Telecommunications Tenders and Projects Winners in Norway (73 Listed)

Norway’s telecommunications sector is abuzz with success as forward-thinking companies claim victory in tenders and projects that are reshaping the nation’s communication landscape. These winners exemplify innovation, efficiency, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, making them pivotal contributors to Norway’s digital future.

From pioneering infrastructure projects to cutting-edge network expansions, these champions are at the forefront of providing top-tier telecommunication services. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is unparalleled.

To explore the achievements of these industry leaders, click the links below. Engage with them to learn how they’re spearheading transformative changes in Norway’s telecommunications sector and discover the vast opportunities they offer. Don’t miss the chance to celebrate their accomplishments and be a part of Norway’s dynamic telecom revolution!

Nr Company name
1 Rohde and Schwarz
2 Ementor Norge AS
3 Scribona Nordic AB
4 Fotophono
5 Umoe IKT AS
6 Move AS
7 Bouvet Norge AS
8 Atea AS
9 Techstep Norway AS
10 Allgera As
11 Harris Corporation
12 Allegra AS
13 Itello AS
14 Abc Audiovisuell Teknikk As
15 Kjedehuset AS
16 Fujitsu Technology Solution
17 YIT Building Systems AS
18 Ttcom AS
19 Datametrix AS (Hovedenhet)
20 Lowe Electronics Ltd
21 4 Test AS
22 Lindbak AS
23 Telering Bedrift Itale
24 Rohde & Schwarz Norge AS
25 Evercom AS
27 Swedish Film AB
28 Walport Scandinavia APS
29 Bertel O. Steen Sikkerhet AS
30 nLogic AS
31 Datametrix AS
32 Unique Digital Nordic AS
33 Inventum Kontor As
34 Presentations Data AS
36 Fotophono AS
37 AV Design Lyd Lys Bilde AS
38 Umoe IKT
39 Apro Tele Og Data As
40 Rohde & Schwarz
41 Fjordane IT AS
42 Apply Tb
43 TC Connect AS
44 Lier E-verk/Lier Fibernett
45 Iaksess AS
46 AV Design Lys Lyd og Bilde
47 Sogn Breiband AS
48 Thales Norway AS.
49 Eidsiva Bredbånd
50 Eidsiva Bredbånd AS
51 Rubicon AS
52 Herøy Fiber As
53 VideoSystem AS
54 DSI
55 Lydproduksjon Tromsø As
56 AV Design Lys Lyd Bilde AS
57 NetNordic Bedriftskommunikasjon AS
58 Bright Norway AS
59 Livecom Europe AS
60 Mediatec Solutions Norway AS
61 Trippel-m levende bilder AS
62 Peak Broadcast Systems AS
63 FEAS Bredbånd AS
64 Stage & Sound As
65 Telenor Norge AS (hovedenhet)
66 Ventelo Bedrift As
67 Telenor Norge AS
68 Bedriftssystemer AS
69 Atea Norge As
70 Intelecom Norge
71 Presentasjon Data AS
72 1. Walport

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