Dog Parks in Austin, Texas (21 Listed)

Paws and Play in the Lone Star Capital: Dog parks in Austin, Texas, nestled within the green belts of Zilker Park to the vibrant neighborhoods like Hyde Park, provide a haven for canine camaraderie. Explore Austin’s dog-friendly spirit, where these parks offer furry friends a leash-free paradise to socialize and play in the heart of the live music capital.

nr Company name Business Type
1 Norwood Estate Dog Park Dog park
2 Auditorium Shores Dog Park Dog park
3 Dog Launch at Vic Mathias Shores Dog park
4 Bark Park by Whole Pups Dog park
5 Hancock Dog Park Dog park
6 MESH dog park Dog park
7 Carson Ridge Bark Park Dog park
8 Dog park Dog park
9 Gaston Green Off-Leash Area Dog park
10 Domain Central Bark Dog park
11 Esperanza Crossing Dog Park Dog park
12 Mueller Dog Run Dog park
13 WB MUD Dog Park Dog park
14 Northtown Dog Park Dog park
15 Neighbors Dog Park & Cafe Dog park
16 Harris Branch Dog Park Dog park
17 Wilder Large Dog Park Dog park
18 Dog Ranch South Austin Dog park
19 Easton Bark Dog park
20 Wilder Dog Wash Dog park
21 The Watering Bowl Dog park

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