Electronics Companies in Latvia

Here are some electronics companies and businesses operating in Latvia:

  1. MikroTik – Develops and sells networking equipment, such as routers and switches.
  2. SAF Tehnika – Provides wireless communication solutions and microwave technology.
  3. Selmic – Provides semiconductor packaging and testing services.
  4. HansaMatrix – Offers design and manufacturing services for electronic devices, with offices in Latvia and Lithuania.
  5. STACO – Offers a wide range of electronic components, including transformers and power supplies.
  6. Printec Group – Provides various solutions related to payments, such as point-of-sale systems and card processing services.
  7. ELKO Group – A distributor of computer hardware, software, and electronic devices, with operations in multiple European countries.
  8. Bite – A telecommunications company that offers mobile, internet, and TV services.
  9. Lattelecom – A telecommunications and IT company that provides various services, including internet, TV, and data center solutions.
  10. TietoEVRY – An IT services and software company that provides solutions for various industries, including telecommunications and healthcare.
nr Company name Business
1 Blitz & Co. Electronics company
2 AreaServ Electronics company
3 Latvijas Elektronikas iekartu testesanas centrs Electronics company
4 canx.info Electronics manufacturer
5 Axial Trade SIA Electronics company
6 Vivid Tech Electronics manufacturer
7 Eaton Electric , SIA Electronics manufacturer
8 LogicMachine Electronics manufacturer
9 Aretai SIA Electronics manufacturer
10 ELtehs Electronics company
11 Lightspace Technologies Electronics manufacturer
12 Tilts Integration , SIA Electronics company
13 Intelitech, SIA Electronics manufacturer
14 FIXAR AERO Electronics manufacturer
15 Blitz & Co. Electronics company
16 Luxafor Electronics manufacturer
17 Viva Audio Electronics manufacturer
18 LEMIS Baltic Electronics manufacturer
19 H2YO Europe SIA Electronics company
20 SIA Future Technologies – Risinājumi enerģijas izmantošanai un uzglabāšanai Electronics manufacturer
21 SensMax IoT sensors | Wireless people counters | Remote temperature and humidity monitoring Electronics manufacturer
22 “Baltic Scientific Instruments”, SIA Electronics manufacturer
23 HackMotion Electronics manufacturer
24 MikroTik Electronics manufacturer
25 SERTEX, SIA Electronics company
26 ELX Electronics company
27 Catchbox Electronics company
28 Unitree , SIA Electronics company
29 Azeron Electronics company
30 Toruly.com.co Electronics company
31 SMD Baltic, SIA Electronics manufacturer

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