List of Top 125 Electronics Components Distributors in Japan

List of 125 companies of top ranking distributors and wholesalers of electronics and other components in Japan. Companies ranked by turnover and overall satisfaction rating.

Information provided for market research pursposes and statistics to easily identify biggest players in the regional market.

125 Top ranking electronic distributor in Japan

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1Panasonic Consumer Marketing Co., Ltd.
2Kanematsu Corporation
3Sony Mobile Communications Inc.
4Sony Visual Products Inc.
5Pacific Corporation
6Hitachi Consumer Marketing, Inc.
7Samsung Japan Corporation
8Marubun Corporation
9Mitsubishi Electric Living Environment Systems
10Toshiba Consumer Marketing Corporation
11Inaba Denkisangyo Co., Ltd.
12Siix Corp.
13Kuroda Electric Co., Ltd.
14Kaga Electronics Co., Ltd.
15Ryoden Corporation
16Ryosan Company,Limited
17Sony Video & Sound Products Inc.
18Fujitsu Electronics Inc.
19Itx Corporation
20Elematec Corporation
21Flash Alliance Ltd.
22Sanshin Electronics Co., Ltd.
23Mitsui & Co. Plant Systems, Ltd.
24Fujitsu Personal System Limited.
25Tachibana Eletech Co., Ltd.
26Cisco Systems G.K.
27Tomen Devices Corporation
28Seika Corporation
29Nexty Electronics Corporation
30Japan Radio Co., Ltd.
31Daiichikosho Co.,Ltd.
33Huawei Technologies Japan K.K.
34Tokyo Electron Device Limited
35Kanematsu Communications Ltd.
36Hakuto Co., Ltd.
37Samsung Electronics Japan Co., Ltd.
38Kanaden Corporation
39Panasonic Industrial Devices Sales Japan Co., Ltd.
40Sun-Wa Technos Corporation
41Shinko Shoji Co., Ltd.
42Hitachi Metals Trading, Ltd.
43Mitsubishi Electric Life Network Corporation.
44Satori Electric Co., Ltd.
45Toshiba Industrial Products And Systems Corporation
46Tdmobile Corporation
47Hagiwara Electric Co., Ltd.
48Mitsuwa Electric Co., Ltd.
49Excel Co., Ltd.
50Ryoyo Electro Corporation
51Midoriya Electric Co., Ltd.
52Furukawa Sangyo Kaisha,Ltd.
53Ericsson Japan K.K.
54Tokyo Sangyo Co., Ltd.
55Chiyoda Corporation
56Daikin Hvac Solution Tokyo Co., Ltd.
57Fukunishi Electrical Co.,Ltd.
58Koizumi Seiki Corporation
59Micron Japan, Ltd.
60Toshiba Device Corporation
61Toshiba Trading Incorporated
62Renesas Easton Co., Ltd.
63Lg Electronics Japan Inc.
64Yashima Denki Co.,Ltd.
65Fujii Sangyo Corporation
66Takebishi Corporation
67Senko Denki Co.,Ltd.
68Setsuyo Astec Corporation
69Senshu Electric Co., Ltd.
70Megachips Corporation
71Toshiba Denzai Marketing Co., Ltd.
72Sk Hynix Japan Inc.
73Sugahara Co.,Ltd.
74Dowa Electronics Materials Co., Ltd.
75Nokia Solutions And Networks Japan Corp.
76Sumiden Hitachi Cable Ltd.
77Fuji Electric It Solutions Co., Ltd.
78Takeden Co.,Ltd.
79Fujikura Shoji Co., Ltd.
80Shinmei Denzai Co.,Ltd.
81Okada Holdings, K.K.
82Sony Business Solutions Corporation
83Fuhrmeister Electronics Co.,Ltd.
84Kyoei Sangyo Co., Ltd.
85Fuji Electronics Co., Ltd.
86Forval Corporation
87Hitachi High-Tech Materials Corporation
88Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited
89Chiyoda Kohan Co., Ltd.
90Kakuta Radio & Electric Co., Ltd.
91Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation
92Daimaru Kogyo,Ltd.
93V Technology Co., Ltd.
94Toa Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
95Denkyosha Co., Ltd.
96Shinden Hightex Corporation
97Daitron Co., Ltd.
98Toshin Group Co.,Ltd.
99Koshow Co.,Ltd.
100Foxconn Japan Co., Ltd.
101Daikin Trading Ltd.
102Vitec Global Electronics Co., Ltd.
103Suzuden Corporation
104Furukawa Elecom Co., Ltd.
105Mikasa Shoji Co.,Ltd.
106Tokai Electronics Co.,Ltd.
107Network Consulting, K.K.
108Okaya Electronics Corp.
109Canadian Solar Japan K.K.
110Fujiden, K.K.
111Hikari Alphax Inc.
112Okamoto Electronics Corporation
113Hoei Denki Co., Ltd.
114Koshida Corporation
115Nippo Ltd.
116Onkyo & Pioneer Marketing Japan Corporation
117K’s Solution Systems Co., Ltd.
118Nxp Japan Ltd.
119Iida Electronics(Tsusho)Co., Ltd.
120Tamagawa Trading Co.,Ltd.
121Brother Sales,Ltd.
122Yingli Green Energy Japan Co., Ltd.
123Fujiden Ltd.
124Fuso Dentsu Co., Ltd.
125St Microelectronics K.K.

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