413 Landscaper Companies in Los Angeles, LA

In the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, landscaping isn’t just about greenery; it’s an art form. Landscaper companies in LA, CA are the visionary artists reshaping outdoor aesthetics. From lush residential gardens to commercial spaces boasting curated greenery, these companies craft vibrant, sustainable landscapes. Embracing the city’s diverse architecture, they merge innovation with eco-friendly designs, creating outdoor sanctuaries that harmonize with California’s natural beauty. As LA residents seek an oasis in their own backyard, these landscapers are the green thumb wizards making dreams blossom. In a city where outdoor spaces are extensions of lifestyle, Los Angeles landscaper companies are the horticultural maestros orchestrating nature’s symphony amid the urban jungle.

nr Company name Business Type
1 Flores Artscape Landscaper
2 Green Grounds Landscape Services Landscaper
3 RainforestLA, Inc. Landscape designer
4 Omega Landscaping Inc Landscape designer
5 Green Advisor Inc. Landscape Design & Construction Landscape designer
6 Gabriel´s Tree Service And Landscaping Landscaper
8 Artscape Gardens Landscaper
9 Supergreen Landscape Landscape designer
10 RotoTillerGuy ; Landscape Contractor | Sod | Sprinkler Installation & Repair Landscaper
11 Sergio Contreras Landscape Inc. Landscaper
12 Carrillos Gardening Services Landscaper
13 Nitrogen Landscapes Landscaper
14 Urban Oasis Landscape Design Landscape designer
15 Lawn Love Lawn Care of Los Angeles Landscaper
16 LunaBella Landscape Services Landscaper
17 Nectar Landscape Design Landscape designer
18 Diaz Landscaping Services Gardener
19 Divine Landscaping Contractor Los Angeles Landscaper
20 Garden Designs & Landscapes Landscape designer
21 Foregrounds Landscape Landscaper
22 GreenTree Landscaping Landscaper
23 Deephouse Landscaping Landscaper
24 L.A. Plants Landscaper
25 Sterling Outdoor Living Landscaper
26 Garden Works Landscape Service Landscaper
27 Sunset Gardens Landscape Landscaper
28 (A.G.Co. Inc) Alma Gardening Company Inc. Landscaper
29 Ezcutz lawncare Landscaper
30 InSite Landscape Design Landscape designer
31 M Squared Landscapes Landscaper
32 Fuzzyscape Landscape designer
33 Gabriel’s Landscaping And Tree Service Landscaper
34 Glendale Landscaping Landscaper
35 Integrity Artificial Grass & Landscaping Landscaper
36 Sub Landscaping Landscaper
37 Monarch Landscape Companies Landscaper
38 Firmly Planted Landscape designer
39 CBL landscapes Landscape designer
40 Garcia’s Landscaping and design Landscape designer
41 Elements Landscape Design Landscaper
42 Joaquin’s Landscaping Landscaper
43 Barefoot Landscape Landscaper
44 Alberto’s Gardening Landscaper
45 TERREMOTO Landscape architect
46 Brent Green Landscape Designer Landscape designer
47 Santa Monica Landscaping Landscaper
48 RIOS Architecture firm
49 US Rock Corporation Landscaping supply store
50 BR Artificial Grass Installation Los Angeles Landscaper
51 Esparza Landscaping Services Landscaper
52 Bond’s Los Angeles Landscaping Landscaper
53 Buildcal Landscape Landscaper
54 STUDIO-MLA Landscape architect
55 Majestic Landscaping Inc Landscaper
56 Elevated Seasons Christmas Lighting Landscape lighting designer
57 LawnStarter Lawn Care Service Lawn care service
58 Salinas Landscaping & Tree Preservation Inc. Landscaper
59 Patricia Benner Landscape Design Landscape designer
60 Gerardo Giron Landscaping Gardener
61 Ewing Outdoor Supply Landscaping supply store
62 AAL Materials Inc. Landscaping supply store
64 Noriega’s Garden Service Gardener
65 Dependable Landscape N Maintenance Landscaper
66 Anthony Landscaping, LLC Landscaper
67 Chop Chop Landscaping Landscaper
68 Naomi Sanders | Landscape Design Landscape designer
69 Omega Landscaping Landscaper
70 Andrew’s Landscaping Landscape architect
71 Bloom Landscaping & Garden Design Landscaper
72 Four Seasons Landscaping Landscaper
73 bloom landscaping Landscaper
74 Farmscape Landscaper
75 Landscape Design Los Angeles Landscape designer
76 L.A. Green Landscaping and Maintenance Landscaper
77 Garden Center at The Home Depot Garden center
78 LawnStarter Landscaping Landscaper
79 Alvarez landscaping Landscape designer
80 The Green Gardeners Landscaper
81 The Home Depot Garden Center Garden center
82 Tree Preservation and Landscaping Inc Landscaper
83 Juan de Jesus Landscaping Landscaper
84 JJ’s Lawncare Gardener
85 #VALUE! Landscaper
86 New Image Landscaping, Inc. Landscaper
87 Monarca Landscape Design Landscape designer
88 MC Landscaping LLC Landscaper
89 Zorro Landscaping Inc. Landscaper
90 Serene Landscape Service Landscaper
91 Sierra Madre Landscape Landscaper
92 E M Landscaping Landscape designer
93 Cutting Edge Landscape Design Landscape designer
94 Walter Royal Fouts Landscaping, Gates & Fences Landscape designer
95 California Native Landscape Design by The Mindful Gardener Landscape designer
96 Landscaping La Mirada | Call Today Landscape designer
97 Colorworks Landscape Design, Inc. Landscape designer
98 Gomez Landscaping Landscaper
99 NewCastle Landscaping Landscaper
100 Herencia Landscaping Landscaper
101 M&R Perez Landscaping Landscaper
102 Corona’s Landscape Design Landscaper
103 Arroyo’s Professional Landscaping & Gardening Landscaper
104 La Mirada Landscaping Landscape architect
105 ITH Landscape Landscaper
106 Scancelli Landscapes Landscape designer
107 Southwind Landscaping Landscaper
108 GB Landscape Design Landscaper
109 Robert’s Complete Care Lawn care service
110 Outer Spaces Exterior Design Landscape designer
111 Eco-friendly Landscaping Landscape designer
112 MGN Landscaping & Sprinkler Repair Landscaper
113 Gauci Landscaping Landscaper
114 Conscious Environments, Inc. Landscape architect
115 Rubio’s Landscaping General contractor
116 Green Plus Landscaping Landscaper
117 FNL Landscaping Landscaper
118 Refugio Landscaping Landscaper
119 Los Rios Landscaping Landscaper
120 All Seasons Sprinkler and Landscaping Landscaper
121 Fízo Landscaping Landscaper
122 Signature Landscape Landscape architect
123 Natural Earth Landscaping Landscaper
124 Jesus Tree Service Landscaping Landscaper
125 AV Landscaping Landscaper
126 Gonzalez Landscape Contractor
127 Fuentes Landscaping Landscaper
128 Lucio’s Landscaping Landscaper
129 Ponce Construction Pools & Landscaping Landscaper
130 Landscape Design Magic Landscape designer
131 Rocha Landscaping Landscaper
132 Gavino Landscaping Landscaper
133 Damian Landscaping Landscaper
134 Other Brothers Landscaping and Lighting Landscaper
135 TLS Landscaping Service Landscaper
136 California Rocks USA Landscape designer
137 SoCal Pavers & Turf Landscape designer
138 Tough Turtle Turf Landscaper
139 MG Landscape Maintenance Landscaper
140 Gonzalez Landscaping Lawn care service
141 Curb Tech Landscaper
142 Landscape Dynamics Landscape architect
143 Truly Green Designs Landscaper
144 Ray tree services Gardener
145 Matthew Tree Services & Landscaping Landscaper
146 UpScapers, VistaFolia by VistaGreen Artificial Green Wall Providers Landscaper
147 Jhonny landscaping Lawn care service
148 Liberty Landscaping Landscaper
149 Just Landscape Lighting Landscaper
150 Louie’s Nursery #2 Garden center
151 F M Landscape & Masonry Landscaper
152 Canyon Hydroseeding Landscaper
153 Cal Oasis Design Associates Landscape designer
154 Westscape Landscape Landscaper
155 JR Landscape & Design, Inc Landscaper
156 Innovation Kurbs | Landscape Designs Services Landscaper
157 GALMARC LANDSCAPE Landscape designer
158 Velasco Materials, Inc. Landscaping supply store
159 FS Commercial Landscape, Inc. Landscape architect
160 Zacarias Landscaping LLC Lawn care service
162 BRL Landscaper
163 California Pools – Riverside Swimming pool contractor
164 specialty builders Landscaper
165 Bella Terra Landscape Design Landscape designer
166 Haven Landscaping Landscape designer
167 Decoland Landscape & Construction Design Landscape designer
168 Artisan Light & Landscape Landscape lighting designer
169 Blue Rock Landscaping Materials Landscaping supply store
171 Yorba Landscaping Landscaper
172 Sea’s Edge Landscaping Landscaper
173 Monkey Landscaping Landscaper
174 TRU Landscape Services Landscaper
175 Inland Empire Landscapers Landscaper
176 Daniels Affordable Landscaping inc Landscaper
177 Monarch Landscape And Design Landscape designer
178 Rosena Ranch Landscaping LLC Landscaper
179 HLS Landscape Landscaper
180 Valley Pacific Landscape, Inc. Landscape designer
181 Harvest Landscape Enterprises Landscaper
182 Lawn Doctor of the Inland Empire Landscaper
183 Socal Outdoor Living Landscape designer
184 Fern’s Complete Landscape & Construction Services Landscape designer
185 Lawn Master OC Landscaper
186 SiteOne Landscape Supply Landscaping supply store
187 Vision Turf & Pavers Landscaper
188 Blue Ribbon Nursery & Landscape Supplies Landscaping supply store
189 Ramco Construction Landscaper
190 O.F. Wolfinbarger Inc. Landscaping supply store
191 Vargas Tree Services Inc Landscaper
192 #VALUE! Landscaper
193 Pierre Landscape Landscaper
194 TruGreen Lawn Care Landscaper
195 Andre Landscape Service Inc. Landscaper
196 MR Ortiz Landscaping Inc Landscape designer
197 GTL Development Landscaper
198 Cal Blend Soils Inc Landscaping supply store
199 System Pavers Landscape architect
200 Mariposa Landscapes, Inc. Landscaper
201 GREENLY LANDSCAPE SUPPLY Landscaping supply store
202 OE Landscape Landscaper
203 Purchase Green Artificial Grass Landscaper
204 Hacienda Lawnmower Lawn mower store
205 Ocheaga’s Landscape Services Inc. Landscaper
206 Cortez Tree Service and Landscaping Landscaper
207 Bona Terra Landscaping Inc Landscaper
208 Rojas Gardening Services Landscaper
209 S&J Artificial Grass Landscaper
210 Paradise Landscaping & Construction Landscaper
211 Ybarra Property Landscaping Service Gardener
212 Alan Dunn Landscape and Design Landscape designer
213 Azusa Turf Landscape designer
214 Cabrera’s Gardening Services Gardener
215 Tomas Landscaping Landscaper
216 RAS LANDSCAPING Landscaper
217 SCLM Co Inc Landscaper
218 Southeast Construction Products – Home Of Touchstone Artificial Rock & Artificial Boulders Landscaper
219 Serenity Gardening & Landscaping Services Landscaper
220 Guerrero Ruiz Gardening & Tree Services Landscaper
221 Landworks Landscape Landscaper
222 Best Landscaping Landscaper
223 DG Landworks Landscaper
224 Landscape Warehouse Nursery & Supply Landscaping supply store
225 First Choice Landscape Landscaper
226 Mr. Mow It All Landscaping Landscaper
227 Morgan Landscaping Landscaper
228 Lopez Premier Landscaping Lawn care service
229 Jose Rivera Landscaping Landscape designer
230 Genesis Stoneworks – Pavers, Artificial Turf, Walls, Yard Remodels & More Landscaper
231 #VALUE! Landscape designer
232 BPS Artificial Grass Landscaper
233 Mike Maria Services LLC Landscaper
234 Zion Landscaping Construction Inc Landscape designer
235 Azury Landscaping, Inc Landscaper
236 Pacific Coast Landscaping Landscaper
237 PG Builders & Landscape Landscaper
238 SG Gardening Services landscape and tree services Gardener
239 Lawn and Arborist Depot Landscaping supply store
240 Hugo’s Gardening Landscaper
241 Master Landscape & Maintenance Landscaper
242 Genaro Landscape Landscaper
243 Neel Landscaping & Design Landscaper
244 Artisan Landscape Construction Landscaper
245 Backyard DreamsLA Landscape designer
246 Excellence landscaping and Maintenance Landscaper
247 RM landscaping Landscape designer
248 Hidden Gem Landscaping Landscaper
249 Pacific Breeze Landscape, Inc Swimming pool contractor
250 Green Touch Tree and Landscaping Services Landscaper
251 Montes Landscaping Landscaper
252 Retroscape Gardens Landscape designer
253 Martinez Lawn Service Landscaper
254 Solena Landscape Landscape designer
255 Jose landscaping and gardening services Gardener
256 View Quality Landscaping Company Landscape designer
257 Greenfield Synthetic Grass Landscaper
258 Midwest Landscaping Landscaper
259 SiteOne Hardscape Center Landscaping supply store
261 Commercial Landscaper Landscaper
262 Root & Branch Landscapes Landscape designer
263 The Munoz Landscaping Landscaper
264 Rubios Landscaping & Tree Svc Landscape designer
265 Armstrong Garden Centers Garden center
266 TPS Landscaping LLC Landscaper
267 California Eco Design Landscape designer
268 G Landscaping Service Landscaper
269 Abode Landscaping Landscaper
270 LUXARC Landscape Design | Build – Orange County, CA Landscape designer
271 Bloom Landscape Landscaper
272 Conscientious Landscaping Landscaper
273 Dirty Work Landscape Company Landscaper
274 Trimmed Up Landscaping in Anaheim Landscape architect
275 Lawn Days Ahead Of Us Lawn care service
276 OC Turf Experts, Inc Landscaper
277 Deleon Landscaping Landscaper
278 Silva Tree service and Landscape Design Landscape designer
279 Always Green Synthetic Grass Landscape designer
280 The Friendly Fern Designs Landscape designer
281 Stone Universe Inc – Wholesale Natural Stone Suppliers & Distributor Company In Hawaiian Gardens, USA Natural stone supplier
282 E&J Landscaping LLC Landscaper
283 #VALUE! Landscaper
284 Floral Palace Landscape Design Landscape designer
285 BSH Landscape & Hardscape Design Landscaper
286 Lush Gardens Inc Landscaper
287 Kate Anne Designs Landscape designer
288 Gutierrez & Sons Tree Services and Landscaping Landscaper
289 Weeds Garden & Interior | Landscape Designer Los Angeles Landscape designer
290 Paradise Landscaping Landscaper
291 BuildCal Turf – Artificial Grass Installations and supplies, Greater Los Angeles Landscaper
292 Sherman Oaks Landscaping Landscaper
293 Roy Altaras Landscape Design & Build Landscape designer
294 CLI Carrillo Landscaping Inc Landscaper
295 Teryl Designs Landscape Design Landscape designer
296 Earth Design Synthetic Turf Landscaper
297 L.A. Los Primos Landscaping Gardener
298 SH Landscaping Inc. Landscaper
299 Seabreeze Landscaping Landscape designer
300 Elow Landscape Design & Build Landscape designer
301 Garcia Landscaping & Design Landscaper
302 The Healthy Landscaping Landscaper
303 August Bloom Garden And Landscape Services, LLC Landscaper
304 Garden Center at The Home Depot Garden center
305 Orchard Landscaping Landscaper
306 Green Design Builders Inc Landscaper
307 #VALUE! Landscaper
308 #VALUE! Contractor
309 Jose’s LAndscaping Gardener
310 S T L Landscape, Inc Landscaper
311 GN LANDSCAPING Landscaper
312 Victor Hugo Landscaping Landscaper
313 Raul Ramirez Landscaping Gardener
314 Armstrong Garden Centers Garden center
315 Whitney LAndscape LA Landscape designer
316 #VALUE! Landscaper
317 Urban Landscape Landscape designer
318 OC WEST LANDSCAPE Landscape designer
319 Palmers Landscape Installation Inc Landscaper
320 JE Proscapes (HGTV) Swimming pool contractor
321 Aquagreen Pool & Landscape – Orange county Swimming pool contractor
322 Simple Outdoor Living Landscape designer
323 LRJ Landscape Landscaper
324 Earthco Commercial Landscape Landscaper
325 West Hills Masonry Landscaper
326 Pinnacle Landscape Management, Inc Landscaper
327 Heavenly’s Lawn Care Lawn care service
328 Landmark Custom Landscape Landscaper
329 Lawn By Twins Landscaper
330 Unbeatable Landscapes Landscaper
331 Coast Outdoor Living / Coast Organics Landscape designer
332 Marina Landscape INC. Landscaper
333 Rescom Landscaping Landscape designer
334 Irrigation Pros Landscaper
335 Cal-Green Turf Landscaper
336 Nieves Landscape Landscape architect
337 Merchants Landscape Services Landscaper
338 Five Star Turf Landscaper
339 Armstrong Garden Centers Garden center
340 System Pavers Paving contractor
341 Wilson Greens Synthetic Grass & Putting Green Experts Landscape designer
342 J.C Gardening Services Gardener
343 creations landscape designs Landscape designer
344 Table 2 Garden Landscape designer
345 Woody Canopy Landscaping Landscaper
346 Elevation Living Walls Landscape designer
347 Illuminated Concepts Inc. – OC Lights Landscape lighting designer
348 Orange County Landscaping Pros Landscaper
349 Belman Living Hardscape & Pavers Paving contractor
350 VGS Landscapes Landscaper
351 Los Gatos Inc Landscaper
352 Baraca Design & Remodeling Landscape designer
353 Sosa & Son’s Landscaping Inc. Landscaper
354 Supreme Tree Experts Landscaper
355 WorkGrove Landscape, Inc. Landscaper
356 Sweetgrass Gardens Landscape designer
357 I Jimenez Landscape Landscaper
358 D F Landscape Landscaper
359 Patrick’s Landscaping Landscaper
360 AAA Affordable Landscaping Landscaper
361 Lucas Landscaping Landscaper
362 Gonzalez Landscape service Landscaper
363 Green Thumb Nursery – Lake Forest Plant nursery
364 John’s Unique Landscaping Inc Landscaper
365 Rainbow Landscaping Landscaper
366 Lifescapes International, Inc. Landscape architect
367 Ramiro Gonzalez Landscaping Landscaper
368 Vista Verde Landscape Landscaper
369 SI Landscape Design Consulting Landscape designer
370 Environmental Landscape Design, Inc. Landscaper
371 LPA Design Studios in Orange County Architect
372 Seasons Landscaping Landscape architect
373 Jr’s Landscaping & Building Co Landscape designer
374 Forest Landscaping & Design Landscaper
375 Mora Landscape Inc Landscaper
376 Jr’s Landscaping & Building Co Landscaper
377 Melanie Foster Landscape Design Landscape designer
378 Ohana Art Environments Landscape designer
379 MorningSky Landscaping Landscaper
380 studio PAD Landscape Architecture Landscape architect
381 California Rainforest Gardens Landscaper
382 Peter Evans Landscape Design Landscape designer
383 Don Williams Landscape And Tree Service Tree service
384 Ultimate Landscaping Management Landscaper
385 Hector’s Landscape Services Gardener
386 Franks Landscape Design Landscape designer
387 Lezama’s Landscaping Landscaper
388 Caliscape Landscape Services Landscaper
389 Fullerton Landscaping and Lawn Care Landscaper
390 Bespoke Exterior Living Landscape designer
391 Martin Alvarado Landscaping Landscaper
392 Portillo Gardening, Tree Service, Landscaping Landscaper
393 Premier Landscape Renovations.co Landscape designer
394 Elah Valley Landscaping Landscape architect
395 BloomBound Landscaper
396 Heavenly Vintage Landscaping and Arrangements Landscaper
398 Vargas Landscaping Landscaper
399 OC Pro Scape Anaheim – Landscaping Services & Sprinkler Installation Landscape designer
400 Coastal Greenscapes Artificial Turf Landscaper
401 BENPRO Landscaper
402 RGS Landscape & Arbor Care Landscaper
403 Greenview landscaping maintenance Landscape designer
404 California Native Landscape Design Landscape designer
405 RGB Landscaping Service Landscape designer
406 Patrick May Landscape Design Landscape designer
407 Landscape And Outdoor Living Landscaper
408 MGN Landscaping & Sprinkler Repair – Fullerton Landscaper
409 R D Turf and Putting Greens Landscaper
410 MGN Landscaping & Sprinkler Repair – Anaheim Landscaper
411 GJ & M Landscaping Landscaper
412 Grizzly Turf & Pavers Landscaper
413 S.O.D Farmers Landscaper

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