54 Top Beach Resorts in North Goa, India

Escape to paradise with North Goa’s top beach resorts, where sun-kissed shores meet luxurious havens. Our guide unveils a diverse array of coastal retreats, from serene hideaways to vibrant beachfront escapes. Experience the epitome of relaxation and seaside sophistication as these resorts lead North Goa’s coastal hospitality, ensuring each stay is a blend of comfort and tropical bliss. Navigate the beachfront confidently with our curated list, spotlighting the region’s premier resorts committed to quality and tailored experiences. Whether seeking tranquil sunsets or lively beach activities, trust North Goa’s beachfront havens to provide an unforgettable coastal escape. Dive into the world of coastal luxury with our guide, ensuring your beachside retreat is powered with comfort and seaside allure.

nr Company name Business Type
1 Vagator Beach Resort 3-star hotel
2 Maargit Beach Resort Goa Resort hotel
3 Bambolim Beach Resort 3-star hotel
4 Antares Beach Resort and Club 3-star hotel
5 Calangute Beach Resort 2-star hotel
6 Baia Do Sol – Beach Resort Resort hotel
7 Beach front Resort 3-star hotel
8 Aaristo Beach Resort And Spa Resort hotel
9 Ashvem Beach Resort & Spa Resort hotel
10 Sibaya Beach Resort, Morjim Beach Resort hotel
11 Boomerang Beach Resort 3-star hotel
12 Mariners Bay Beach Resort Arambol Resort hotel
13 Waterscape Beach Resort Resort hotel
14 Marquis Beach Resort 3-star hotel
15 Oceano Beach Resort Goa Resort hotel
16 Tan N Sand – Beach Resort goa Resort hotel
17 Mandrem Retreat Beach Resort Resort hotel
19 Sunset Waves Resort 2-star hotel
20 Boho By The Beach Resort hotel
21 Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa, Goa 5-star hotel
22 O Pescador An Indy Resort 3-star hotel
23 De Soul Sante Resort hotel
24 La Vaiencia Beach Resort 4-star hotel
25 Colonel’s Beachside Resort Resort hotel
26 Royale Exotica Goa Hotel
27 Lillywoods Zac Beach Resort Resort hotel
28 CASA Baga 3-star hotel
29 Little India Beach Cottages Goa 3-star hotel
30 Hotel Sea Shore Beach Resort 3-star hotel
31 Grande Ave Maria Beach Resort 3-star hotel
32 Ruffles Beach Resort 3-star hotel
33 Goa Marriott Resort & Spa 5-star hotel
34 Altrude By The Sea Resort hotel
35 Vila Goesa Beach Resort 3-star hotel
36 La Vie Woods 3-star hotel
37 BLUE MARINE RESORT 3-star hotel
38 Silver Sands Holiday Village 3-star hotel
39 Ocean View Goan Beach House 2-star hotel
40 Aqua Marina Beach Resort Goa Resort hotel
41 Tato’s Coco Beach Village Resort hotel
42 Casablanca Beach Resort 3-star hotel
43 Casa Candolim 2-star hotel
44 Beach Queen 2-star hotel
45 Falcon Beach Resort 2-star hotel
46 Shanu’s Seaside Inn Resort hotel
47 Bougainvillea Guest House Goa 3-star hotel
48 Goan Cafe N Resort 3-star hotel
49 Village Susegat Beach Resort 3-star hotel
50 Anahata Retreat – Sea Front Resort 4-star hotel
51 BeachStreet Eco Resort & Spa 3-star hotel
52 La Cabana Beach & Spa 4-star hotel
53 Living Room Beach Resort, Morjim Resort hotel

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