.6M
80 Xyz Tech Toys Retail, Retail $17.5M
81 Dixon China Retail $17.5M
82 Sivge Manufacturing $16.7M
83 Wenzhou Millions Technology Retail, Retail $16.3M
84 Suzhou CHUANGYE Automation Food Service, Business Services $16.1M
85 Dongguan Business Services, Food Service $15.9M
86 Keyuan Xinhai (Beijing) Medical Products Trade Retail $15.7M
87 It-tech Solutions Retail, Retail $15.7M
88 Ningxia XIANGGU Buckwheat Food Technology Food Service, Business Services $15.7M
89 北京市新宏状元餐饮管理有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $15.7M
90 Ekalytoys Retail $15.6M
91 Folartech Retail $15.3M
92 Citybox Business Services, Food Service $15.2M
93 Neolithic Tech Retail $15.1M
94 EduSunrising Group Grocery Retail, Retail $15M
95 Jsitek World Retail $15M
96 Shanghai Xiandi Flavor Foods Business Services, Food Service $14.9M
97 Guangdong Buphex Catering Equipment Retail, Retail $14.9M
98 YiNong Vending Machine Electricity, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities & Waste $14.8M
99 P-NUTS Pet Supplies Manufacturer & Wholesale Pet Products Retail, Retail $14.8M
100 Rendat Machines Retail $14.3M
101 Hangkong Crossbow Brand (Zhejiang), Technology Retail, Retail $14.2M
102 Shenzhen Effort Trading Develop Retail, Retail $13.7M
103 Time Ciudad SmartWatch Retail $13.6M
104 Ayla Hk Retail $13.6M
105 Inniso Global Retail $13.6M
106 Ngk Retail $13.6M
107 Fuzhou Weikai Pet Product Retail $13.2M
108 TaBo Seal Wax Factory Retail $13.2M
109 大连优科仪器仪表有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $12.9M
110 Meican Food Service, Business Services $12.8M
111 Thinkbusiness Brand Service Retail $12.7M
112 KIN Business Services, Business Services $12.5M
113 Jidesheng Healthcare Technology Trading Retail, Retail $12.4M
114 Kowloonbay International Trade & Exhibition Centre Building Materials, Manufacturing $12M
115 Planter Box Retail $11.5M
116 Lvs Catering Hospitality, Restaurants $11.4M
117 Battery Finds Retail $11.3M
118 Finefey Retail $11.3M
119 JMI Vending Food Service, Business Services $11.2M
120 Freewing Model Retail $11M
121 Suzhou Ruilun Metal Products Retail $11M
122 Tom chen Retail $10.9M
123 Shanghai Qingshe Foods Management Furniture, Retail $10.9M
124 Q Bird Factory Retail, Retail $10.8M
125 South Beauty Group Barber Shops & Beauty Salons, Consumer Services $10.7M
126 T-safety Protection Retail $10.6M
127 Next catering solution Food Service, Business Services $10.4M
128 DESON Hospitality, Lodging & Resorts $10.3M
129 Shanghai Ruihua Villa Catering Management Hospitality, Restaurants $10.2M
130 Fulam import & export tradingguangzhoulimited Retail, Retail $10.1M
131 Muller Hydraulic Components Retail $10.1M
132 南洋电气集团有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $10M
133 Joycycle Aqua Park Retail $9.9M
134 Wanjiahuan Business Services, Food Service $9.9M
135 JES Catering Equipmentshenzhen Food Service, Business Services $9.8M
136 WeihaiShiCheng Fishing Tackle Retail, Retail $9.5M
137 Ningbo OstBridge Automation Food Service, Business Services $9.4M
138 Shenzhen COLMI Technology Retail $9.3M
139 Zhejiang Huibo Valve Technology Retail $9.1M
140 Walans Retail $9.1M
141 YeLeee Business Services, Food Service $9.1M
142 Industrial Automation Show Manufacturing, Manufacturing $9M
143 Number One International Retail $9M
144 Dong Guan Boutique Living Products Retail, Retail $8.9M
145 Efancy Retail $8.9M
146 Anna Hair-factory Retail $8.8M
147 AIbuy24h Business Services, Food Service $8.7M
148 soSexDoll Retail $8.7M
149 Guangzhou Hua Du Haiheng Rubber Products Retail $8.6M
150 Highwifi Retail $8.6M
151 WuHu Xin Yi Pet Products Retail $8.6M
152 SugarGoo Retail $8.4M
153 BBA automation Electronics, Manufacturing $8.4M
154 Zino Industrial Automation Manufacturing, Manufacturing $8.3M
155 Automation Plaza Manufacturing, Manufacturing $8.3M
156 Flipcoo Retail $8.3M
157 Pixtech International Retail $8.2M
158 China Goodwood Industry Retail $8.2M
159 Ovictor Fur Fashion Retail, Retail $8.2M
160 Kunming LUDA Food Food Service, Business Services $8.2M
161 CHiBEY TEx Retail $8M
162 Greenlemonkitchens Retail $8M
163 Fabricbags Retail $7.9M
164 Ebigsale Retail $7.6M
165 Jaspiration Food Service, Business Services $7.6M
166 Chinateawholesale Retail $7.6M
167 Fujian Shun Xin Import & Export Trading Retail, Retail $7.6M
168 Mnk.monicajewelry Retail $7.6M
169 B2 moldaccessories Retail $7.6M
170 Xi’an Jinbaixin Automation Food Service, Business Services $7.5M
171 JWREFAnaildrillmanufacturer Retail $7.5M
172 BLSeyeshadow Retail $7.5M
173 SanGo Automation Manufacturing, Manufacturing $7.5M
174 Al Systems Retail $7.5M
175 China Vending Show Food Service, Business Services $7.4M
176 YingKe Automation Manufacturing, Manufacturing $7.4M
177 UWAY Sourcing Solution | Export and Import Retail, Retail $7.4M
178 Qingdao vocvo tools Retail $7.4M
179 Hop Shun Hardware Retail, Retail $7.4M
180 Wenling Saige Plumbing Equipment Retail $7.4M
181 Xinyi Technology (Beijing Food Service, Business Services $7.3M
182 Greatice Retail $7.3M
183 ClubONE Food Service, Business Services $7.2M
184 Kingdi Shoes Retail, Retail $7.2M
185 Micron Technology Manufacturing, Manufacturing $7.1M
186 ANA Hotelware Business Services, Food Service $7.1M
187 Pureplusfilters Retail $7M
188 Qingdao Join Us Beauty International Trading Retail, Retail $7M
189 Fituss Retail $7M
190 Easy Touch Vending Manufacturing, Manufacturing $6.8M
191 昆明怡美天香置业有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $6.8M
192 Clever Motion Technology Business Services, Food Service $6.7M
193 Freshchefs Business Services, Food Service $6.7M
194 Hvpalhardware Retail $6.6M
195 Kungfu Catering Management Hospitality, Restaurants $6.6M
196 David Laris Creates (DLC Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $6.6M
197 Hcx Precision Manufacturing, Manufacturing $6.5M
198 Homestraw Retail $6.4M
199 Sunwing Artificial Plants & Trees Supply Retail, Retail $6.4M
200 Sodlc Retail $6.4M
201 Quanzhou City Type sport Retail $6.3M
202 Infinite Automation Food Service, Business Services $6.1M
203 Hunan Baby Fireworks Retail, Retail $6.1M
204 SYDOLL Showcase Retail $6.1M
205 Vilgacy Food Service, Business Services $6M
206 #NAME? Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $6M
207 Tcl奥博(天津)环保发展有限公司 Retail $6M
208 BEOR Industrial Retail $5.9M
209 Find Fitness Accessories Retail $5.8M
210 Vending Machine Food Service, Business Services $5.8M
211 Harvest Season Grocery Retail, Retail $5.8M
212 Cheers Refreshments Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $5.8M
213 Yocopaws Retail $5.7M
214 Dial a Meal Business Services, Food Service $5.7M
215 Gan Tang Ming Shan Catering Co LTD 深圳市甘棠明善餐饮有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $5.6M
216 Guangzhou Jetinno Intelligent Equipment Business Services, Food Service $5.6M
217 Lilian Trade Retail, Retail $5.6M
218 Chunkai’s team Retail $5.6M
219 Wonderful Toys and Gifts Retail, Retail $5.5M
220 Didfzhao Food Service, Business Services $5.5M
221 Sunwell Retail $5.4M
222 KRKC Wholesale Retail, Retail $5.4M
223 Bean Catering Food Service, Business Services $5.4M
224 Shenzhen Win – Drive Automation Equipment Business Services, Food Service $5.3M
225 Icp12035404 Food Service, Business Services $5.3M
226 Shenzhen Hong-Mo Electronic Retail $5.3M
227 Fun Vending Machine Business Services, Food Service $5.2M
228 Shenzhen Chips Sci-Tech Hospitality, Restaurants $5.2M
229 SZ Timing-tech Retail $5.2M
230 Meta-description Business Services, Food Service $5.2M
231 JSBS Marble Fireplace Mantel Retail $5.2M
232 Manner Food Service, Business Services $5.1M
233 W3cplus Business Services, Food Service $5.1M
234 Sccge High Quality Resin Jewelry Retail, Retail $5.1M
235 Dining Secretary China Food Service, Business Services $5.1M
236 Paradise Fashion Factory Retail, Retail $5.1M
237 VenueHub HK Food Service, Business Services $5.1M
238 HuangXiaoDi Business Services, Food Service $5.1M
239 A & W Food Service Grocery Retail, Retail $5.1M
240 Jingjiang YANGDU Air-conditioning equipment Factory Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing $5.1M
241 Fujian Gentle Import&Export Trading Retail, Retail $5M
242 Anbernic Retail $5M
243 YIHO Food Service, Business Services $4.9M
244 Daoxila Business Services, Food Service $4.9M
245 TCN Vending Machines Co.,Ltd. Business Services, Food Service $4.9M
246 Ausbery Business Services, Food Service $4.8M
247 FreshUp Business Services, Food Service $4.7M
248 Jeka Jewelry Retail, Retail $4.7M
249 Double Star Automation Food Service, Business Services $4.6M
250 Zhedong Food Service, Business Services $4.6M
251 深圳会展中心管理有限责任公司 Colleges & Universities, Education $4.6M
252 Jiangmen Chinese fan palm YINSHUI Intelligent Machinery Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing $4.6M
253 Yslocker Office Products Retail & Distribution, Retail $4.6M
254 CNC Tattoo Retail $4.6M
255 Gritus Technology Business Services, Food Service $4.5M
256 Xi’An Catering Business Services, Food Service $4.5M
257 Ningbo Fenghua Zhiyue Vending Parts Grocery Retail, Retail $4.5M
258 Shanghai Nasa Automation Technolo gy Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing $4.4M
259 Fuzhou Montage Wedding Emoration Service Center Food Service, Business Services $4.4M
260 Party People Catering Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.4M
261 XuQian Jewelry wirejewelry toolsjewelry accessories Retail, Retail $4.3M
262 Ningbo Chiliang International Trade Food Service, Business Services $4.3M
263 Nanjing Grand Ark Tech Coltd Food Service, Business Services $4.2M
264 Plasma Innovation Cookware Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $4.2M
265 Shenzhen Guangqing Electronics Retail $4.2M
266 M Cuisine Business Services, Food Service $4.2M
267 Southwest Air Catering Hospitality $4.2M
268 Changzhou Pilot Electronic Manufacturing $4.2M
269 Think Food Concepts Grocery Retail, Retail $4.2M
270 LKH gardening Retail $4.1M
271 Just Finger Foods Business Services, Food Service $4.1M
272 TCN Vending Machine Grocery Retail, Retail $4.1M
273 Vending Machines Business Services, Food Service $4.1M
274 Delicious HK Business Services, Food Service $4.1M
275 DPC Dash Ltd Food Service, Business Services $4.1M
276 Hohodreads Retail $4M
277 Shanghai Pujing Information Technology Business Services, Food Service $4M
278 Suzhou JINGXIN Automation Food Service, Business Services $4M
279 Chongqing Qi Hot Pot Catering Food Service, Business Services $4M
280 The Green Platters Food Service, Business Services $4M
281 iGame Gold Gambling & Gaming, Hospitality $3.9M
282 MobiChef Business Services, Food Service $3.9M
283 Swire Coca-Cola Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $3.9M
284 东莞市西格玛自动化科技股份有限公司 Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Manufacturing $3.9M
285 Tangshan HUACHENG CHENGCI CIZHI PINXIANSI Company Sales dept Food Service, Business Services $3.9M
286 Jiangsu BST law office Law Firms & Legal Services $3.9M
287 Gingers Business Services, Food Service $3.9M
288 G&G Hospitality $3.9M
289 Shanghai Well-ideal Industrial Automation Food Service, Business Services $3.8M
290 BLN Restaurants & Caterings Business Services, Food Service $3.8M
291 Theredclay.com Business Services, Food Service $3.8M
292 U-M2M Automation&IIoT Online Shop Food Service, Business Services $3.8M
293 Weileite Automation Food Service, Business Services $3.8M
294 VipSister Hair Factory Angela Retail $3.8M
295 GardenFresh Business Services, Food Service $3.8M
296 Starinco Technology Business Services, Food Service $3.7M
297 Suzhou LANTIAN Meals Service Food Service, Business Services $3.7M
298 Fuzhou XIMEN Spy YE Automation Food Service, Business Services $3.7M
299 zhejiang Baolai Group Retail $3.6M
300 Vivian Business Services, Food Service $3.6M
301 Soundinner Business Services, Food Service $3.6M
302 Tangshan Huayang Automation Food Service, Business Services $3.6M
303 Hangzhou Louwailou Food Food Service, Business Services $3.5M
304 Xiaocaiyuan Restaurants, Hospitality $3.5M
305 Qihui Lighting Electrical Appliances Retail $3.5M
306 No Boundaries Retail, Retail $3.5M
307 Xiamen Gachi Leather Retail, Retail $3.5M
308 WedePack Business Services, Research & Development, Business Services $3.4M
309 Furui Creative TWS Retail $3.4M
310 Hopewell Automation Food Service, Business Services $3.4M
311 Panda Vending Business Services, Food Service $3.4M
312 Extremeix Retail $3.4M
313 Wilfred Catering Business Services, Food Service $3.3M
314 Amigo Restaurant Food Service, Business Services $3.3M
315 Beauty home Retail $3.3M
316 HOLS(suzhou)Automation Food Service, Business Services $3.3M
317 The Art of Catering Food Grocery Retail, Retail $3.2M
318 Guangzhou Nixiya Garment Retail $3.2M
319 Mrsdpackaging.com Retail $3.2M
320 ForMission Automation Manufacturing, Manufacturing $3.2M
321 Hanshin Technology Business Services, Food Service $3.1M
322 Guangdong Qin-Tech Intelligent Technology Retail $3.1M
323 Lison Technologies Business Services, Food Service $3.1M
324 BuyDermaPen.com Retail $3M
325 BuyDrPen.com Retail $3M
326 XFloral.com Retail $3M
327 Sino Business Links Retail $3M
328 BeautyMachineShop.com Retail $3M
329 Vanyu-Fuji Business Services, Food Service $3M
330 Taste and Best Caterers Food Service, Business Services $2.9M
331 Hair Supplier & HD Lace Wholesaler China Retail $2.9M
332 TheBeautyEquipment.com Retail $2.9M
333 Yantai Joint Foods Enterprise Business Services, Food Service $2.9M
334 Guangzhou Xiangze Leather Retail, Retail $2.9M
335 Hangzhou Yile Business Services, Food Service $2.8M
336 Sourth China Business Services, Food Service $2.8M
337 Proper Kitchen Business Services, Food Service $2.8M
338 Beba Retail $2.7M
339 En-sjgle.com Chemicals & Related Products, Manufacturing $2.7M
340 Hong Kong Wholesale Retail, Retail $2.7M
341 Jade Garden Caterers Business Services, Food Service $2.6M
342 Guangzhou Galaxy economic tecnology Retail, Retail $2.6M
343 Shenzhen Huapeng Aiwei Technology Retail $2.6M
344 Henan Panda Agricultural Products Retail $2.4M
345 Off Road Chef Broadcasting, Media & Internet $2.4M
346 GoodyLashes | Eyelashes | Eyelashes Manufacturer Retail $2.4M
347 XO Mobile Phone Accessories Retail $2.4M
348 3W Catering | 3W Group Food Service, Business Services $2.4M
349 重庆浪托科技有限公司 Food Service, Business Services $2.4M
350 Kitchen Dynamic Hong Kong Food Service, Business Services $2.3M
351 CaterersBartending ServiceWedding Supplies & Services Food Service, Business Services $2.3M
352 Gingko House Business Services, Food Service $2.2M
353 Alpha Hair Retail $2.2M
354 Foshan YouMi Electronic Techonolgy Retail $2.2M
355 Shaoxin ZHONGHUI hometextile Food Service, Business Services $2.1M
356 Smartsoup Catering Business Services, Food Service $2.1M
357 Cheonet International Retail $2M
358 Oyei Times (shenzhen Retail $2M
359 KATOP Automation Food Service, Business Services $2M
360 Culinart Business Services, Food Service $1.9M
361 Jia(shenzhen) Trade Retail, Retail $1.9M
362 Wealth Banquet Food Service, Business Services $1.9M
363 B&S HK Business Services, Food Service $1.9M
364 Decoracion Fiestas en China Retail $1.8M
365 Shenzhen Automatic HUAXIANSI Company Sales dept Food Service, Business Services $1.8M
366 Mandarin Chefs Business Services, Food Service $1.7M
367 Soulistic HK Fitness & Dance Facilities, Hospitality $1.6M
368 IoT Chefs Telecommunications, Telecommunications $1.5M
369 Foshan HuiYingLe Sanitary Products Retail $1.5M
370 Hunan Afen Vending Machine Co.,Ltd.(Afen Vending Manufacturing, Manufacturing $1.5M
371 Tripmonkey Retail, Retail $1.4M
372 Think-Automation Food Service, Business Services $1.4M
373 Hunan Aifeng Intelligent Equipment Food Service, Business Services $1.3M
374 Chin Hiang Cake Shop Business Services, Food Service $1.3M
375 Yeast Business Services, Research & Development, Business Services $1.3M
376 Top Fine Industrial Business Services, Food Service $1.3M
377 Green Door Cafe and Catering Food Service, Business Services $1.3M
378 Comhaus Retail $1.3M
379 CJT Catering Food Service, Business Services $1.3M
380 Weiyi Retail $1.2M
381 Hong Kong HUXUE LAIKE SINU Food Group Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $1.2M
382 Shanghai HotSpot Catering Management Business Services, Food Service $1.2M
383 FUNA Intelligent Automation Manufacturing, Manufacturing $1.2M
384 Asico Door Manufacturer Retail $1.2M
385 Qualifresh Catering Business Services, Food Service $1.2M
386 Fujian Ningde Shunda Wood Retail $1.2M
387 Shenzhen Hershy Spring Products Retail $1.1M
388 Kotiloma Retail $1.1M
389 du Monde Creperie Catering Hospitality, Restaurants $1.1M
390 Tianjin Leiyunfeng Tech Business Services, Food Service $1.1M
391 Bestzone Industry Food Service, Business Services $998,000
392 Quzhou KECHENG District SHIMENSHAN Food Factory Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $995,000
393 OTER Automation Manufacturing, Manufacturing $981,000
394 Micron Vending Technology Manufacturing, Manufacturing $971,000
395 Zebratasty Business Services, Food Service $970,000
396 Inoxbath Retail $965,000
397 Equip Chef Office Products Retail & Distribution, Retail $962,000
398 The Chef Apparel & Accessories Retail, Retail $953,000
399 Sunrise Healthcare Technology Retail $924,000
400 Mordio Electrical Retail $923,000
401 Sino Union Supply Chain (qingdao Retail, Retail $922,000
402 Tianjin A Wow Source Retail $921,000
403 Guangzhou Fortrend Furniture Factory — kitchen cabinet ,interior wardrobe storage, lab furniture Retail $920,000
404 上海蓝森餐饮管理有限公司 Business Services, Food Service $919,000
405 Xiaoxin Technology Retail $916,000
406 Mintwood DML Retail $916,000
407 Galileo Ichiro Decode Retail $913,000
408 Guangzhou Westens Cleaning Products Retail $912,000
409 Joyee Bottle Retail $910,000
410 Hunan MiSo Biosciences Retail $907,000
411 Wenzhou Slowing Trading Retail, Retail $903,000
412 Wuerth Industry China Retail $903,000
413 Dongguan Hanxiang Rubber products Retail $903,000
414 Shandong Chengkuo Retail $902,000
415 China BIT – Nosotros SÍ estamos en China – Importación, Exportación, Negocios y más Retail $902,000
416 Shenzhen Meishengfa Trade Co., Ltd Retail, Retail $899,000
417 Greeso Technology (Shen Zhen Retail $898,000
418 Guangzhou Fangtek Electronic Retail $898,000
419 Shenzhen LS Technology Retail $898,000
420 HeBei Enyang Import And Export Trading Retail, Retail $895,000
421 Easy Trade Africa International Trading Retail, Retail $890,000
422 Xiamen youwei industry Retail $890,000
423 Cs-Roll Retail $889,000
424 Foshan Jiaguan Metalwork Retail $885,000
425 Guangzhou Zf Hardware Products Retail $882,000
426 Nexxt Retail $879,000
427 Globsea Retail $876,000
428 Flash Deals Retail $729,000
429 Purple 9 Retail $716,000
430 Trade Anywhere Retail, Retail $554,000
431 Phenix Garden Tools Retail $549,000
432 Elife2go Retail $546,000
433 Rise Win International Group Retail $546,000
434 Culinary Solutions Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $544,000
435 Jiangshan Wanda Industrial & Trading Retail, Retail $541,000
436 Hkhuibang Retail $537,000
437 Top Pride International Retail $529,000
438 Silkroad Trader Retail, Retail $527,000
439 Munch International Business Services, Food Service $380,000
440 Ji Jia Technology Retail $372,000
441 Sourcing agent purchasing buying office wholesales products supplier in China Retail, Retail $372,000
442 DCY Trading Retail, Retail $372,000
443 WP Trading Retail, Retail $372,000
444 LNH International (Hong Kong Retail $372,000
445 Hebei Feel Trading Retail, Retail $372,000
446 Davinci Valves Retail $372,000
447 Bearscoming Retail $367,000
448 Atom Enterprises Retail $365,000
449 Iccan Toys Factory Retail, Retail $364,000
450 Raymio Eyewear Retail, Retail $364,000
451 Everrichknives Retail $364,000
452 Valiant Group Asia Retail $364,000
453 Posis Retail $364,000
454 Novaluna Retail $364,000
455 Pure and Whole Business Services, Food Service $362,000
456 Stark Blinds Retail, Retail $358,000
457 Po Shing Medical (HK Retail $354,000
458 Time Show Shoes Retail, Retail $351,000
459 Bridge Catering Service Hospitality, Restaurants $202,000
460 Oveser Business Services, Food Service $199,000

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