Power Stations Companies in Ireland (20 Listed)

In Ireland, power station companies are at the forefront of a dynamic energy evolution. As the nation endeavors to become a sustainable energy leader, these companies are pivotal players in shaping the path forward.

Irish power station companies are increasingly embracing renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar, and biomass, to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Their investments in these technologies align with Ireland’s ambitious goals for renewable energy generation and emissions reduction.

Furthermore, these companies are integrating cutting-edge innovations like energy storage and grid modernization to ensure a reliable and resilient power supply. This commitment to advanced technology ensures that Ireland’s energy infrastructure can meet the demands of the 21st century.

As Ireland strives to create a cleaner and more secure energy future, power station companies are not only driving economic growth but also demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental stewardship. They are the engines of change in Ireland’s energy landscape, lighting the way to a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.

nr Company name Business type
1 Huntstown Power Station Power station
2 ESB Dublin Bay Power Plant Power station
3 Jackson Power Systems Limited Power station
4 Leixlip Hydro Station Power station
5 Marina Generating Station Power station
6 ESB Power Station Power station
7 ESB Aghada Generating Station Power station
8 Whitegate Power Station(Stáisiún Cumhachta Whitegate) Power station
9 West Offaly Power Station Power station
10 Moneteen 110kV Substation Power station
11 Tynagh Power Plant Power station
12 EirGrid 110kV Station Power station
13 GreenGas AD Plant Power station
14 ESB 110 kv Station Rathkeale Power station
15 ESB Dunfierth 110Kv Substation Power station
16 Esb Sub Station Power station
17 Sliabh Bawn Windfarm – Substation Power station
18 Flagford 220 KV Station Power station
19 Tawnaghmore Power Station Power station
20 Great Island Power Station Power station

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