Semiconductors Suppliers in Japan (131 Listed)

Japan’s technological prowess is magnificently driven by semiconductor suppliers, the unsung heroes behind the nation’s electronic landscape. These suppliers are instrumental in providing the building blocks for a vast array of devices, from consumer electronics to industrial machinery. As global demand for advanced semiconductors surges, Japanese suppliers stand out for their commitment to precision and cutting-edge technology. Fostering innovation and reliability, they play a crucial role in powering everything from smartphones to autonomous vehicles. In the heart of Japan’s tech revolution, semiconductor suppliers emerge as key players, ensuring that the nation remains at the forefront of the semiconductor industry, delivering solutions that resonate across the global tech ecosystem.

nr Company name Business Type
1 ジャパンソウル半導体㈱ Electronic parts supplier
2 ams Japan Electronic parts supplier
3 NXP Japan Electronics manufacturer
4 MICRONICS JAPAN Electronic parts supplier
5 Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan Manufacturer
6 Tokyo Electron Ltd. Electronics manufacturer
7 テレチップス ジャパン / Telechips Inc. Japan Branch Office Semi conductor supplier
8 Micron Memory Japan Electronics manufacturer
9 Future Electronics Electronic parts supplier
10 Renesas Electronics Corporation Semi conductor supplier
11 AMD Japan Co. Ltd Semi conductor supplier
12 エム・シー・エム・ジャパン㈱ Electronic parts supplier
13 Lattice Semiconductor Electronics manufacturer
14 リアルテック・セミコンダクター・ジャパン株式会社 Electronics manufacturer
15 SUSS MicroTec KK Semi conductor supplier
16 Marvell Japan (MJKK) マーベル ジャパン Electronic parts supplier
17 RS Electronic parts supplier
18 Nisho Denki Co., Ltd. Electronic parts supplier
19 SUMCO Corporation Chemical manufacturer
20 CoorsTek Tokyo, Japan Headquarters Manufacturer
21 PI Japan Co Ltd Electronics manufacturer
22 Mouser Electronics Electronic parts supplier
23 日本アルプス電子㈱ Electronic parts supplier
24 サイプレス セミコンダクタ セールスオフィス/日本サイプレス/サイプレス・イノベイツ Electronic parts supplier
25 ABLIC Inc. Semi conductor supplier
26 シリコンテクノロジー㈱ Trading firm
27 Excelitas Technologies Corp. Laser equipment supplier
28 トレックス・セミコンダクター㈱ Electronic parts supplier
29 Yamaichi Electronics Co., Ltd. Electronic parts supplier
30 Akizuki electronic commerce Akihabara Electronic parts supplier
31 ASM Manufacturer
32 NuFlare Technology Inc. Industrial equipment supplier
33 Xebec Technology Co., Ltd. Industrial equipment supplier
34 Mitate Zepto Technica, Inc. Electronics manufacturer
35 グローバル電子㈱ 本社 Electronic parts supplier
36 Rohm Yokohama office Electronic parts supplier
37 NIHON HANDA Co.,Ltd. Funabashi Plant Manufacturer
38 Kyodo International, Inc. Electronics company
39 Arktake Inc. Electronics manufacturer
40 KLA Japan office Electronics manufacturer
41 ペクセル・テクノロジーズ(株) Industrial equipment supplier
42 Kitajima Shibori Seisakusho Co., Ltd. Metalworking
43 Renesas Electronics Corporate office
44 誠電子(株) Electronic parts supplier
45 Aroman Electronic parts supplier
46 Sakae Electronics Corporation Electronic parts supplier
47 PBI Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. Plastic fabrication company
48 ㈱システック Electronic parts supplier
49 Tack Denshi Electronic parts supplier
50 DISCO Head Office Manufacturer
51 ASMJ TC2 Manufacturer
52 Shinko Shoji Co., Ltd. Trading firm
53 HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. Tokyo Sales Office Scale supplier
54 日本ミック㈱ Corporate office
55 Renesas Semiconductor Manufacturing Head Office / Naka Factory Electronic parts supplier
56 Japan Texas Instruments Co., Ltd. Manufacturer
57 MGC Electrotechno Manufacturer
58 Fukushima SiC Applied Giken Co., Ltd. Head Office Medical technology manufacturer
59 Hirata Corporation Kanto Plant Manufacturer
60 堀場エステック 東北セールスオフィス Scale supplier
61 Haimeka Corporate office
62 Nuvoton Technology Corporation Japan Electronic parts supplier
63 USJC Mie Wafer Fab Manufacturer
64 Future Electronics Electronic parts supplier
65 Tokai Electronics Electronic parts supplier
66 Global Foundry Co.Ltd. Manufacturer
67 Schneider Electric Osaka Building Electronics manufacturer
68 Screen Holdings Hikone Site Manufacturer
69 Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Electronic parts supplier
70 ROHM Co., Ltd- Kyoto Technology Centre/Kyoto Business Centre Electronic parts supplier
71 Tokyo Electron Ltd. Osaka Branch Industrial equipment supplier
72 Amkor Technology Manufacturer
73 Toho Technology Industrial equipment supplier
74 Fujikin Manufacturer
75 Rohm Mechatech Metalworking
76 Kawaso Texcel Corporation Industrial equipment supplier
77 HORIBA Advanced Techno, Co.,Ltd. Head Office Corporate office
78 Takatori Manufacturer
79 株式会社SCREEN SPE サービス Manufacturer
80 東光商事株式会社 Electronic parts supplier
81 フィガロ技研(株) 本社 Electronic parts supplier
82 Sakai Display Machine shop
83 Mitsubishi Electric Electronics manufacturer
84 HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. Head Office & Factory / HORIBA, Ltd. HORIBA Advanced Technology Center Research and product development
85 Canon Machinery Manufacturer
86 HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd. Kyoto Fukuchiyama Technology Center Research and product development
87 Sharp Kameyama Plant Manufacturer
88 FLOSFIA Manufacturer
89 FUJIDENOLO (CO., LTD.) – Sales Marketing Department & 2nd Factory Plastic fabrication company
90 Fuji Electric Industries Co.,Ltd. (Head Office) Corporate office
91 Sharp Manufacturer
92 Rohm Wako Manufacturer
93 ナイトライド・セミコンダクター(株) Manufacturer
94 フェニテックセミコンダクター(株) 岡山第2工場 Electronic parts supplier
95 (株)アドバネット Industrial equipment supplier
96 Sharp Electronic parts supplier
97 Japan Semiconductor Oita Operations Electronic parts supplier
98 Sony Semiconductor Manufacturing Kunisaki Satellite Electronic parts supplier
99 Rohm Semiconductor Electronic parts supplier
100 Amkor Technology Electronic parts supplier
101 エスティケイテクノロジー(株) 本社 Electronics manufacturer
102 Aisin Kyushu Manufacturer
103 HORIBA Scale supplier
104 Chichibu Electron Co., Ltd. Electronic parts supplier
105 Mimasu Electronic parts supplier
106 Sony Global Manufacturing and Operations Kosai Site Electronics manufacturer
107 Hitachi Power Semiconductor Device Yamanashi Plant Ltd. Manufacturer
108 Tokyo Seimitsu Manufacturer
109 Panasonic Service Center Electronic parts supplier
110 nikkoshi Manufacturer
111 Global Wafers Japan Co., Ltd. Manufacturer
112 株式会社カイジョー Manufacturer
113 SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. Head Office/Kohoku Plant Electronic parts supplier
114 Renesas Electronics Electronic parts supplier
115 Texas Instruments Electronic parts supplier
116 Fuji Electric Electronics manufacturer
117 (株)ジャパンセミコンダクター 本社・岩手事業所 Electronics manufacturer
118 Fuji Electric Manufacturer
119 Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ion Technology Co., Ltd. Industrial equipment supplier
120 Kioxia Iwate Electronic parts supplier
121 Renesas Electronics Electronic parts supplier
122 Nidec Electronic parts supplier
123 Edwards Manufacturer
124 Renesas Electronics Manufacturer
126 SHINKO ELECTRIC INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. Wakaho Plant Electronic parts supplier
127 Atene Manufacturer
128 HORIBA Scale supplier
129 Shinkawa Manufacturer
130 Adamas Manufacturer
131 Denso Iwate Manufacturer

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