Import/export Companies in South Africa Republic for Electronics

Company listing in Africa for business companies who import/export various electronic equipment and hardware. Distributors and wholesalers in the region ranked by annual turnover.

List of 200 Biggest Distributors of Electronic Components in South Africa Republic

Ranking Company name
1 The Hirsch Business Trust (162287)
2 Voltex (Pty) Ltd
3 Takealot Online (Rf) (Pty) Ltd
4 Ellies Electronics Cc
5 Gew Technologies (Pty) Ltd
6 Honeywell Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
7 Etron
8 Radiant Group (Pty) Ltd
9 Invicta Bearings And Power Transmissions Ltd
10 Eoh Security And Building Technologies (Pty) Ltd
11 Gearhouse South Africa (Pty) Ltd
12 Smeg South Africa (Pty) Ltd
13 Switchboard Manufacturers (Natal) (Pty) Ltd
14 Century And Elegance Joint Venture (Pty) Ltd
15 Suratel Electronics Industries
16 Connoisseur Marketing (Pty) Ltd
17 Peerless Trading Co (Pty) Ltd
18 Lido Electrical (Steelpoort) (Pty) Ltd
19 Elvey Security Technologies (Pty) Ltd
20 Eberhardt-Martin Cc
21 Shomang Construction Cc
22 106 16Th Road Midrand (Pty) Ltd
23 D E I Projects (Pty) Ltd
24 Bts Electrical And Mechanical Services (Pty) Ltd
25 Eagle Lighting (Pty) Ltd
26 C Z Electronics (Pty) Ltd
27 Sony South Africa (Pty) Ltd
28 Plumstead Electrical (Pty) Ltd
29 Rbf Technology (Pty) Ltd
30 Gap Holdings (Pty) Ltd
31 Power Technologies (Pty) Ltd
32 Phoenix Contact (Pty) Ltd
33 Volt Ampere Electrical And Mechanical Engineerin
34 Security And Fire Projects (Pty) Ltd
35 Liquid Automation Systems (Pty) Ltd
36 Rubicon Electrical Distributor Cc
37 Hadaad Engineering Cc
38 Advanced Product Technology (Pty) Ltd
39 Panasonic South Africa (Pty) Ltd
40 Tee Vee Electric (Pty) Ltd
41 Mantech Electronics (Pty) Ltd
42 Devcotech Cc
43 Motor Electrodiesel (S A) (Pty) Ltd
44 Brotek (Pty) Ltd
45 Raleigh Cycles (South Africa)
46 Major Tech (Pty) Ltd
47 Noble Motor And Control (Pty) Ltd
48 General Electric South Africa (Pty) Ltd
49 Techtronic Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd
50 New World Discount Stores (2005) (Pty) Ltd
51 Allway Security Systems Cc
52 Mpm 3004 (Pty) Ltd
53 Sunray Electronics
54 Norbain Sa (Pty) Ltd
55 Ellies Electronics Natal Cc
56 Matelec (Pty) Ltd
57 T O M S Sound And Music (Pty) Ltd
58 Golden Energy (Pty) Ltd
59 Rotor Electrical (Pty) Ltd
60 Electroparts (Pty) Ltd
61 Electrocomp (Pty) Ltd
62 Jg Electronics Cc
63 Spectron Electronics Cc
64 Lido Electrical (Johannesburg) (Pty) Ltd
65 Communica (Pty) Ltd
66 Ginger Brown (Pty) Ltd
67 Brauroe (Pty) Ltd
68 Wideband Electronic Services Cc
69 Imperial Air Conditioning (Pty) Ltd
70 Province Lighting (Pty) Ltd
71 Southgate Electrical Wholesalers Cc
72 High Voltage Technology Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
73 N And R Electronic And Mechanical Supplies (Pty) Ltd
74 Tecmed Imaging (Pty) Ltd
75 Downard Investments (Pty) Ltd
76 Bsc Technologies (Pty) Ltd
77 Came Bpt South Africa (Pty) Ltd
78 Grid Electronics (Pty) Ltd
79 Bethesda Computers (Pty) Ltd
80 Toa Electronics Southern Africa (Pty) Ltd
81 Abner Electrical Wholesalers (Pty) Ltd
82 F V Technoserve (Pty) Ltd
83 Zakspeed Electronic World Cc
84 Seartec Industries (Pty) Ltd
85 Fushia Electrical Cc
86 Peninsula Vending Cc
87 Dibetsa Advanced Engineering (Pty) Ltd
88 Abacus Automation Cc
89 Space Television Natal (Pty) Ltd
90 Secequip Supplies (Pty) Ltd
91 Pulse Holdings (Pty) Ltd
92 Sammeg Satellite (Pty) Ltd
93 Versalec Cables (Pty) Ltd
94 Trinity Telecomm (Pty) Ltd
95 North And Robertson (East London) (Pty) Ltd
96 Audio Video Specialists (Pty) Ltd
97 Artic Digital (Pty) Ltd
98 Mccarthy Distributors (Pty) Ltd
99 Samsung Electronics South Africa (Pty) Ltd
100 Mandarin Distributors Sa (1994) (Pty) Ltd