Aluminum Suppliers in the UAE (22 Listed)

Aluminum suppliers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are pivotal players in the country’s booming construction, aerospace, and automotive industries. The UAE’s relentless quest for modernization has propelled the demand for aluminum to new heights, and these suppliers are at the forefront of this remarkable growth.

With a strong emphasis on quality and sustainability, UAE-based aluminum suppliers provide a wide range of innovative solutions, from extrusions and alloys to specialized products for diverse sectors. They cater not only to local markets but also export their products to international clients, firmly establishing the UAE as a global aluminum trading hub.

Furthermore, these suppliers are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices, promoting recycling and reducing their carbon footprint. This aligns seamlessly with the UAE’s vision for a sustainable future.

As the UAE continues to build its skyline and diversify its economy, aluminum suppliers are instrumental in shaping the nation’s progress, contributing to innovation, sustainability, and global competitiveness. Their role remains integral as the UAE marches forward into an aluminum-powered future.

nr Company name Business Tyoe
1 Al Musbah Aluminium Trading Co LLC Aluminum supplier
2 Al Sahlawi Bldg. Metal Const. Ind. Factory LLC Aluminum supplier
3 Worldgate Decor & Aluminum Ind. Aluminum supplier
5 Freiheit Skytech Aluminum supplier
6 technical aluminium foil co. llc Aluminum supplier
7 Arabian Extrusions Factory – Branch 2 Aluminum supplier
8 Swissco Building Materials Trading Co LLC Aluminum supplier
9 Al Sahraa Aluminium Melting Factory (L.L.C) Aluminum supplier
10 GTC Metal Recycling LLC. Aluminum supplier
11 GTC Metal Recycling Aluminum supplier
12 Duskal aluminium works Aluminum supplier
13 Bosco Trading Co.LLC. RAS AL KHAIMAH Aluminum supplier
14 Aluminium and steel Aluminum supplier
15 al T Aluminum supplier
16 Aladwaa aluminum الاضواء للالمنيوم Aluminum supplier
17 Sham for aluminium & glass Aluminum supplier
18 Green Way Trading Aluminum supplier
19 Bosco Group of Companies – Head Office Aluminum supplier
20 ام كيو للألمنيوم و الزجاج Aluminum supplier
21 LESKOR METAL INDUSTRIES Aluminum supplier
22 Gulf Extrusions Abu Dhabi Aluminum supplier

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