Concrete product manufacturers and suppliers in Bulgaria (59 Listed)

Bulgaria’s concrete product manufacturers and suppliers have emerged as key players in the construction and infrastructure industries, providing high-quality, durable, and versatile solutions for domestic and international markets.

Innovation is at the heart of their achievements. Bulgarian companies have embraced cutting-edge technologies and sustainable practices to produce an extensive range of concrete products, including blocks, pipes, and precast elements. Their adaptability to various construction needs positions them as industry leaders.

Efficiency is another distinguishing feature. These manufacturers optimize production processes, reduce material waste, and offer competitive pricing while maintaining stringent quality standards.

Furthermore, they prioritize sustainability, using eco-friendly materials and environmentally responsible production methods that align with global efforts to reduce carbon footprints.

Bulgaria’s concrete product manufacturers and suppliers have laid a solid foundation for success, epitomizing innovation, efficiency, and sustainability to support the growth of construction and infrastructure projects at home and abroad.

nr Company name Business Type
1 мит бетон Concrete product supplier
2 АТМИКС ООД – Бетонови смеси и разтвори – София, България Concrete product supplier
3 АТМИКС ООД – База ул. Резбарска 7 Concrete product supplier
4 TITAN Bulgaria Concrete factory
5 Унибет ООД Concrete contractor
6 Лийф Група Проектиране Системи Concrete product supplier
8 TENZOR VSR Concrete factory
9 АТМИКС ООД – База Дружба Ready mix concrete supplier
10 Маитос задния портал Concrete product supplier
11 АТМИКС ООД – Кариера Студена – Участък “Пери” Quarry
12 Югострой ООД Concrete factory
13 AST Beton Concrete factory
14 Атмикс ООД Concrete factory
15 STROM LTD Building materials store
16 СТРОИТЕЛЕН ХИПЕРМАРКЕТ БИЛДО Building materials store
17 Praktiker Building materials store
18 Praktis Building materials store
19 HomeMax Building materials store
20 Mr. Bricolage Hardware store
21 Макос ЕООД (Makos EOOD) Concrete product supplier
22 Бетонови изделия Гецови 91 Concrete factory
23 Onior Ltd Building materials store
24 Geoton Concrete Products Ltd. Building materials supplier
25 Homemax Bulgaria Ltd Building materials store
26 Primabild Ltd Concrete factory
27 Инсентив ООД Concrete product supplier
28 ДеНиДи ЕООД Concrete factory
29 ЕТ Райчо Плугчиев Concrete product supplier
30 Одесосстрой ООД | Бетонов Възел | Строителна Механизация Варна Drilling contractor
31 DS Home Building materials store
32 Forme Di Cemento Garden building supplier
33 Lorca Ltd. Building materials store
34 Toplivo Building materials store
35 DS homes Dobrich Stroy Building materials store
36 Ruvik – W&S and Heating Plumbing supply store
37 Mr.Bricolage Varna Hardware store
38 АТМИКС ООД – Мобилна база – Тунел Железница Ready mix concrete supplier
39 Хидробетон Пловдив Коматевско шосе Ready mix concrete supplier
40 Sokolov Ltd Concrete contractor
41 Hidrobeton Ltd Ready mix concrete supplier
42 Леки бетони Concrete contractor
43 Бетонов възел-Хидробетон ООД Ready mix concrete supplier
44 СУХСТРОЙ Building materials store
45 Pleven Praktiker, Praktiker Pleven Building materials store
46 HOMEMAX Pleven Building materials store
47 Hidrobeton Ready mix concrete supplier
48 TMX GROUP LTD – Hit Market Building materials store
49 Мира 21 – Магазин за Строителни Материали Building materials store
50 VITAL Ltd. – Food Products for Your Table Meal delivery
51 Nova-F-49 Building materials store
52 Praktiker Stara Zagora Building materials store
53 Praktiker Yambol Building materials store
54 Praktiker Veliko Tarnovo Building materials store
55 Практикер Шумен Building materials store
56 Heidelberger Beton Ready mix concrete supplier
57 Devnya Cement AD Manufacturer
58 TOPLIVO – Warehouse Novi Pazar Building materials store
59 Кедър ЕООД Магазин Building materials store

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