Cosmetics & Beauty Products Wholesalers in Slovenia (14 Listed)

Cosmetics and beauty products wholesalers in Slovenia are pivotal players in the nation’s beauty industry, offering a diverse array of products that cater to the evolving tastes of consumers. Renowned for their commitment to quality and trend-forward selections, these wholesalers contribute significantly to Slovenia’s growing beauty market.

From skincare essentials to makeup innovations, Slovenian wholesalers curate a comprehensive range of products, serving both retailers and salon professionals. Their dedication to sourcing top-tier international brands and promoting local cosmetics enhances the accessibility and variety of beauty products available in the market.

As Slovenia embraces the global beauty and wellness trends, cosmetics and beauty products wholesalers stand as key enablers, ensuring that the nation’s consumers have access to the latest and highest quality beauty solutions.

nr Company name Business type
1 Paese Slovenija Cosmetics wholesaler
2 AFRODITA COSMETICS Beauty Center & Shop Beauty products wholesaler
3 Dutch Nail Cosmetics Slovenija Beauty products wholesaler
4 Gaia Adria d.o.o Cosmetics wholesaler
5 CLARITECA Beauty products wholesaler
6 Essentia Pura d.o.o. Cosmetics wholesaler
7 Bird cosmetics Cosmetics wholesaler
8 Nee make-up Milano Slovenia Beauty products wholesaler
9 Dalu Cosmetics, d.o.o., Dalú Natural Skincare Cosmetics wholesaler
10 Beesmetic Cosmetics wholesaler
11 Glossiq Beauty products wholesaler
12 Kozmetični salon Sivka Sara Klemenčič s.p. Cosmetics wholesaler
13 BIS d.o.o. Wholesaler
14 Lepotni studio Lona Polonca Trček s.p. Beauty products wholesaler

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