185 Distributors for Electronics in Singapore

Singapore’s Leading Electronic Components Distributors and various electronics wholesalers in the region. Listing of Largest electronic, electrical and industrial products catalogue and data library online in Asia. Companies have been ranked by highest turnovers and customers satisfaction ratings.

RankCompany list:
1Hitachi Systems Digital Services
2Qualcomm Cdma Technologies Asia-Pacific Pte
3Applied Materials South East Asia Pte. Ltd
4Delta Electronics Int’l (Singapore) Pte. Ltd
5Texas Instruments Singapore (Pte) Limited
6Huawei International Pte. Ltd.
7Midea Electric Trading (Singapore) Co. Pte. Ltd.
8Marvell Asia Pte Ltd
9Avnet Asia Pte Ltd
10Lite-On Singapore Pte. Ltd.
11Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
12Future Electronics Inc. (Distribution) Pte Ltd
13Fairchild Semiconductor Pte. Ltd.
14Gemalto Pte. Ltd.
15Samsung Asia Pte. Ltd.
16Serial System Ltd
17Lg Display Singapore Pte. Ltd.
18Arrow Electronics Asia (S) Pte. Ltd.
19Infineon Technologies Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd.
20Vishay Intertechnology Asia Pte Ltd
21World Peace International (South Asia) Pte. Ltd.
22Ingram Micro Asia Ltd
23Toshiba Electronics Asia (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
24Wt Technology Pte. Ltd.
25Sk Hynix Asia Pte. Ltd.
26Philips Consumer Electronics Operations Singapore
27Toshiba Singapore Pte Ltd
28Nidec Singapore Pte Ltd
29Philips Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
30Silicon Laboratories International Pte. Ltd.
31Renesas Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.
32Multi-Fineline Electronix Singapore Pte. Ltd.
33Kyocera Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
34Excelpoint Systems (Pte) Ltd
35Furukawa Electric Singapore Pte Ltd
36Schneider Electric South East Asia (Hq) Pte. Ltd.
37Telechoice International Limited
38Hisense International Singapore Holdings Pte. Ltd.
39Shin-Etsu Electronics Materials Singapore Pte Ltd
40Freescale Semiconductor Singapore Pte. Ltd.
41Renesas Technology Singapore Pte. Ltd.
42Mitsubishi Electric Asia Pte Ltd
43Ukc Electronics (S) Pte. Ltd.
44Polycom Global (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
45Siix Singapore Pte. Ltd.
46Brightstar Logistics Pte. Ltd.
47Tyco Electronics Singapore Pte Ltd
48Serial Microelectronics Pte Ltd
49Blackberry Singapore Pte. Limited
50Tt International Limited
51Tti Electronics Asia Pte Ltd
52Mercantile Pacific Asia Pte. Ltd.
53Nokia Pte Ltd
54Littelfuse Far East Pte Ltd
55Cavium Networks Singapore Pte. Ltd.
56Polycom Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
57Sharp Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
58Speedy-Tech Electronics Ltd.
59Advantest (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
60Pertama Merchandising Pte Ltd
61Samsung Electro-Mechanics Pte. Ltd.
62J.S.T. Components (S) Pte. Ltd.
63Inphi International Pte. Ltd.
64Pulse Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
65Toyota Tsusho Nexty Electronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.
66Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
67Hitachi Asia Ltd.
68Taiyo Yuden (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
69Fairchild Semiconductor Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
70Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte. Ltd.
71San Jiang Electric Pte. Ltd.
72Yosun Singapore Pte Ltd
73Av Concept Singapore Pte. Ltd.
74Panasonic Electric Works Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
75Aviat Networks (S) Pte. Ltd.
76Nel Group Ltd.
77Kanematsu (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
78Dover Global Trading Pte. Ltd.
79Oel (Holdings) Limited
80Tokyo Electron Device Singapore Pte. Ltd.
81Schneider Electric Singapore Pte. Ltd.
82Asm Assembly Systems Singapore Pte. Ltd.
83Fujikura Asia Limited
84Hitachi High-Technologies (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
85Dabo Corporation Pte. Ltd.
86Emjay Enterprises Pte Ltd
87Shankar’s Emporium (Private) Limited
88Tdk Singapore (Private) Limited
89Wt Microelectronics Singapore Pte. Ltd.
90Mektec Corporation (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
91Cmk Asia (Pte.) Ltd.
92Omron Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
93Prime Net (S) Private Limited
94Foster Electric (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
95Blackmagic Design Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.
96Sh Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
97Sharp Singapore Electronics Corporation Pte. Ltd.
98Pepperl + Fuchs Pte Ltd
99Ultratech Se Asia Pte. Ltd.
100Muramoto Asia Pte. Ltd.
101Lintec Singapore Private Limited
102Worldwide Unix (S) Pte Ltd
103Fulgi Pte. Ltd.
104Volterra Asia Pte. Ltd.
105Macnica Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
106Beyonics Advanced Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.
107Lateral Solutions Pte. Ltd.
108Bsi Semiconductor Pte. Ltd.
109Osi Electronics Pte. Ltd.
110Advanide Pte. Ltd.
111Gain City Best-Electric Pte Ltd
112Spectra Innovations Pte Ltd
113Carrier Singapore (Pte) Limited
114Foxconn Singapore Pte Ltd
115Electrolux S.E.A. Private Limited.
116Vishay Asia Logistics Pte. Ltd.
117Mercantile Corporation Private Limited
118Vitec Electronics (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
119Ge Grid Solutions Pte. Ltd.
120Morrihan Singapore Pte. Ltd.
121Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
122G & W Trading Pte Ltd
123Fair-Rite Asia Pte Ltd
124Casio Singapore Pte Ltd
125Philips Lighting Singapore Pte. Ltd.
126F.T. Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd
127Sherridon Exim Pte Ltd
128Digitech Communication Pte. Ltd.
129Njr (Singapore) Pte Ltd
130Nitto Denko (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
131Rh Petrogas Limited
132Smiths Detection (Asia Pacific) Pte. Ltd.
133Bto Singapore Pte. Ltd.
134Utc Fire & Security Singapore Pte. Ltd.
135Tyco Fire, Security & Services Pte. Ltd.
136General Electric International, Inc.
137Fortune Electronics Pte. Ltd.
138Fuji Electric Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
139Avitar Enterprises Pte Ltd
140Elna Electronics (S) Pte. Ltd.
141Bsh Home Appliances Pte. Ltd.
142Marubun/Arrow (S) Pte Ltd
143Macnica Cytech Pte. Ltd.
144Quality Components & Systems Pte. Ltd.
145Mega Discount Store Pte Ltd
146O S Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
147Schneider Electric Overseas Asia Pte Ltd
148B.M. Nagano Pte Ltd
149Le Champ (South East Asia) Pte. Ltd.
150Ryosho Techno Singapore Pte Ltd
151Element14 Pte. Ltd.
152Fujitsu Components Asia Pte Ltd
153Anixter Singapore Pte Ltd
154Global Invacom Manufacturing Pte. Ltd.
155Alcatel-Lucent Singapore Pte. Ltd.
156Sanken Electric Singapore Pte. Ltd.
157Accrelist Ltd.
158Lee Meng Brothers (S) Pte Ltd
159We Components Pte. Ltd.
160Tyco Building Services Pte Ltd
161America Ii Asia Pte. Ltd.
162New Star Component Pte Ltd
163Shinko Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
164Bosch Security Systems Pte. Ltd.
165Lim Kim Hai Electric Co. (S) Pte. Ltd.
166Pne Appliance Controls Pte Ltd
167Enplas Semiconductor Peripherals Pte. Ltd.
168Sanshin Electronics Singapore (Pte) Ltd
169Rinnai Holdings (Pacific) Pte Ltd
170Electro Scientific Industries Singapore Pte. Ltd
171Irs (S) Pte Ltd
172Kyocera Electronic Devices (S) Pte. Ltd.
173Hakuto Singapore Pte. Ltd.
174Thakral Brothers (Private) Limited
175N. Shaam’s (Pte.) Ltd.
176Choo Chiang Marketing Pte. Ltd.
177Hoppecke Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
178Verifone Singapore Pte. Ltd.
179Legrand (S) Pte Ltd
180Compuage Infocom (S) Pte. Ltd.
181Yaskawa Electric (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.
182Extron Electronics Asia Pte. Ltd.
183Epcos Components Pte. Ltd.
184Eastern Audio (Private) Limited

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