List of 150 Biggest Agriculture Companies in UAE: Expert List

nr Company name Business Type Revenue
1 Al Dahra Agriculture, Crops $2.6B
2 Advanta Seeds Crops, Agriculture $921.7M
3 The Fruit Grocery Retail, Retail $249.1M
4 Fresh Express Business Services, Food Service $137.7M
5 International Fish Farming Holding Company (PJSC Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $105.4M
6 Emaritoons Agriculture, Crops $53.8M
7 Elite Agro Agriculture, Agriculture $53.7M
8 Strategic foods International Crops, Agriculture $52.1M
9 Barari Agriculture, Forestry $27.7M
10 Greenhouse Foodstuff Trading Agriculture, Crops $26M
11 Al Ghaith Oilfield Supplies & Services Electricity, Oil & Gas, Energy, Utilities & Waste $20.2M
12 Flora Agriculture, Crops $18.3M
13 Pegasus Agriculture Group Agriculture, Crops $17.9M
14 Advanced National Aquaculture and Fisheries Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $17.4M
15 The Farm, Al Barari Agriculture, Crops $13.3M
16 Mawarid Services Agriculture, Agriculture $13M
17 ArabiCollege Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $12M
18 Silal Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $11.6M
19 Soil Solutions Commercial & Residential Construction, Construction $11.4M
20 National Industrial Co Wll Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $10M
21 Naijalyricszone Crops, Agriculture $9M
22 Hareb General Trading Agriculture, Forestry $8.8M
23 Rove Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $8.5M
24 Diamond Meat Processing Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $8.4M
25 Eight Holdings Agriculture, Crops $8.3M
26 Ahmed Abdel Fattah Real Estate $7.6M
27 Rafi International Commercial Printing, Business Services $6.9M
28 Grow Group International Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $6.9M
29 Barakat Al-Madina Trading Grocery Retail, Retail $6.8M
30 RealNames Real Estate $6.7M
31 Fertilizers Calculator Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $6.3M
32 Siji Greenhouse Construction $6.3M
33 العربية Entrepreneur Crops, Agriculture $6.3M
34 Arabian Ranches Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $6.2M
35 Walnut Consulting International Business Services, Management Consulting $6.1M
36 Agrozan DMCC Grocery Retail, Retail $6M
37 Al Tamimi Stables Agriculture, Crops $5.7M
38 Al Rawdah Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $5.7M
39 Farmtechs FZ-LLC Agriculture, Crops $5.6M
40 Al Jazira poultry Farm Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $5.6M
41 Kraken Sport & Media Crops, Agriculture $5.6M
42 Al DARMAKY Agriculture, Crops $5.5M
43 Star Feeders Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $5.5M
44 Dream Land Group Agriculture $5.4M
45 Quraishi Real Estate $5.2M
46 Anchor Fruits Grocery Retail, Retail $5.2M
47 Green Ranches Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $5.2M
48 National Power Group Grocery Retail, Retail $5.2M
49 Vape Mart Dubai Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $5M
50 Al Jazira Poultry Farm Agriculture $5M
51 Al Jazeera International Government $5M
52 ByDubai Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $5M
53 Live Point Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $4.9M
54 Homely Petz Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $4.9M
55 Madar Farms Agriculture, Crops $4.8M
56 Instacar Business Services, Custom Software & IT Services $4.8M
57 Equine International Consulting Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $4.7M
58 EcoCrops International Agriculture, Crops, Agriculture $4.7M
59 Indo Arabian Education, Training $4.7M
60 Alfafa Agriculture, Crops $4.7M
61 Merlin Farms Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $4.6M
62 Taaol Deals Agriculture $4.6M
63 Top Companies Agriculture $4.6M
64 NRTC Fresh Agriculture $4.5M
65 Balade Farms Food Industries Agriculture $4.5M
66 Blueberry Technologies Crops, Agriculture $4.4M
67 Blue General Trading Building Materials, Manufacturing $4.4M
68 Orwood Furniture, Manufacturing $4.4M
69 Vape dubai Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.4M
70 Organic Crops Grocery Retail, Retail $4.4M
71 Alnajeh Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $4.3M
72 Ghulam Ali Abdulla Trading Grocery Retail, Retail $4.3M
73 Ajman Stud Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $4.3M
74 Badia Farms Agriculture, Crops $4.3M
75 The Cotton Crops, Agriculture $4.3M
76 Dero Agro Farms Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $4.1M
77 Fusion Smoke Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.1M
78 Heets Dubai UAE Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $4.1M
79 Alarfa Pest Control & Water Tank Cleaning Dubai Landscape Services, Consumer Services $4.1M
80 Turkish Tourism & Cultural Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $4.1M
81 Kallegra Agriculture, Forestry $4.1M
82 Offshore Wind Farms Agriculture $4M
83 Expo-Chat Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $4M
84 Maison Mathis Agriculture $4M
85 Aqua Bridge Organizations $4M
86 My Buddy Pet Care Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $4M
87 Emirates Bio Farm Crops, Agriculture $4M
88 Armela Farms Agriculture, Crops $3.9M
89 WodPap Custom Brokers Agriculture, Forestry $3.9M
90 Modern Union Paper Products Agriculture, Forestry $3.8M
91 2duae Crops, Agriculture $3.8M
92 GulfElasmoProject Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.7M
93 Danaos Agriculture, Crops $3.7M
94 Beekeepers Association Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.7M
95 Breeding Centre for Endnagered Arabian Wildlife Agriculture, Agriculture $3.7M
96 Blueberry Green Solutions Crops, Agriculture $3.7M
97 Long island fodder farms Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.6M
98 Vineyard Management Consultants Law Firms & Legal Services $3.6M
99 SoloGrain Agriculture, Crops $3.6M
100 Dreams Garden Construction $3.6M
101 Green Fields Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $3.6M
102 Keith Parker Crops, Agriculture $3.5M
103 Bitumen Price Crops, Agriculture $3.5M
104 Nursery Ahbabi حضانة أحبابي Crops, Agriculture $3.5M
105 S B M and Partners Trading Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $3.4M
106 Gmk Seafood Trading Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $3.3M
107 Fish Farm Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.3M
108 Arabian Ranches Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $3.2M
109 TH3Provider Crops, Agriculture $3.2M
110 Hatta Honey Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.2M
111 3Y Agtech Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3.1M
112 Cigarro ME Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $3.1M
113 Al Muraqeb Electronics, Manufacturing $3.1M
114 Todo Aqua Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $3M
115 Farming Selfie Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $3M
116 Emirates Modern Poultry Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $3M
117 Supernowa- Online Games Gambling & Gaming, Hospitality $3M
118 Emirates Hydroponics Farms Agriculture, Crops $2.9M
119 Thai Sea – Seafood Grill Grocery Retail, Retail $2.9M
120 The Orchid Palace Wellness Spa Crops, Agriculture $2.9M
121 Desert Oasis Petting Farm Agriculture, Crops $2.8M
122 Al Rayyan Greenhouse Agriculture, Crops $2.8M
123 Grand Mills Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $2.7M
124 Pramie Farms Crops, Agriculture $2.6M
125 Jouster FZE Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $2.6M
126 Sheba Farms Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $2.6M
127 Delmamarine Media & Internet $2.6M
128 Desert Agriculture $2.6M
129 Green House Central Air Conditioning Contracting Agriculture, Crops $2.5M
130 Tarweej360 Business Services, Management Consulting $2.5M
131 Alena Al Kilani Crops, Agriculture $2.5M
132 Al Zobair Stud Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $2.5M
133 Princess Bee Honey Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $2.5M
134 Crysp Vertical Farms Crops, Agriculture $2.5M
135 Aranya Farms Crops, Agriculture $2.5M
136 Mozna Crops, Agriculture $2.4M
137 Juicy and Fresh Dwc Agriculture $2.4M
138 Greener Crop Agriculture, Crops $2.4M
139 Farmer’s Garden Agriculture $2.3M
140 Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $2.3M
141 Palmear Crops, Agriculture $2.3M
142 Arabian Ranches III Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $2.3M
143 Owl Around Me Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $2.3M
144 Al Barari Atmosphere Farm Hospitality, Travel Agencies & Services $2.3M
145 Vapedazzle Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $2.2M
146 Orchid Infosys Crops, Agriculture $2.2M
147 Mandara Farms Mandara Farms Agriculture, Crops $2.2M
148 Green House Centre Business Services, Management Consulting $2.2M
149 The Greenhouse Crops, Agriculture $2.1M
150 Shuaa Plastic Agriculture, Forestry $2.1M
151 Fahad Fareed Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $2.1M
152 Pamela Jha Agriculture, Crops $2.1M
153 Live Seafood & Aquarium Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $2.1M
154 Habitat UAE Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $2M
155 Al Basti Hartog Hospitality, Sports Teams & Leagues $2M
156 E 20 Investment Crops, Agriculture $2M
157 iWinch Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $2M
158 Kinoko Farms FZCO Agriculture, Crops $1.9M
159 Al Wathba Falcons Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $1.9M
160 Saurabh Wadhwa Software $1.9M
161 Dubai Arabian Horse Stud Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $1.8M
162 Ag Aviation Africa Agriculture, Crops $1.8M
163 Barakat Group of Companies Government $1.8M
164 WoF Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $1.6M
165 Elite Agro Projects Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $1.5M
166 Passion 4 Paws Pet Sitting Service Business Services, Management Consulting $1.5M
167 Sixty Seconds Solution Agriculture, Crops $1.5M
168 Ras Alkhaimah Agricultural Co-Operative Society Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $1.5M
169 Harrow Group Banking, Finance $1.4M
170 Green Gardenia Landscaping Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $1.4M
171 Albidayer Stud Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $1.4M
172 De L’Arta Crops, Agriculture $1.4M
173 MegaCorp Agro Products Agriculture, Crops $1.3M
174 Bin Brook Plastic Industries Manufacturing, Manufacturing $1.3M
175 Faisal Abdulla Seafood Processing Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $1.3M
176 Evergreen Agriculture (Greenhouse & Hydroponic Technology Services Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $1.3M
177 Al Bustan Farms Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $1.2M
178 Equine Hydrotherapy Center Healthcare Services, Veterinary Services $1.2M
179 Mebifarm Agriculture, Crops $1.2M
180 GreenBridge Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $1.2M
181 Roop International General Trading Grocery Retail, Retail $1.2M
182 Pure Harvest Smart Farms Crops, Agriculture $963,000
183 Ands Mea Food & Beverage, Manufacturing $962,000
184 Green Urbane Business Services, Management Consulting $955,000
185 Emirates Dates Agriculture, Crops $816,000
186 Mena Agro And Feed Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $650,000
187 Smart Oasis Farm Agriculture, Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $441,000
188 British American Tobacco Agriculture $441,000
189 Buraq Network Communication Business Services, Management Consulting $407,000
190 Wissam Adib Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $398,000
191 Al Mutawa Stable Agriculture, Animals & Livestock $372,000
192 Clarity Economic Consultancy Agriculture, Crops $216,000
193 New Approach Bloodstock Animals & Livestock, Agriculture $203,000
194 The Future Farm Investment Agriculture, Agriculture $198,000
195 WTD Magazine Internet Service Providers, Website Hosting & Internet-related Services, Telecommunications $192,000

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