Electronics Distributors in Denmark

Market statistics & ranking by annual turnover for companies in electronic hardware business.

List of Top 92 biggest distributors of electronic components in Denmark

Ranking Company name
1 Sony Nordic (Denmark), Filial Af Sony Europe
2 Tp Vision Denmark, Filial Af Tp Vision Europe Bv, Holland
3 Microsoft Denmark, Filial Af Microsoft Mobile Sales
4 Rutronik Denmark, Filial Af Rutronik Elektronische
5 Plantronics Denmark, Filial Af Plantronics B.V., Holland
6 Siemens Aktieselskab
7 Gn Audio A/S
8 Lg Electronics Danmark, Filial Af Lg Electronics
9 Vestfrost Household,Filial Af Vestel Germany Gmbh
10 Ingram Micro Mobility Denmark A/S
11 Topcon Danmark Filial Af Topcon Europe
12 Audionord International A/S
13 Audionord International A/S
14 Huawei Technologies (Denmark) Aps
15 Nikon Denmark, Filial Af Nikon Uk Limited, England
16 Dangaard Electronics A/S
17 Bluestar Denmark, Filial Af Bluestar Europe
18 Sennheiser Communications A/S
19 Electrolux Home Products Denmark A/S
20 Verbatim Filial Af Verbatim Gmbh, Tyskland
21 Fei Europe B.V. – Branch Denmark (Filial Af Fei Europe
22 Gorenje Group Nordic A/S
23 Miele A/S
24 Aurora Group Danmark A/S
25 A/S El-Salg
26 Ericsson Danmark A/S
27 Tdk-Lambda, Filial Af Tdk-Lambda Germany Gmbh,
28 Tura Scandinavia – Filial Af Tura Scandinavia Ab Sverige
29 Witt Hvidevarer A/S
30 Bachmann Electronic Danmark, Filial Af Bachmann
31 Huber + Suhner, Filial Af Huber + Suhner (Uk) Limited
32 Hans Følsgaard A/S
33 Rtn Traders Aps
34 Jvckenwood Denmark, Filial Af Jvckenwood U.K.
35 Focus Nordic Danmark, Filial Af Focus Nordic Ab
36 Bolind A/S
37 Oluf Brønnum & Co. A/S
38 Bang & Olufsen Expansion A/S
39 Jai A/S
40 Ebv Elektronik Aps
41 Shamir Nordic Filial Af Shamir Portugal, Lda
42 Nordic Game Supply A/S
43 Q-Matic Danmark, Filial Af Q-Matic Ab, Sverige
44 Interoute Denmark, Filial Af Interoute Managed
45 Fujifilm Nordic Danmark (Filial Af Fujifilm Nordic Ab
46 Rs Components A/S
47 Spectralink Europe Aps
48 Olympus Danmark A/S
49 Filial Danmark Of Norlux A/S Norge
50 Rockwell Automation A/S
51 Acal Bfi Denmark Filial Af Acal Bfi Nordic Ab, Sverige
52 Tefcold A/S
53 Smeg Danmark, Filial Af Smeg Sverige Ab, Sverige
54 Electrolux Professional A/S
55 Bose Aps
56 Icepower A/S
57 Sennheiser Nordic A/S
58 Thermex Scandinavia A/S
59 Petersen-Bach A/S
60 Gram A/S
61 Pro-Partner Av Service & Solutions Aps
62 Icepower A/S
63 Goecker A/S
64 Avnet Nortec A/S
65 Dectel A/S
66 Daniamant A/S
67 Audio-Visuelt Centrum A/S
68 Exam Vision Aps
69 Noliac A/S
70 Arrow Denmark Aps
71 Informationsteknik Scandinavia A/S
72 Euronics Danmark A/S
73 Pilz Skandinavien K/S
74 Dangaard Electronics A/S
75 Omron Electronics A/S
76 Blip Systems A/S
77 Scandinavian Avionics A/S
78 Tdc Erhvervscenter Holbæk Aps
79 Globe Systems A/S
80 Kpa Company Aps
81 Ørgreen Optics A/S
82 Smeg Danmark, Filial Af Smeg Sverige Ab, Sverige
83 Filial Danmark Of Norlux A/S Norge
84 Acal Bfi Denmark Filial Af Acal Bfi Nordic Ab, Sverige
85 Casio Dk, Filial Af Casio Scandinavia As, Norge
86 Avance International A/S
87 Sundbygaard A/S
88 Foxdal Gruppen A/S
89 Aswo-Danmark Aps.
90 Atendi A/S
91 Cabcon A/S
92 Droner Aps