Wholesalers in Hong Kong (84 Listed)

Hong Kong’s wholesalers stand as linchpins in the city’s bustling commercial landscape, playing a pivotal role in global trade. Renowned for their adaptability and business acumen, these wholesalers serve as crucial intermediaries, connecting manufacturers with retailers worldwide.

With a diverse range of products spanning electronics, fashion, and more, Hong Kong wholesalers leverage the city’s strategic location to facilitate seamless trade. Their ability to navigate international markets, coupled with a commitment to quality and efficiency, positions them as key players in the global supply chain.

As Hong Kong continues to be a major player in global commerce, wholesalers remain integral to the city’s economic success. Their agility, coupled with a deep understanding of market dynamics, ensures that Hong Kong remains a vital hub for businesses seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of international trade.

  nr Company name Business Type
  1 Bluebell (HK) Limited Wholesaler
  2 Kwong Tai Hong Sea Land Products Company Limited Wholesaler
  3 日豐行有限公司 YAT FUNG HONG LIMITED Wholesaler
  4 Stations 18 Fashion Wholesale Co Ltd Wholesaler
  5 M PLUS M TAILOR Wholesaler
  6 Marx International Ltd. | Branded Perfumes & Cosmetics Wholesale Hong Kong Wholesaler
  7 Bliss & Bless International Limited Wholesaler
  8 METRO Sourcing International Limited Wholesaler
  9 Electronic Gadgets Wholesaler Wholesaler
  10 Mr Christmas Limited Wholesaler
  11 Diamond Mercury Industrial Limited Wholesaler
  12 All Source Holdings Limited Wholesaler
  13 OrangeBox 韓國時裝批發 Wholesaler
  14 YUME FASHION Wholesaler
  15 Hellobibee Company Limited Wholesaler
  16 onlineheungkung Wholesaler
  17 Vasilisa Y Clothing Wholesaler
  18 Pony Friends Shop Wholesaler
  19 Active Brands Asia Ltd. Wholesaler
  20 Great Harvest Garment Limited Wholesaler
  22 Takagi Trading (HK) Ltd Wholesaler
  23 美亞食品貿易有限公司 Wholesaler
  24 Delicia Ltd Wholesaler
  25 高寶食品有限公司 Global Fine Foods Limited Wholesaler
  27 MC Marketing & Sales (Hong Kong) Limited Wholesaler
  28 Getz Bros. & Co. (Hong Kong) Limited Wholesaler
  29 Po Shing Medical Co. Wholesaler
  30 T-SHIRT.COM.HK Limited Wholesaler
  31 BuyHive Ltd Wholesaler
  32 maxill HK Ltd. Wholesaler
  33 Union Camera Hong Kong Limited Wholesaler
  34 Synthax HK Limited Wholesaler
  35 Metta International (HK) Ltd Wholesaler
  36 又一新城商埸 Wholesaler
  37 Infiniti Healthcare Wholesaler
  39 Goldtop Century Limited Wholesaler
  40 A-Mart Gourmet Ltd Wholesaler
  41 Sintex Link (Hong Kong) Limited Wholesaler
  42 Kong’s Aquarium Supplies Co Ltd Wholesaler
  43 Vantek Ltd Wholesaler
  44 Sakae Bouyeki (HK) Co., Ltd. Wholesaler
  45 New Times Cosmetics Company Wholesaler
  46 NAYAB HK Wholesaler
  47 興華蛋行 Hing Wah Egg Dealers Wholesaler
  48 Eastern Forum (Far East) Co. LTD Wholesaler
  49 Source EC Corporate Gift Online 採購易禮品公司 Wholesaler
  50 Tayo the little bus Product Showroom (HK) Wholesaler
  51 小王子電器Little Prince Gadget Limited Wholesaler
  52 小林製藥(香港)有限公司 Wholesaler
  53 Infinity A Grade Wholesaler
  54 長城電子批發 Wholesaler
  55 興發鮮花批發 (花墟店) – Hing Fat Flower Wholesales Limited (Flower Market Shop) Wholesaler
  57 E P IMPEX (HK) LIMITED Wholesaler
  58 Blue Sky Alternatives Hong Kong Ltd. Wholesaler
  59 Rainbow Gems (HK) LTD. Wholesaler
  60 MyLifestyle.HK Wholesaler
  61 King Easy 3M Mask Wholesaler
  62 Cosmos Gems HK Ltd. Wholesaler
  63 Savemall Hong Kong Wholesaler
  64 Jewellery Package Co Wholesaler
  65 Bequator Corporation Ltd Wholesaler
  66 Koon Wah Moon Kee Co Ltd Wholesaler
  67 Asia Network Limited Wholesaler
  68 生活優作 Lives Works Limited Wholesaler
  69 Crystal Mind Development Ltd 卓意發展有限公司 Wholesaler
  70 Peeba Wholesaler
  71 Santek Hong Kong Ltd Wholesaler
  72 Guang Yi Company Limited Wholesaler
  73 Global Automation import and export Hong Kong Co. Limited Wholesaler
  74 HK Refurbished Stock Wholesaler
  75 GSM Hong Kong Wholesaler
  76 WE Group Limited., Hong Kong Wholesaler
  77 Aquatech (Hong Kong) Ltd Wholesaler
  78 Linmark (HK) Ltd. Wholesaler
  79 HD Tech International Limited Wholesaler
  80 Hong Kong My-Tee Company Wholesaler
  81 Organic Taste 品味有機 Wholesaler
  82 景帝貿易有限公司 Viewking Trading Limited Wholesaler
  83 香港文儀批發中心 Wholesaler
  84 Wah Seng Far East Limited Wholesaler

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