Oman’s Most Known Computer Stores and Wholesalers

Embark on a digital journey in Oman with our guide to the nation’s leading computer stores and wholesalers. From chic tech boutiques to wholesale hubs, discover a curated selection tailored to Oman’s tech-savvy community. Experience the seamless fusion of cutting-edge technology and personalized service, redefining the Sultanate’s digital landscape for accessibility and efficiency. Navigate the tech realm confidently with our spotlight on quality and tailored solutions. Trust Oman’s Tech Oasis for a comprehensive and tech-enriched experience, ensuring your computing ventures are powered with precision and Omani technological finesse.

nr Company name Business Type
1 Oman Computers Computer store
2 Gaming PC Oman Computer store
3 Al Afnan Computers Computer store
4 Taimoor Computers تيمور للحاسب الآلي Computer store
5 Rahat Computer Services Mabela Computer hardware manufacturer
6 GAME HUB Computer store
7 سوق مون E-commerce service
8 Rahat Computer Services Mabela Computer store
9 Al Ameen Computers الامين للحاسوب الالي Computer store
10 GCC Gamers – Gaming PC in Oman Computer store
11 AMTC (Arabian Modern Technology Company) Computer store
12 Unique technologies Computer store
13 DANAT COMPUTERS محلات دانة الكمبيوتر – SOHAR Computer store
15 GOSMART Computer service

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