34 Animal Shelters in Indianapolis, USA

Discover compassionate care for our furry friends in Indianapolis with top-tier animal shelters, dedicated to rehoming and providing loving environments. Our guide unveils a diverse spectrum of shelters, from those specializing in rescue to others focused on adoption. Experience warmth and dedication as these shelters redefine Indianapolis’ pet care landscape, ensuring each animal finds a loving home. Navigate the world of pet adoption confidently with our curated list, spotlighting top-tier animal shelters committed to quality and tailored solutions. Whether seeking a furry companion or supporting pet welfare, trust Indianapolis’ shelters to be caring havens for animals in need. Dive into the world of pet adoption with our guide, ensuring your journey is powered with compassion and excellence.

nr Company name Business Type
1 U. S. Rescue Animal shelter
2 Cats Haven Ltd. Animal shelter
3 Five Points Ferret Refuge Animal shelter
4 Indiana House Rabbit Society Animal shelter
5 Johnson County Animal Shelter Animal shelter
6 Indiana Wildlife Management LLC. Animal rescue service
7 Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter Animal shelter
8 Indianapolis Animal Care Services Animal shelter
9 IndyHumane Animal shelter
10 Southside Animal Shelter Animal shelter
11 Heaven After Hell Animal rescue service
12 Furever We Love Animal rescue service
13 Hotel Bravo Sanctuary Animal rescue service
14 Hope Haven Canine Rescue Animal rescue service
15 Forever Love Saint Bernard Rescue Animal rescue service
16 Misty Eyes Animal Center Animal rescue service
17 Humane Society for Boone County Animal shelter
18 Oinking Acres Farm & Rescue Sanctuary Animal rescue service
19 Humane Society For Hamilton County Animal shelter
20 EARPS, Inc. Animal rescue service
21 Puppygram Indiana Pet adoption service
22 Partners for Animal Welfare Society Animal rescue service
23 Morgan County Humane Society Animal shelter
24 Creekside Animal Rescue Animal shelter
25 Animal Welfare League Animal shelter
26 Bloomington Animal Shelter Animal shelter
27 Our Lil’ Bit Of Heaven Animal shelter
28 Uplands PEAK Sanctuary Animal shelter
29 Exotic Feline Rescue Center Animal rescue service
30 The Four Legged Ranch Animal rescue service
31 Almost Home Humane Society Animal shelter
32 Natalie’s Second Chance No Kill Dog Shelter Animal shelter
33 Loving Heart Animal Shelter Animal shelter
34 Flip Flop Bunny Shop Pet adoption service

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